Struggling with UC


I was diagnosed with UC last year in June. I had colonoscopy about the same time. It confirmed I have UC and
30 cms of my colon is affected. I was pescribed Balsalazide 8 grams for a month and hydrocortisone enemas for two weeks. I was in remission since then. I had been careful with my diet. I have lactose intolerance, avoid dairy completely. I started to feel that my UC is flaring for couple of weeks and now has flared fully. I am going to call my GI tomorrow. I don’t know why it has flared and what I can do to achieve remission. I have abdominal cramps mucus in stools and urgency to run to bathroom and traces of blood with stools.

Some more background about Mirza:

I am 52 years old physically active go to gym 2-3 times a week. I play racquetball, I have been physically active all my life. Watch my diet. I don’t smoke and I don’t drink. I am normal weight.


Lactose intolerance, currently flaring. Abdominal cramps, gas, mucus in stools, traces of blood in stools, urgency in bowel movement lot of gas.

Mirza’s UC Story:

UC has changed my life completely. I avoid dairy products completely, even lactose free milk gives me diarrhea. I have to watch out what I eat and drink. I had to tell family and friends that I have UC and that at I am lactose intolerant.

When I went to GI after suffering for about two years the medicine he put me on brought immediate relief to me and I was in remission for almost a year. Colonoscopy showed that 30 cms of my colon is affected by UC. I had thought I could control it with my diet. I am depressed and don’t know what to do to achieve remission this time. I thought if I completely avoid food that bothers my stomach I can stay symptom free. I have been on maintenance dosage of Lialda.

I read a lot on Internet on anything on UC and what others have done to achieve remission and stayed symptom free from UC. I am willing to try alternative medicine that can help me achieve remission.

When I read Aloe Vera gel is good for UC I ate it religiously for a long time. I eat a tea spoon full of psyllium husk everyday with breakfast when I found out it’s good for UC. I drink ginger tea every day after finding out it is good for UC. I do some Yoga every day. I think I have a balanced diet. I like to eat mostly vegetables but I also eat some meat. I eat bananas in breakfast and I take omega 3 and vitamin D supplements. I was told by a GI that probiotics supplement is good for lactose intolerance. I am thinking of adding that to my diet. I was told by my GI that there is no cure for UC and you have to live with it.

Medication List:

Currently Maintenance dosage of Lialda 1.25 grams x 2 daily
Balsalazide 8 grams daily for a month and hydrocortisone enemas for two weeks.

written by Mirza B

submitted in the colitis venting area

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  1. Probiotics FOR SURE!

    An absolute must, I believe, is repopulation of good bacteria in the gut, thus probiotics.

    A good one is ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE by RENEWLIFE. It is 50 billion strength. One capsule first thing in the morning with lots of water and then no eating or drinking anything other than water for at least half an hour after.

    I am in full remission (feel cured) for well over six years on NO MEDS at all. NONE.

    I also take fermented L-glutamine daily.

    I believe the meds do most more harm than good. Until we all have a sure-fire natural cure for UC, we have to find what works naturally ourselves.


  2. Dear Bev,
    Thanks for your advice. May I ask how can you get probiotics ? are they in the food or from tablets? if its a tablet how many do you take per day? Also where can I get L-glutamine? it is 250g tablet or 500 g? how many per day?
    do you feel better now? Are you in full remission? I have flared up for more than 6 months and I dont know what to do?

    1. Hello Shabnam

      Probiotics that Bev suggested are in tablet form. You take one a day. You can find L-glutamine in any health food store or online. I have not yet tried L-glutamine but I am going to. Rachel H in her post mentioned she takes 1500 mg of it every day.
      If you are not lactose intolerant there are other sources of probiotics you can try like Yogurt, and Kefir.

    2. Yes, like Mirza says, I just buy them at a store. You can order them online as well, I think.

      The L-glutamine is called FERMENTED L-GLUTAMINE by NORTH COAST NATURALS. It is a powder that I mix with a bit of juice. The dosage is on the package. I doubled it when I was getting off all meds and now I just take the one scoop.

