Starting Over 1 More Time! Come On Colitis


California Karen; have been diagnosed for only 2 months now and i in a twist about this crap literally! can anyone give me advice! need some cheering up today!

Colitis Symptoms:

bloody poop and constipation and horrible joint pain and gut cramps !!!!!

Give Me Some UC Love UC’ers:

California Karen! I need some advice today? Does any one have a husband or wife that is experienceing sympathy symptoms just like what you goe through! Or does my hubby also have this disease? My joint pain has been horrible the last week; more at night and I’m a tired wreck the next day! Im not a pain meds person but i had some hydrocodone that the doctor gave me! It does nothing except keep me awake!

My cramps have been excruciating .

We recently bought a used old lady bed side potty! Hoping I would never have to use it. Guess what i have to use it cause sometimes i have to sit there a while; and all i get for it is a pebble the size of gravel! Really! I feel like everything in there is to swollen to let anything pass! anyone have this problem? should I use suppositorys or a laxitive? and if i do i know i cant plan to go anywhere! As far as my eating; I thought i was doing ok with no bloody poop for a while but after be ing backed up for a while now; ive decided to go back to ensure and some propel water and start over again! I dont see the gi docter till march 16 so maybe shell help me, but until then i am just going to drink ensure, I think i just was being pressured by people to try different things to fast. everyone saying the hospital said you need to try new things! sometimes i feel like SCREAMING leave me alone please! I really just hate going places to eat like last night we had my hubbys grad dinner for the volunteer police and everything there i couldnt eat ; so i had a hotdog, nothing on it and some potato chips! My grandson 5 years old was there and asked Nana are you suppose to be eating that?!

Medications: none
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  1. Hi Karen! I’m so sorry you have to go through this, I don’t have UC but my brother does so I do know it can steal years away from your life. I can’t really give you much advice but I do know for my brother what he eats is super super important on how he feels. Unfortunately you have to be really strict when you have this disease. The doctors will tell you diet has nothing to do with it but it does. My brother has seen significant progress since going on the SCD diet and he also doesn’t eat gluten or milk which for some people is vital. I don’t want to be a downer but just from what you said you are eating just gave me cramps. You came to the right place their are a lot of people here and they can give you some really helpful advice. Hopefully someone else will pop in here. I hope you feel better soon! – Aimee

    1. Thank you aimee, i appreciate your advice; I might not be as bad as someone else but luckily my family is supportive! I dont like to bring this up to my fam or friends. I dont want to come across as a winer! my daughter recently went to a nature store and bought a liquid for the cramps it drops from the amazon; i tryed it a couple times nothing yet! maybe it just takes time. also, does your brother ever feel like hes pooping through a pencil,?

      1. That’s exactly how he describes it “pooping through a pencil” his colon appears to not be inflammed yet still he’s unable to really get a well formed poop out. So I’m not really sure if there is something else going on. He really believes that doing fecal enemas helped get him into remission. Hes had bloody poop for 11 years and last August did the enemas by November wasn’t bleeding for the first time in 11 years!! That can’t be a coincidence but he still has quite a bit of gas that bothers him.That and the lack of sleep. Don’t be afraid to be more open how your feeling with your family I really wish I knew what my brother was going through all this time, we knew he had UC but thought he was fine, he was fit played tennis all the time, worked out but still was bleeding and it’s sad to find out it was going on for so long and really not able to help at all. Not just physically but mentally dealing with it for all these years I think just broke him down and his issues now are more of getting out of the mental crap than the physical.

  2. Hi Karen,

    My name is Eric and I live in San Diego. I totally feel you, I have been diagnosed only 2 months ago. After doing lots of research, and speaking to friends that have knowledge in diet, and alternative medicine, I found that what is very valuable is a routine, and schedule. ingest things that work, and buy lots of it. Tumeric, and Boswallia are great for digestion. Also, go to a nutrition store, and buy digestive enzymes. Invest in a “Juicer” and drink lots of veggies, and fruits. Take calcium, Vitamin D, B12, Niacin, and have a high protein diet.

    These are the supplements that work for me. I am in the gym 6x a week, and I run about 3x a week. Keeping active, and making sure my diet is rich with the fundamental nutrients, allows me to keep this disease in remission. I study the results as often as I can. i also have a day job, I manage a mortgage Brokerage, so I’m at my desk a lot, in a very stressful career. So it’s important to me, I find ways to vent, through excersize, and also maintain my level of happiness through the foods and vitamins I take. I don’t drink alcohol either, that helps a lot.

    I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck, everyone is different, this disease is unique. You’ll do well the more you learn…


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