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Stem Cell Therapy and IBD and More News

adamHere is a link to some new research regarding stem cell therapy and Inflammatory Bowel Disease:

If you have any thoughts or ideas, what are your thoughts?

Also, and thanks to Bev (yeah Bev once again), here is a recent news article which may someday have a huge impact on UC’ers.  There are some breakthroughs taking place with regards to Crohn’s medications, especially with regards to a medication from Celgene which may allow the replacement of infusions for receiving the treatments.  Here’s the link to a news article related to this:

Celgene’s First of it’s Kind Crohn’s Medication – full story

Have a great Easter weekend if you plan on celebrating with friends, family, or some bunnies….Enjoy Yourself,


10 thoughts on “Stem Cell Therapy and IBD and More News”

  1. Graham from England

    Another reason to be more optimistic….
    It does seem like stem cell therapy is the breakthrough required for autoimmune diseases. I found some similar research recently for spinal cord inflammation/damage.

  2. Graham from England

    Its hay fever season again and I have always found it odd that I do not suffer with this abroad. It would appear to be the “memory” of the immune system and the pre programmed, annual attack of it recognising certain “pathogens”. Having read a little about stem cell therapy I also noticed some related work on resetting the immune system by fasting for 2-4 days. This needs to be done more than once by all accounts and I wondered if anyone has tried this? I know we have all starved in preparation for a colonoscopy but its not quite long enough to notice a benefit I would say.

  3. Wow….interesting! Sounds counterintuitive to fast, but the human body is quite remarkable. Certainly not practical and probably long term health benefits. Seems as though that is sort of the intent of some of the meds in order to attempt to spark the systems to fight and react.

    And on a related note, although I don’t technically have allergies…my system is doing its spring revolt(not so spring here in Maine yet) and I have my third round with iritis almost to the day!! (Also some flare ups my body was able t fight off). Interesting in light of our info Graham and the other stuff as well.

  4. Graham from England

    Not sure I need or want to try this without more research though there appears to be something in it. Thanks for steering me to Anton’s story Adam, it was very relevant but unfortunately not much anecdotal input yet.

    I’m sure some cultures and religions have been doing this for thousands of years. Always worth a look back at how we used to live and eat, or not eat in this case.

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