      I am in total remission, in that there is NO blood at all. No urgency. No bowel sounds. It took a while to get here, but after a few years. it happened!

      I drink NO alcohol, take NO aspirin or advil, and get NO flu shots or inoculations any more. For some reason, these things have triggered the UC in the past, at least for me.


  3. Dear Mirza,
    Thanks for your help. So I’m going to buy them tomorrow let’s see if it does work on me or not


  4. Hi Mirza,

    Here is what I suggest:-
    -probiotic with 85 billion or more 2-3x daily
    -magnesium glycinate
    -vitamin D – I take 4,000 iu
    -L-GLUTAMINE 3xdaily

    Sometimes gluten and cause a reaction so I would suggest avoiding gluten for at least 3 months. Cut down on sugar as this can feed possible candida.- this includes honey
    Avoid dairy
    Drink broth made with either chicken or beef bones. This will provide you with minerals and fluids.
    Keep hydrated

    Hopes this helps.

    1. Hello Lucy

      Thanks for your advice I am already taking probiotics and Vitamin D, I will add L-Glutamine. What is magnesium glycinate?


  5. Dear Lucy,
    Thanks for your advice. How long have you been taking these tablets and how’s your feeling now? I keep bleeding and non of the medicen helps me for more than 6 months. Hope it helps.


  6. Hello Mirza,
    Yes I have been diagnosed UC for 5 years. Colonoscopy showed that 25cm of my left side of colon is affected by UC. In the first couple of years my symptoms were quite mild and controllable by taking Asacol and enema but in the last 6 months it got worse and even prednisolon couldn’t help to stop bleeding. Every day I need to rush to the toilet more than 50 times. Doctors can do nothing absolutely nothing. Keep prescribing Asacol in higher dose. I can’t use enema because of heavy diaria and bleeding.
    Personally I don’t believe in any types of diet. I just cut out cereals and grains and few more things which make me sick and bloated not much. Even SCD diet didn’t work on me just lost so much weight in a month. I can’t go to work right at the moment because of so much pain and bleeding. But definitely I’ll buy this probiotics and l_glutamin as lovely friends above have suggested.

    I’m so desperate to find something to stop bleeding and release from this pain.hope it helps. Looking forward to hearing from you after taking these tablets as well.


    1. Hello Shabnam

      Have you tried psyllium husk and tapioca pearls? I take tea spoon of psyllium husk with my breakfast and dinner. I boil tapioca in water and then drink it.


    2. Shabnam,

      There a minority of people who are intolerant to the 5 ASA Drugs Asacol,/Lialda/ Pentasa. I was one of the minority with intolerance to these drugs and severe diarrhoea.

      Please read patient reviews links which are in right column of this page.:
      6-MP, Azathioprine, Humira Lialda Pentasa Prednisone Sulfasalazine

      If your diarrhoea got worse or continued once you started taking this drug. Perhaps you stop taking Asacol.

      Have you tried immunosuppressant (azathioprine)? It takes approx 6 to 8 weeks to kick in. it is 2nd line therapy if you become steroid dependant. However i would advise you to discuss with your G.I. before you make any changes

      I was first diagnosed with u/colitis in 1998 and my 2nd flare came 5 yrs later in 2003. Thereafter a flare sometimes annually or once in 2 years.

      For many years steroid was a miracle drug, after commencing symptoms disappeared immediately. Gradually after my 6th or 7th flare, as soon as steroid dose reduced to 15mg, the symptoms returned. This is what now happens with treatment on steroids, so I had to take azathioprine, to come out of steroid dependancy. Azathioprine I continue to for some months after remission. Then I stop.

      Currently I am in flare since November, and although milder symptoms since last Month, colitis is not completely alleviated.

      In conclusion: This site has been extremely helpful to me. Thanks Adam! Especially because after reading other u/cer’s experiences I understand this disease a lot better.
      Symptoms are never the same for any one person.

      From my personal experience and what I learnt reading about other sufferers from this website the longer one has had this disease the harder it becomes to treat using same drugs.

