Stay Away from Delzicol


UC since 1985, Asacol for most of those years and in remission for almost 5 years until i was forced to switch to delzicol. Worse flare in my life. Just convinced my GI Doc to switch me to ASACOL HD. Started 4 days ago, still having some symptoms and real tired.

Some more about me:

I am still alive after having UC since 1985

My Colitis Symptoms:

Currently having some of the classic symptoms. Just started on the Asacol HD after being forced from the Asacol to the Delzicol capsules.

Stay Away from Delzicol

Is anyone else having a bad reaction to the Delzicol? WC (the manufacturer) did offer to buy back the delzicol i have, but the doctor would not switch me to the Asacol HD at that time. Have not called back to get them to buy back what I still have.

I have UC since 1985, at that time i was placed on sulfasalizine (alzufidine) for a few years and when I changed doctors, I was placed on Dipentum for a few years and then on on Asacol. Asacol worked fine once the dosage was adjusted. Everything was fine until WC decided to change it because the FDA suggested changing an inert ingredient and when they did that, they placed it in a capsule. The capsule would get stuck part of the way down and create a gagging effect.

I contacted the manufacturer about this and while they listened, they did little other than an offer to buy it back but would not replace it with asacol or asacol HD. That would have been fine, but the GI doctor would not change the meds.

So If I were to give advice on this drug, I would say to try and find something else, based on my experience.

I did start taking the capsule off of the pill and that did make it easier to swallow, but the effect was not like the old asacol, the pill would just pass through the colon and drop to the bottom of the toilet. I have checked into alternative methods of treating UC, but I have met unreasonable resistance from my spouse and the medical community. I think the SCD diet should be tried, worse case it you will eat healthier and you may help balance this mess out.


ASACOL (400 mg). 5 years of complete remission and the prior flares were relative minor, until I was forced to switch to Delzicol. Then the worse flare in my life (1985 to now with UC).

written by Tim L

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6 thoughts on “Stay Away from Delzicol”

  1. I tried Asacol but it didn’t work for me or my son (he has UC too). We take Lialda which is the brand name for Asacol, though they’re basically the same, there is a difference that makes Lialda work for us. Maybe it would work for you?

  2. Took asacol for 15 years straight…never really helped…finally realized it was making UC worse…went oiff it and will only use natural ways to treat UC. Meds will not help!


  3. Hi Tim,
    I have taken Asacol for many years with good results and now Asacol HD. I have been on the Asacol HD for about a year now and only had one minor flare following a colonoscopy in July. Good luck with the Asacol HD, I also take VSL 3, and Folic Acid supplement. I hope it puts you into remission.

  4. I’ve tried several drugs, all of which ended up making me sick in the end. If you can, you should try going all natural. Visit a naturopath for help! It was the best thing I ever did, I take no medications now and feel pretty good. I still flare, but I can manage just fine.

  5. Well I’ve been on Asacol for years. I always see them in the toilet bowl. Been having some real problems this year. Which I think is partly due to Asacol not working and I feel I have bacterial infection even though tests came back negative!!

    Your spouse is probably scared of you trying natural methods for treating your UC. Maybe reach a compromise of some sort.

    I’m off to see naturopath tomorrow I’m so excited! I shall not be trying Delzicol that’s for sure! :-) hope you feel better soon xx

  6. So, my doctor hates my GUTS for talking about this, but I have troubles woth asacol HD as well as delzicol. It’s all well and good to sit around telling one another that we should seek natural cures rather than taking medicine but in the end all youve suggested is to go without meds. Since youve offered no alternative other than ” figure it out yo self”

    Natural remedies: diet. Possibly exercise but to a MUCH lesser extent. Personal hygiene, and lifestyle choices.

    I am going to recommend a book. Please be aware that I will make no money, social PR or anything of that like from this I am simply sharing something that I found effective. It is important to also note that i have colitis. Not ulcerative colitis. This book/diet is meant to encompass a large umbrella of digestive tract issues however. UC included. The general idea is to correct the “flora” in your gut.

    Book: The Makers Diet by Jordan Rubin(Do not buy the weight loss edition, do not but te shopping list book) its a book with a bluecover and a biblical picture.

    If youre not religious chill out. It has nothing to do with religion apart from the fact that he excludes pork and crustaceans. If you feel this is silly, i suggestest adding them on at some point to be sure you want to deviate from the diet youre being suggested to try, but it does seem as though that is merely added as a religious superstition. Also, he talks about praying in the book. When he says this, it is because you need to change how you think about your disease and how that affects your life. When he says pray, simply insert: reflect or meditate or relax and find an inner peace. Other than that religion has nothing to do with it and its a shame he named it that.

    If you dont want to buy a book you can look for the autoimmune protocol diet. While not exactly the same these tqo diets

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