Supporting a Loved One with UC?


Are you a shoulder of support for a loved one battling Ulcerative Colitis? If so, you can earn rewards just by sharing how you help provide encouragement, one day at a time, in an exclusive online community.

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  • Privacy: Your identity & personal info won’t be visible online or shared
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5 thoughts on “Supporting a Loved One with UC?”

  1. Hi Adam:

    This is so new to me that I am still in the asking questions stage more than adding much to your readers. So sorry about that. I was diagnosed with UC less than 2 months ago. I am off the Predisone and now I am taking 4.8 grams of Lialda daily plus mesalamine (bottle) every night. I also bought your books and I am following a very low car diet.
    I am exhausted all the time with very little energy and dragging all day. My question is if in your experience, is this because of the inflammation or the meds or the low carb diet? Thank you,

    1. You may need some iron replacement in some form to raise your hemoglobin, our daughters GI gives her an iron infusion if she is anemic. You need to ask your doctor what your bloods are doing and what your levels are so you can deal with it. Liquid iron gets in your blood faster but it can stain your teeth if you just take it from the bottle so better off adding it to your SCD smoothies. The SCD diet followed strictly while in a flare up is very important. Kind regards

    2. Hi David,

      My guess is that what your experiencing is probably a combination of several things. First would be that once coming off prednisone, many people lose the “steroid boost” that prednisone often gives people (including UC’ers). That’s actually a good thing since none of us could survive on prednisone forever and still claim to be healthy. But, if you’re not inflammation free, that could also be part of your tiredness. When food is not being absorbed properly, along with all the reactions that are taking up energy and taxing your body, that too can play into the tiredness. And lastly, the adjustment to the low carb type of diet that I talk about in my ebooks is also also very much a part of the tirdness for most. It does take several weeks and often months to get adjusted to this very new way of eating. Is it hard on the body and mind to start…yes. But in my opinion based on my experience for the past several years since starting in 2009, it has been well worth it. I wish you the best, Adam

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