      Although I have not tried the SCD diet, I intend to take a lot more care in my diet.

      Wishing everyone a speed recovery if you are currently in flare.
      Do take time to read others experiences and reviews’, so you are better informed on this disease as you will not learn everything from your doctors.

    1. These are available in Indian / Pakistani grocery stores.
      Psyllium husk is called isabghol and tapioca pearls are called sabudana.
      Isabghol you mix it in a glass of water and drink it
      Sabudana you soak it in water for few minutes and then boil it
      You can add honey or salt for taste and then drink it

  7. Dear Bev and Mirza

    I was diagnosed with UC one month ago. I am now having a lot of mucus and blood everytime I use the bathroom ( even without stool, only mucus and blood). I am very worried and I panick everytime I see the bloody mucus.

    I read all today long about SCD and now Im happy to find that probiotics helped some of you.

    My question is: did you use the probiotics and the L glutamine along with a SCD or you saw results even without a SCD. I live in a country where it is very difficult to stick to one diet ( we use a lot of diary, beans, rice, etc…)

    Any comment would be very appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Rana
      You don’t need to follow any specific diet for probiotics to work.
      You should find out what food makes your UC worsen and avoid that.

      1. Yes, that’s right, Rana.

        For me, I do not eat wheat cereals or drink alcohol or take aspirins or advil. Some people are fine with those things. They both seem to bother my GI tract.

  8. Dear Bev,
    I have been struggling with this Nasty disease for nearly 5 years. I can not get ride of these medications which are not helpful at all (prednisolon, Asacol, etc). How many months do I need to take probiotics ?Are you still taking any Medication? one more question is do i need ta buy 50 billion strength probiotics or 85 billion ?


  9. I just went off all the meds because they did not agree with me. They actually did nothing and made things a lot worse for me.

    I never took prednisone. I refused it. I just could not bring myself to take steroids.

    Anyway. I started the probiotics at the same time that I stopped the meds. It was just a shot in the dark that I even started taking them, but I am so happy that I did! I did not realize back then that they would be so helpful for UC.

    I really do believe that they are necessary as I think UC is caused by a loss of good bacteria, for whatever reason it happens and that it must be replenished over and over again, forever, once you have UC.

    Colon healing must also happen, and I think that it takes longer for that. It can take weeks, months, or even years, I believe. It took a few years to see absolutely NO blood at all.

    I only know of the ULTIMATE CRITICAL CARE coming in 50 billion. That’s what I take. It seems enough for UC.

    Once you get on the right road, it can take time. I always say, we did not get UC overnight, and we will likely not see it disappear overnight.


  10. Thanks Bev,
    I ordered everything that you said. Yesterday I stayed in hospital. Doctors can’t stop my bleeding I’m taking steroids now in highest dose but still haven’t seen any improvement.
    Hope probiotics will help


  11. I hope so too.

    The bleeding is so awful. I remember those days all too well.

    This probably won’t happen over night. Just be sure to take the probiotic on an empty stomach (I take mine when I wake in the morning) and then NOTHING to eat or drink except water for at least half an hour after.

    The L-glutamine should also be taken on an empty stomach. I take that about an hour before my lunch.

    All the very best to you. I know how hard this can be…ugh

  12. Thank you so much Bev,
    Im so glad to have a supportive friend like you. I will start taking tablets from tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t take last to see the result.


    1. Hello Shabnam

      I hope and pray you recover fast. Did you get a colonoscopy after the first one five years ago? If you did, did it show spread of UC to more than 25 cm?

    2. Hi Shabnam,

      You mentioned you are taking Asacol and the doctors are increasing your dosage in the hope of stopping your bleeding. My son had an initial response to Pentasa (same family as Asacol), but then his colitis took a turn for the worse, Pentasa dosage was doubled by his GI who also put him on prednisone and the heavy bleeding continued. I received a call one day from his gastroenterologist that his platelets were very low. We then had this problem to deal with. He also developed a duodenal ulcer from this drug too.
      Found out he is allergic to the mesalamine group of medications. As soon as he was taken off, he felt a lot better and platelets gradually climbed back to the normal range. Just a thought you may like to look into the medications you are taking. I hope you feel better soon. Mary

      1. Yes, Mary…I was on asacol with the same reaction! It seemed to exacerbate the bleeding instead of curtailing it. That’s why I stopped taking it.

