Stress Related Colitis and SCD Diet

Hey Ya’ll,

It has definitely been a crazy past two years. Dealing with health problems and personal problems has put me through the ringer with Ulcerative Colitis.

Here’s a short story about my UC roller coaster. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in Feb 2010. I actually had been diagnosed with IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for a prior with some blood spotting and uncontrollable bowel movements since college. I went on a weekend trip and on the 3 hour drive back I had to stop about 15 times. I had an extreme fever and was in extreme pain and my primary doctor suggested I go to the ER. After the cat scan, I was admitted to the hospital for a week because they thought I had a bad case of food poisoning. I went home with anti-biotics and still had no recovery a week later. I saw my GI and he said I had to be admitted immediately to get on fluids and be well enough to have a colonscopy. He discovered that I had UC with Pan-colitis. Spending Valentine’s Day in the hospital with my then fiance was when harsh reality hit. My life would probably never been the same. Since then its been a cycle of relapse and remission, depression and positivity. My fiance and I broke up but I started my MBA. My body had a very bad reaction with Lialda and Imuran but I have been able to keep my UC under control with prednisone which is lucky because at one point my doctor was convinced that surgery was my only option. I even went to India for ayervedic treatment, that I am not sure how much it helped, but my parents are convinced it helped me.

Before my last relapse in August, I had gotten down to 1 mg of prednisone. I was also taking tumeric for inflammation, glutamine, and VLS#3. But being in school is really stressful and had caused a flare again.
While i have been lucky to have it under control with prednisone, its definitely not a long term solution. I have been taking prednisone since I was first diagnosed in Feb 2010. and this time my UC is taking alot longer to get better. So the next step is Humira or Remicade, but i really would like to avoid starting those if I can.

First question is: How well does the SCD diet work when stress is a really key factor in flare-ups? When I have the most stress, that is when my UC gets bad. I know the diet should help with the irritation, but does it work for stress-related SCD?

Second question is: Has anyone used Humira for UC? I know it is in the process of getting approval still. Is there anyone that went into remission with Humira, if not for UC then chrons, and stopped using Humira. If you had a flare again, were you able to start Humira again?

Thanks for listening, hope I can get some answers.

~ Tasha

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  1. Hi there sorry to hear that uc has once again affected another person like you. Damb disease. My name is shannon I’ve had uc 12yrs an crohns for 4. I read your story an wanted to tell ask you have u tried asacol? Or the melaselamine enemas? If not maybe give that atry before u go to imurin or the other med u said u didn’t tolerate. I found it to work well for myself. An usually is well tolerated. The pill don’t desolve in the stomach it sheds off in the colon. Which is kinda cool. If u try it give it a few wks to work. Its kinda expensive but if u have ins. Grt if not u can maybe get the help u with there med program. Uc sucks. But I’ve learned that when u are in a bad flare it basically will run its course an it decides when to calm dwn. Sad to say. That’s my opion. But stay strong. Don’t let it get to u. . As the yrs went bye for me I’ve learned how to ajust my meds an when I really needed to go into the hospital an get fluids an refueled I call it. So keep this in mind. Don’t get dehydrated it makes u worse. Drink some gatoraide or some kind of electoylyte drink. Keeps ur salts up. Stay away from dairy. Maybe yogurt. Probiotic for the gut. Gd stuff. Aloevera juice in some water or drink its a gd natrual healer. Stay away from caffiene like coffee a big nono. I’m sure u may no a lot of this. But being a vetern to uc I had no idea to this stuff for the first few yrs cause the internet wasn’t really out there when I first got uc. So books or dieticians was all I had. An exp. Now. If u ever need a fellow ucer to be any help let me know. I’m on twitter to @yukondiva. Or just write me on here an I am always reading here an writing in. I have a few stories of my own I’ve shared on here. . Ok take care. My stories are its a lonely disease a others that follw that story. :) smile it gets better. Shannon

  2. I’ve had UC for 8 yrs and I’m 33. I tried Lialda and is was too expensive for me. I’m currently on Asacol, probiotics, glutamine and sometimes Aloe Vera pills. I currently finished a second round of Pred. And I’m still battling a flare. My body is teeter tottering. It doesn’t know what it wants to do. Hang in there. This condition is about learning more about your body each time you flare. Thank you for sharing your story. I too have had to take a break with school due to the flares.

  3. Hey Tasha,
    Blake here. I do think there is a link between stress and UC, while I don’t think it causes it, it certainly adds fuel to the fire. As far as the SCD diet, I tried it for about a month and a half and got no relief. I didn’t, however, follow it by the book. I never did a starter diet, but I did stick to only legal foods. Everyone is different so it can’t really be followed very easily. For example, eggs are legal, but some people say eggs make their flares worse, so it’s kind of a test for your body and your gut, but I do encourage you to try.

  4. Hi Tasha, I know that stress is the main thing for me to start a flare, it’s had immediate effect for the past 3-4 years. During this flare, I noticed that some foods made me hurt though, probably because I finally got diagnosed and I started paying more attention to my body. Now that I’m feeling better, I can eat stuff that made me hurt a few weeks ago, like raw vegetables – salads :) !!
    As for the meds, I think that it depends if you can feel good enough without them. I read a lot of posts from people that reported remicade for example worked for them. I think I’d try it, because when my flare was bad it was BAD, I’m glad I am better now, not only but partly because of the meds. Another major reason is that I am working on how to deal with stress. To me that was almost first priority, even before the food.
    I just listened to a podcast by a doctor today, he was talking about a study that reported how stress and inflammation were related. That may explain how stress can influence our UC.

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