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Success with Infliximab (Remicade) Following No Improvement with Humira and Aziotheroprine?

Hey UC’ers,

Here is an email I received this morning from a girl named Sarah who is currently struggling with out of control ulcerative colitis symptoms.

Please read her question, maybe some of you have been in a similar situation regarding medications not working properly, and doctors recommending surgery.  It’s a difficult situation for anyone to be in, but let’s try to help her out.  I think we can.

Sarah wrote:

Hi I was wondering if you could help and ask other peoples advice on this. I’m 31 years old and currently in hospital with my ulcerative colitis on IV steroids.  I have been on Azathioprine for 4 months, Humira for 5 months and low dose prednisolone for the last two years (now dependant) I’m reacting well to the IV steriods as expected but doctors advise it won’t be sustained. I want to try Infliximab as a last resort but they say there is slim chance of it working and want to do an Ilemostomy, which I’m scared of.  Has anyone had any success with Infliximab following no improvement with Humira and Aziotheroprine?

Many thanks Sarah

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Sarah, this is what I think…

Take a few minutes and read over the Remicade reviews.  The reviews pages have been created EXACTLY for people like you who have difficult questions that doctors are not always able to easily/quickly answer.

I just read through several of the reviews on the Remicade page, and there are most definitely answers to your questions within the details that some super awesome UC’ers have left regarding their experiences.

So again, please read them, they are for people like you.

The page is here:

Also, you’ll see, there are similar reviews pages just like the remicade reviews page for several other medications.



Sarah, (and all others who benefit from the reviews)

Please do a big favor for future users of the site, simply fill out your own personal reviews once you are feeling better and out of the hospital for any medications we have reviews pages for and which you have personal experiences.  (Azathioprine, prednisone, and any others).

All Medication Reviews pages can be found here:

**For anyone who has some ideas for Sarah and her question, feel free to let her know via comments below.

Stay warm UC’ers, we’re already into February…(oh my…)

And a huge bit of happy-feeling-good-vibe-colon-to-colon good luck to you Sarah for a speedy recovery no matter how you decide to move forward.

Adam Scheuer


(Why can’t docs give you for sure feedback to your question…well…GI doctors don’t typically manage 50,000 UC patients per month.  Maybe a few here and there, so we can’t expect them to personally know the typical outcomes of specific questions like this.  And we also can’t rely on busy Gastro doctors having time to keep up with the hundreds of studies released each month pertaining to ulcerative colitis.  That is just not reasonable folks, but…we can stay on top of this ourselves, or do our best eh:)

1 thought on “Success with Infliximab (Remicade) Following No Improvement with Humira and Aziotheroprine?”

  1. I was in the SAME situation in August. I went from A socal to experiencing a 2 month flare that put me in the hospital for 2 weeks on high dose prednisone iv and high dose antibiotics and iv anti inflammatory. The last resort was Remicaid treatment.

    I’ve been on Remicaid for 4 months and about to have my next treatment. It has kept me remission.

    I’ve been told by my GI that diet change has not been a proven method to reduce flare ups. But he DID say that eliminating liquid milk was important. Milk tears through the gut. Lactose in milk strips the lactase from the gut. I still eat cheese and yogurt but drink almond milk.

    I’ve also slowly been transitioning off of gluten. Studies show gluten can cause inflammation. I also am off of caffeine, sticking to herbal tea.
    Remicaid helps but there are other lifestyle choices that should go with it.
    Good luck!

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