Hi fellow UC’ers. My names Thomas, and like most of you I crap uncontrollably.

So this is going to be my 2nd post on this website. My first post was an experience. I did get some feedback from other readers and I appreciate their comments very much.

My post today will be about starting the SCD diet. Seems to me like a lot of people on this site are having success with it. I am willing to take the plunge and give it a go as my health is at stake.

I am 26 years old and have been battling Ulcerative Colitis for 6 years now. It has been such an up and down process (mostly) down. The last time I went to see my DOC, he gave me the news i was not wanting to hear. “We have tried treating you with every sort of medical option, and unfortunately you have not responded. It is time to seriously consider surgery”. :S :S :S

The thought of surgery drives me nuts.

As a kid/teenager growing up, I was such an athletic, strong person with a never give up attitude. and for most of my life with UC I was the same way. But it has gotten to a point where I feel like I am loosing, and I am not a graceful loser. Something can be done, has to be done. Surgery to me is like giving up. By no means am I saying people who have the surgery are quitters, it is just how I look at the situation and I how have tackled things in my life.

So the next step for me is giving the Specific Carbohydrate Diet a go. I must say this sounds like it will be super tough as I am guilty of giving into the cravings of sugar, and indulging in other foods that I should probably not eat. But if its worth salvaging my health and living a normal life from here on out, I am willing to try.

Medications right now:

Currently on 15 mg of Prednisone.
Just finished a week trial of Vancocin ( taken orally ) saw some results but didn’t turn my colitis off.

Please help.

Thomas :)

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Starting the Specific Carbohydrate Diet – A Very Popular Ulcerative Colitis Treatment

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7 thoughts on “STARTING SCD DIET”

  1. Hey Thomas, Good Luck with the diet buddy!

    there have been so many people who have started this diet and written about it from the site, you should do some reading when you have a few minutes adn check out their stories.

    here are some relevant links:

    that link above, is a section of the site for stories of “STARTING THE SCD DIET”

    Also, here is a story that I really like written by Steph, who wrote about SCD after doing it for a month, and there are several comments you should read as well:

    GOOD LUCK, and keep us updated on how things go for you.


  2. Hey Thomas,
    I did SCD and it does work but I totally know what you mean about the sugar cravings.. it can drive you mad. I find it is worse when decreasing the steroids. You might find that you eat an insane amount of honey on that diet! Give it a whirl and if for some small chance that diet is just too hard or doesn’t work BEFORE SUGERY try the ayurvedic one that I talked about on recent video and get an Ayurvedic doctor who can give you some herbal powder.. I swear, it worked so quickly for me and to be honest I am super glad I can eat more normal now. I was real scared I was close to the surgery too. This disease DOES go into remission there are MANY options and alternative treatments so don’t think the medical system is the be all end all just because it is main stream. Our bodies know how to heal – even from the worst case. Under the right conditions it only takes a few days for the colon to heal itself.. you just need to figure out what the right conditions for you are – on all levels of healing. You’ll get through it! :)

  3. Thomas,
    Alice is right about the honey…… when I started SCD I started eating an “insane amount of honey”…. and yes it got worse when I was reducing my prednisone. I also started trying different types of honey. I had no idea they all tasted so different.
    So far I haven’t found one that I don’t like.
    I am a chocoholic. I guess you could say that honey is my new chocolate. (>:
    If my current flare doesn’t start to taper off soon, I will likely try ayurvedic

  4. What up Thomas…
    Good reading your story, sounds like you are a true fighter….
    I myself am stuck with this disease, and have found the SCD diet to be lifesaving…
    I myself Have been on it for nearly a year…..
    I recall before I was diagnosed, lots of foods irritated, especially milk,fast food, and alcohol…
    Staying away from those things have helped me live a normal life..
    I have been taking 3 lialda pills every morning and following the diet now since FEB 2011.
    It was super hard and frustrating at first!! Everything takes time to get used too my man..
    Eating healthy is awesome…. I enjoy eating healthy and honestly don’t mind the scd diet…
    I really want to get off the lialda, and that’s my next goal…. in the next year to come..
    Overall man I feel yeah.
    Its hard, but you got to make sacrifices and at least give it a shot….
    Best of Luck.

  5. To all who have read my story and submitted a comment, I thank you very very much and appreciate the time and effort you have put in.

    As I continue on this diet, I will continue to update my progress :)

    main goal. . .NO SURGERY

    1. thomas,hang in there,its been a nasty year for me too,it sucks really bad for people like us,but dont give up,good luck on the scd diet,i just started my self 2 days ago,let me know how you make out,rico.

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