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Stay as Strong as You Can

I’m Jamie, 20 years old, from Dublin, Ireland! I’ve had colitis for about 4 years now, but I’m doing really good, and I hope you are too!

Some more background about Jamie:

I’m a massive fan of the band Paramore.. Probably too much so, I love art & music, especially comic book artwork and tattoos (although, I have none, remicade needles are enough) and and one year for christmas I got co-ho-ho-litis

Current state of my Colitis:

[highlight]SYMPTOM FREE…[/highlight] except for cramps, they’re a bummer! also chronic fatigue.. but no pooping sprees right now, so I’m doing well!

Hi, no need for introductions I guess, since I’ve done all that..

So, my name is Jamie, I was diagnosed with severe pancolitis at 17 years old, but became symptomatic in November/Decemberish 2010.. the months sorta blurred together until I realised “hey, pooping blood for this long is definitely not a good thing that my body should be doing!”

I’ve posted here a couple times about my story, mostly negative stuff.. I’m trying to be a bit positive!
I basically ended up in a very bad way, at the time of diagnosis my hg was down to 3.8 and my potassium was at 2.0, after 4 blood transfusions (although 20 was ordered from the bank and they definitely thought they’d need’em all!) I was getting back on my feet.. my entire recovery took about a year to gain back the weight i’d lost, get into remission, regain the muscle mass lost etc.. gruelling.

So now, upon reflection, I thought would be an absolutely great time to write (especially since thanksgiving for all you american folk was not too long ago!)

I’m currently at a state in my life that I’m not completely happy with, but see each day as a new opportunity to get that step further!
I’m so happy every morning when I wake up and see how much further I’ve come towards the end goal.

My life, in medical perspective, was not supposed to make it to this point.

I read back on my file a couple of months ago and just burst out crying, it was extremely tough to see the things written in my chart, how the doctors after finding my blood results were surprised I’d even come around from the general anesthetic that they’d given me for the colonoscopy, and that there was a surgery room prepped and ready to remove my entire colon if I didn’t respond to steroids immediately.. scary stuff.

Right now, I’ve made it my mission to see the world!

Before being diagnosed with UC, I’d never left this small little island that I call home.
As of today, my travels have not yet been too far from home, but in the last 9 months I’ve been to Florida, The Bahamas, Glasgow x 3 (beautiful city!), Leeds, Manchester, London x 2, Portsmouth and Paris!

I’m having a great time with my life, I’m meeting amazing new people and staying well.
I wish I could go back to 16 year old me who was suffering so horribly and just tell him alllll of the amazing things he was about to see and that all he has to do is keep holding on, because it’d be worth it so much more!

I know some of you out there reading this will be newly diagnosed, and probably still sick, which was the same for me when I first came here, I was looking for other people who knew what this disease felt like and I got so jealous of people who were doing well.. this post is to show you, that’s gonna be you, just hold on, ride it out, and see where you end up (just like my megabus from Glasgow to London… ugh! UK people will understand!)

Keep on doing whatever makes you happy!
– Jamie

PS. Adam, thank you so much for this site. and I hope you’re doing great :)

Colitis Medications:

Remicade once every 6 weeks. 4mg per kg

written by Jamie

submitted in the colitis venting area

5 thoughts on “Stay as Strong as You Can”

  1. Congrats Jamie for pulling through and getting back to a happy place and feeling well:) Love love love hearing stories like this. Inspirational for sure to everyone else. Best in the coming years,

  2. Wow! What maturity at the tender age of 20!! Hats off to you Jamie for your positive attitude. I think your attitude will help you conquer this wretched disease and be cramp-free (and hopefully remicade-free too) very soon. Keep us posted on your progress. All the best.

  3. Hi Jamie, good for you. Don’t ever give in to it and stay as positive as you are. You seem to want to do all the things I have and have made a good start. I went round the world on my own just before being diagnosed with UC four years ago and then two years ago I decided to meet up with a mate of mine from New Zealand and drive from Santa Monica up Route 66 to Chicago, then down to Virginia, up to New York back to Chicago followed by a train journey on the California Zephyr to San Francisco. I was ill a few times but I wasn’t going to let it ruin my American dream. Fortunately my friend was great especially when suddenly taken bad whilst sightseeing in San Francisco, but you get through it. I plan to travel again next year, my doctors pretty good, he makes sure I have plenty of drugs to take with me just in case but with a promise that if I’m bad for more than a week, I get to a hospital. I gave him my word, so I would. You only live once, so get out there and have a good time. Best wishes to you.

  4. The megabus from London to Glasgow??? OOOSHH!!!!! What a journey! Bet your bum was num after that! Thanks for sharing your story Jamie :-)

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