STELARA Reviews (Ustekinumab) Recently Approved by FDA for Ulcerative Colitis

STELARA ustekinumab

Just recently the United States Food and Drug Administration has approved the medicine STELARA for certain patients with Ulcerative Colitis.

This happened towards the end of October 2019, and as is often the case, there are probably quite a few UC’ers in the US as well as other countries around the world who have been introduced to this medication probably by Gastro doctors.

Here is what the manufacturer had to say on their press release of this news:

HORSHAM, Pa., Oct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson announced today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of STELARA® (ustekinumab) for the treatment of adult patients with moderately to severely active ulcerative colitis. The approval for this new indication is based on the pivotal Phase 3 UNIFI clinical trial which achieved its primary endpoint of clinical remission. Results from UNIFI demonstrate that treatment with STELARA both induced and maintained clinical remission in a significantly greater proportion of adult patients with moderately to severely active ulcerative colitis (UC) compared to placebo.

STELARA is a BIOLOGIC medication, and as you would expect is only available via prescription from a doctor.

Here is the STELARA Medication Guide published on the FDA’s website: Medication Guide

STELARA was originally approved for other indications, psoriasis and later Crohn’s Disease by the FDA.

What would be excellent is for anybody who has experience with STELARA to add a review below so others can learn from your experience.

If you have any interest, absolutely go and speak with a GI doctor, make sure to understand the potential benefits and risks as all treatments come with both.

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 by George on STELARA

I have not used Stelara yet, nor am I sure I’m even going to use it.
My GI doctor recommended Stelara after my last nearly 2 month flare up stating he would like to move me alway from using prednisone for a few months which I have done each of the past 4 years. The last flare up I’m convinced was started from taking ibuprofen. Prednisone is so bad for the health.
Which brings me back to Stelara side effects. I’ve had Malignant Melanoma which is the worst form of skin cancer. One of the side effects of Stelara is development of skin cancer.
I’m in remission now and plan to stay that way.

7 thoughts on “STELARA Reviews (Ustekinumab) Recently Approved by FDA for Ulcerative Colitis”

  1. Very expensive drug. On Goodrx Steralra it’s priced at around 24,000 compared to a dose of Humira at 5k.
    These drug companies make a lot of money on us. I appreciate what they do but don’t agree with there price points. I’m on Humira.

  2. Hi guys! It’s been a while! I am a j-poucher former UC now with Chrohns……the excitement never ends!! I have been on Stelara for about a year and a half and have felt great! I must say that I didn’t feel that bad when I started Stelara, but my inflammation was pretty high. I had been medication free since surgery in 2012/2013, and was very hesitant to start meds again, but I really want to make sure my pouch stays healthy. Stelara is so much better than anything else I have ever been on in the past. You give yourself a shot every 8 weeks in the comfort of your own home and go about your day. They call you and set up your delivery to your house a few weeks before you are due for your meds. Like Paul said it is VERY expensive…….to the tune of $22k, but fortunately we have great insurance and what insurance doesn’t cover the Stelara assistant does. I literally pay $5 for my meds! My blood tests now are better than they’ve ever been, my last pouchoscopy was better than it has been prior. With all medications, it’s just a tiny piece of the puzzle! You have to eat healthy, avoid stress, avoid alcohol, exercise, and get your sleep! I know it’s hard! I’ve been doing this a long time….like 16 years, but it will get better! Don’t give up!

  3. I haven tried Stelara but my GI did mention it to me recently as I just had been hospitalised for a flare up but was also suffering from campylobacter jejuni bacteria infection which believe triggered this flare up. I am currently on xeljanz was on 5mg twice a day but my GI has changed it back to 10mg twice a day after this flare plus also on prednisone I am curious to know a bit more about Stelara though. the trouble is all these medications have so many side effects and I am tired of band-aids for IBD I just wish they could find a cure.

  4. I was diagnosed with UC about 15 years ago and was taking Lialda (very large pills) every day. As many do, when I went into remission, I thought my problems were over and stopped taking the meds. Then I’d have a flare up, then go back on the meds, then remission, then a flare up . . . you get the picture. Last year we buried my mother, sold her house, sold our house, moved. Throughout all the stress and upheaval, I was not taking care of myself and tried to ignore a major flare up. After a few months, I landed in the hospital! After recovery, my doctor recommended trying Stelara, and I have been on it for the initial infusion and two injections so far (eighteen weeks). The Stelara is working very well. I am in remission and experiencing few and very minor side effects (itchy rash at injection site that lasts about a day, a little tightness in my throat). The convenience of at-home, self-injection spaced eight weeks apart is great, and I love that I don’t have to take pills every day. Thankfully, I have very good insurance that pays for the drug. Stelara was the right choice for me.

    1. Hello all – I am wondering how those on Stellara are doing now? Any updates on continued success or failure would be appreciated. As well as know what other meds/supplements you may be taking along. Two docs are now recommending my son go on a biologic as 5ASAs did not help. We have tried numerous alternative meds as he was flare free for almost a year being gluten/dairy free with supplements and acupunture only. Now, he’s been in a flare for about a year and no natural methods have worked. Today, saw the regular GI again suggested biologic, probably but after results of colonoscopy… He’s now on break for college and he needs a solution before he goes back to school in Jan 2021.
      Thank you all–

      1. Everyone is going to react different to the biologics. I have been on Remicade, Humira, Entivio, Xeljanz with little improvment. That’s after all the other conventional therapies. Now on Stelara and have notice some small improvements to my UC, however a lot of fatigue, muscle and joint aches, blisters and peeling skin on feet. I have only had the initial infusion, so I will ride this out as my options are pretty thin now. I know numerous people on Remicade, all with very good results. Good luck.

        1. Hi Bill-
          Thanks for the reply. It’s all very net racking. After scopes, dr recommended first Entyvio and also Stelara. Since he’s in college , dr pushing for Stelara for convenience for dosing. And he’s prescribed Uceris oral in the meantime. Of course was not approved by insurance.

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