Still Under Remission

Hello Every one, I am the one who wrote the story How I put my colitis under remission.  It has been a year since i went into remission and i am glad to inform you all that the status is the same as of today.

It has been the Probiotic all the way and drinking plenty of water.I am still taking the slippery elm and boswellia.

A few days back I underwent a Hysteroscopy for a gynecological problem and i have to take antibiotics for a week.Keeping my fingers crossed that this wont affect my colitis.

Just a reminder. I have colitis for the last 21 years.  It started when i was 32years old and now i am 53years old.  Now it is Pan colitis.  Very much under control.You must all draw inspiration from me.  A few tips.  Don’t even smell alcohol. Drink plenty of water.  Take a probiotic everyday.

Good luck to all.

-Submitted by “Colitis Veteran”

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    1. Uma,

      I am happy for your cheerful stories. I am also eager to find out why you still want to take slippery elm. As I feel my stomach does not like it, there is a very acid feeling when I take it. Do you think slippery elm and boswellia are both essential in helping you in remission? Do you any mild symptoms at all? Feel free to email me you would like!

      Best wishes,


      1. Hi Ann, I am glad to say i am still under remission, no symptoms what so ever. I have stopped both boswellia and slippery elm now. I take the probiotic Primal defense ultra and my usual dose of salazopyrin. (sulfasalazine). Something is working for me i am not sure what it is.Around the same time i started all these i was prescribed a statin for my cholestrol by my GP.
        I dont know if that has a role to play in this.

  1. Hi Ann, Are you still in remission? I have posted on this site before and keep having issues. I seem to be doing better since starting the SCD in 2013 but the bleeding is present at times. Do you take the slippery elm on a regular basis? I am considering taking it but am taking Asacol HD, 2-3 tabs per day and sometimes Canasa suppositories and would really like to get off of these meds if I can retain a remission/cure without them. I would truly appreciate any suggestions you may have. I have also started eating chia seed and have found some improvement in just 8 days with my current small flare.

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