Specific Yoga Poses May Help Get Colitis Under Control

yoga pose for colitis

Braj in the middle of a pose


I’m Braj from India working as a Software professional.I’m currently under remission , But I’m happy to share my struggle with UC. I was diagnosed UC in oct 2011, but I had this disease around 12 years without having blood in my stool. Maybe the Indianised way of living helps to control this disease.

Current Symptoms:

I currently on remission one motion daily with no blood and nice formed stool

Yoga Poses for Colitis:

Oct 2011 i was diagnosed with Chronic UC with moderate. Doctor gave me Mesacol 800 mg twice and entofoam enema night. For one moth i was feeling fine. Then i got flare up and got admitted to hospital , but only Predistone 60 mg/daily and Mesacol 800 mg thrice. I got discharged and feeling very weak. I did some research and found a wonderful routine for my self. Yoga is amazing way to kill this disease.
1) Eat lots of fruit in morning ( Papya, apple, Pears,Chikoo, Banana etc)
2) Avoid oily, spicy foods. Mostly salt.I’m taking little. Unknowingly about the disease i left milk and wheat products long back. So i was under control i feel
3) Stress Buster (1 Hr Yoga Dailly mandatory) , But specif asana which will improve your digestive system

1. Inverted staff pose : Helps in relieving diarrhea , flatulence , abdominal cramping , indigestion. Dwi = two. Pada = the foot. Viparita = reversed or inverted. Danda = Staff.

2. Bound angle pose : Helps In improving digestion and blood circulation to abdomen & pelvis. Baddha Konasana

3. Wide-angle seated pose : Helps in improving circulation to abdomen/pelvis , digestion overall. Kurmasana

4. Half-plough pose : Helps soothe nerves & relax mind & digestive complaints associated with anxiety. Halasana

5. Bridge pose : Helps with overall digestion , diarrhea & abdominal cramping.

6. Legs up the wall pose : Helps soothe sympathetic nervous system , relieve anxiety-associated diarrhea , indigestion & nausea.

7. Hero pose : Helps in relieving stomach acidity, flatulence , abdominal cramping.

8. Downward facing dog : Helps to calm nervous system , relieve constipation and indigestion.

9. Headstand : Hhelps relieve spastic colon , stabilize digestive tract.

10. Shoulderstand : Helps IBS , colitis , chronic constipation , or hemorrhoids.

Smile always this disease is not a serious disease.

If you out of the scare of UC ,

then you are out of UC very soon.

All the very best. You are out of Immunity to fight this disease and yoga will give you immunity. Don’t fell stressful doing yoga. Sahaja(Easy) Sukham(Feel confortable) Yoga(Join your mind with body which is running because of scare of UC) everything will be fine.
All the best..

laying down yoga pose

Colitis Treatment:
Yoga and Predistone during flare up and proper diet which is easily digestable. I feel SCD is the best diet

written by Braj

Submitted in the Colitis Venting Area

15 thoughts on “Specific Yoga Poses May Help Get Colitis Under Control”

  1. Hey Braj,

    THanks so much for adding all this information on YOGA! way cool of you, and cheers to a long period of remission, hopefully it will go forever. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you all, Soon i’ll publish my Yoga video for UC. I found Boswellia Serrata extract is good for joint pains due to UC.Keep doing Yoga.

    1. Hi Braj,
      Thank you for publishing article linking yoga and UC. I was looking from quite long about which Aasans suits in UC conditions. And an article from UC person is really trust worthy. But i have some doubts about poses as it is not clear about poses as you have given very few Sanskrit name, so unable to find videos on youtube or informing yoga teacher about suitable poses for UC person. So please publish Sanskrit names for all poses.
      Thank you so much.

  3. Hi Pals,
    Thanks for your response. Recent visit with doctor changed my medicine to Sazo En 1000mg twice daily..But i got a flare up..so changed back to Mesacol 800mg. But i have not stopped my Yoga. UC scares a lot, but i have learnt one thing. When situation shakes you, be firm and give frown at situation.Feels like give a damn punch to UC. All the best….

  4. I agree that yoga does improve things, tips for yoga classes; get there really early to get the positions nearest the door, explain to the instructor you may need to go out during the class and of your condition and she may be able to give you some tips for home specific to colitis, if you are doing bikram hot classes use hydrolite in your water to avoid dehydration, good luck!

  5. HI Brij,
    Thanks for sharing such valuable yoga information,just request you to please if u can elaborate on these yoga assans, so that we can perform them..


  6. i am 24 year old suffering from ulcerative colits. I am an engineer i left the job bcoz of abdominal pain. i m on mesacol 800mg three times. but loose motion repeated again and again. i am suffering from this disease feb 2012. please help me what i can do so i recover my disease and my loose motion period not repeated again and again.

  7. I m neha suffering from ulceritive colitis from last 3 yrs. Can u pl tell me some ayurvedic or home remedies .I would be great full to u.

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