Stopping Remicade, Using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet Now

Hello All, I have had Ulcerative Colitis since 2005. I ve been taking medications Imuran, contisone, asacol, canasa etc. and Lately the famous Remicade. I do not have diarrhea, is just the horrible urgencies to the bathroom and the pain. I had 3 Remicade infusions and I gave up, it did not do anything for me, it made me fell tired all the time and I started to have breathing problems, something wrong with my lungs.
I call my doctor and told him that I don’t want the Remicade any more. I started the SCD diet and I just taking my pills Imuran, asacol and canasa at night. I am hopping that this diet work. I really want to save my colon. So far I am doing well, to be honest I cheat couple of times in the office and I eat something sweet but I am ok so far. It is very difficult but I will keep trying.
Adam, when you prepare the smoothie, do you add the SCD yogurt? I am afraid to try it, does it cause diarrhea?

Thank you all and I will write again to tell you more about the diet and how I feel.


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  1. Hey Phoenix,
    when I make the smoothie, I add the SCD yogurt everytime now. Lately, I’ve been adding about 4-8 oz.(maybe 100-200mL) of it depending on how big a smoothie I’m making.
    Most people who I talk with have the best luck with starting off with small amounts of the yogurt, and then adding more over time as syptoms of UC go away. I can remember starting out with the yogurt and only eating one or two spoonfulls for about the first few weeks, and then slowly adding more and more as my symptoms got better. Also, I have found that the peanut butter is not always the best thing to be adding when you still have symptoms of UC. That’s a pretty advanced food for many people following the SCD diet, so if you are having active symptoms, you should probably not use the peanut butter even if your symptoms are very minor. Nuts and nut butters are not always easy to digest, even for some “normal folks.” keep us posted on how things go with your progress, and have a great week! -Adam (and have an excellent summer if you’re on the north side of the equator!)

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