Super SCD Me- The Great Experiment


Have been diagnosed with Crohn’s, with Colitis, and to this day, they’re still not sure which one it is- just that I have “one flamin’ colon.” Have been in the IBD club since Jan of 2010.

My Story:

Have been reading this site every day now for the last two months and there are a lot of people who are facing what I’m facing. I want to let you know that I have had RAPID RECOVERY from a flare after only a month of being on the SCD diet. I’m chronicling my experiences, as well as inflammation results, to help folks that are struggling with treatment options, just as I was. (You can see more at

Situation: Diagnosed with IBD in April 2010. Went on 60 mgs/ prednisone for 4 months. Poopin 5-10x a day, all “The Big D”. Could barely get to work.

Went to a different GI to get off the preds. He prescribed me with Humira, which worked for about a year. BUT THEN… hello antibodies! Humira no longer worked and gave me a huge infection, sticking me in the hospital for a week, and out of work for 2 months after losing 14% of my body weight.crohns and colitis patient

HERE’S THE CROSSROAD- Went to a different GI, one of the best in the Midwest. He wanted to put me on Remicade. After my horrendous experience with Humira, I did a lot more research during my 1 week stint in the hospital.

Remicade does the same thing Humira does- it’s a TnF blocker. I do NOT want to get another infection- I’m scared to death. This has sucked big time.

SO after researching Imuran, Remicade, Antibiotics- the route I chose was SCD. After a month anniversary, I can honestly say that I feel the best I’ve felt in 6 months. It’s changing my life.

If you want to click around (seriously not trying to solicit- just share the success metrics that I’ve published online) please do so at

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