        I think that I was allergic also.

        Look into that perhaps.,

  13. Hello Mirza,
    Hope you are ok. Yes last month I did. The result is exactly same as before. But the problem is after colonoscopy I don’t know what happened to my body I can not stop bleeding and diarria. I wasn’t that bad before. it looks like my intestine hurts or. I stayed in hospital yesterday overnight and I was injected steroid and then they sent me home. Now again I need to take prednisolon for 2 months then after that I will have an appointment with Gastrointestine team. I believe taking prednisolon is just waste the time.
    Tomorrow I will start taking Probiotics and L-Glutamin as friends suggested and I’ll let you know the progress. obviously it takes so long to see the result but at least could control bleeding. Now im just wondering should I stop taking medication then taking these probiotics? Or I can take along with other medications?


    1. First, you can do whatever YOU want to do.

      I am not a doctor and never advise anyone to stop taking meds, but if they are doing nothing but costing you money and not helping the UC at all, well….that is for you to decide.

      I stopped meds at the same time that I started taking the natural stuff.

      Either way, I suppose. It is always up to YOU, not me, and not the doctors. YOU are the boss!

  14. Thank you Bev, your right I will take your advise. I think either way should help.
    I will update you about the progress.


  15. Thank you so much Bev and Mirza for you comments.

    I have another question for you guys, Im kinda confused about this colitis, one day i see a lot of mucus and blood, the next day I dont poop at all, the third day I have a soft stool with no blood nor mucus.

    Is that normal to have all these 3 states in 3 days? does that mean that Im going into remission.

    Did you guys have days where your stool is full of blood and mucus and the next day its kinda normal?

    I appreciate so much your comments about that

  16. What I meant is when you are in a flare, do you have days where your stool is normal? or all the days of the flare are full of symptoms ?
    and how long does the flare last?
    I mean from your experience

    Thaaankss !!

    1. Hello Rana

      From my experience as long as you are in flare there is blood and mucus. Some foods make the symptoms worst, you have to watch out what you eat and avoid what worsens the symptoms.


  17. Well, when I flared, my stool was NEVER normal! It was always liquid with blood.

    Flares can be short, long, or chronic and ongoing.

  18. Thanks for all your comments. Very helpful but at the moment because I cut down all carbs and sugars I’m very dizzy and feel to faint and I have no option to eat. I have started taking probiotics as Bev said and other friends also L- glutamin but I feel very hungry all the time and scared to eat anything I’m looking forward to stop bleeding. No sugar, no carb, no dairy no fruits no nuts no nothing :( so disappointed


    1. Hello Shabnam

      You should seek medical help for what you can eat. You have to eat to be healthy find out what you can.


  19. Shabnam

    I don’t personally believe diet modification can stop a flare. You need to be eating healthy for your body to fight the flare so what you have cut out so far is clearly doing you no favours. Please eat properly like you normally would and explore with your Drs the possibility of cutting out the asacol/5-asa drugs as like somebody else said, and my personal experience, you can have a reaction to it and the reaction can cause bleeding.

    Please remember that nobody on here is a Dr so you shouldn’t do anything without the guidance and instructions of your Drs/GI

  20. Hello Mirza,
    The problem is I never find out exactly which food makes me sick ( except some certain foods that we all know) for example one day with having tuna I’m alright two days later with the same food I would sick. That’s why it makes me confused and I have decided to cut them down all of them :(

    Thanks Mirza

  21. Hello Tom,
    Thanks for your advice. Right at the moment I have to take prednisolon to stop bleeding but unfortunately I haven’t seen any results yet. Im having Mezavand 2.4 gram per day and 35mg of prednisolon which is going to be reduced every 5 days. I just started taking probiotics and L-glutamin as friends suggested ALso no sugar no dairly foods just a bit carbs to get energy and mosty protein. But last night I had sever pain and bleeding (dripping ) horrible. As you know Doctors don’t believe in any types of diet and they try to cure by medicine. After last colonoscopy I can’t stop bleeding I wasnt that bad before more than 6 months I’m like this. I might need to carry on taking probiotics (today is my 4th day). I have no choice :(


    1. Shabnam,



  22. Hi Bev,
    since 2012, It could be anything. Doctors suggested asarapam. the problem is if I take this medicien I need to check my blood every week cause it makes liver enzymes goes up. I don’t want to take it. today is the 4th day that I took probiotics 85billion and L-glutamin 2scoops per day. in the first and second day I was absolutely fine but again yesterday and today sever pain and bleeding . lack of carbohydrate makes me very tired and no energy to do anything. food choice is very difficult without carbs. No sugar is fine but No potato/Rice/ fruits is very difficult


    1. Oh, ok, so you didn’t just start the mezavant. It still could be a delayed allergic reaction…maybe? I was on asacol for years and then when I went on mezanant, I had a terrible reaction to it and it’s the very same drug as asacol, as far as I know.

      The probiotic and L-glutamine never caused anything like that in me, but you never know. Probiotics can sometimes take some getting used to. The one you are taking does not dissolve in the stomach. though, it dissolves in the colon. It should not cause stomach upset because of that. It is enteric coated so it does not dissolve until it reaches the colon.

      I wish that I could help you more!

  23. Thanks Bev,
    I keep hoping that probiotics could help me might be it takes time to see a positive result. I can’t blaim my diet cause I eat nothing basically (everything is healthy and home made).
    I don’t know

    Thanks Bev

  24. I’ve been struggling with UC for many years and there are so many medications that I’ve tried but can no longer take. The one that worked the best for me was Remicade but because of it’s expense, I could no longer take it. I had a terrible flare a year ago and was so sick! I felt like I had the flu. I was bed ridden for a good week. I take sulfasalazine and use Canasa suppositories. One thing I do differently now is I make my own kefir. I can’t believe how much this has helped me! I’ve always taken probiotics but they never seemed to help me that much. We are all different so what works for one doesn’t mean it will work for another but I swear by homemade kefir. It has more strains of good bacteria in than probiotics. I make a smoothie every morning with banana and blue berries, fresh ginger, a fiber with my supplements. Yes, diet is very important. Gluten is very bad for people with UC, as is coffee, and you know alcohol is, too. I still get flares but they are so much more mile than they used to be. I would flare for 9 months at a time! No when I flare it’s very mild and I use the Canasa suppository and it helps me a lot. Best of luck to you.

  25. Hello Mirza, Bev
    Today is the second week that I’m in a no sugar, no carb, no dairy and no gluten diet. Also I cut down mesalazin and prednisolon. At the same time I take probiotics and L glutamin. I feel much much better still blood is there but not as much as before also diarrhea stopped just a few yesterday. Most important part is no rushing to toilet 10 times :)
    I’m just worried about lack of vitamins that definitely I will be face to cause of missing out so many food in my diet.

    1. Great news Shabnam!

      Keep going my friend. It can take a long time to see NO blood at all. It took over two years for me to see it absolutely gone….but the other symptoms did disappear faster, like rushing to the toilet! That’s a good thing…

      Cheers, and thank you for the update. Good vibes to you ~ ~ ~

    2. Hello Shabnam
      Good to hear things are improving. Please add multi vitamin supplements after consulting with a doctor. My doctor recommended InflaCleanse dietary supplement it has: Ginger extract, turmeric extract, glutamine, brown rice protein, vitamin D3, calcium etc.
      Have you tried isabgol I mentioned earlier to you? Eat a spoon full in the morning and evening it will help you God willing.


  26. Hello Mirza,
    I can’t find anything in this name. Could you tell me the exact brand for this supplement? I just could find similar online called Akasha natural online store Inflacleanse-25.7 oz 69$
    Is it the write one ?


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