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Spastic Colon


I was diagnosed with UC a year ago. I’m about to finish graduate school and receive my Master’s degree in May. I’m also working full time, so I’m really busy!!

My Symptoms:

Some mucus
I see a a little blood occasionally
1-3 solid BM’s daily

My Story:

Does anyone suffer from what I call Spastic Colon? For example, if you get really stressed out over something you start to feel the cramps and you have more BM’s than you usually do?

I’ve been under a TON of stress lately. I started a new job. Yay! And then Hurricane Isaac decided to pay us a visit. I work in a nursing home, so I stayed to work for the storm. It was rough, but we managed ok. I knew I wasn’t eating properly and by the time I got home, I was completely exhausted and my colon seemed to have a bunch of pent up frustration against me. Well, you can imagine what came next……

Anyway, so things finally start to get back to normal. I’m going to work Monday through Friday, and going to class twice per week. I’m on top of homework. Life is good…..

Well then I get a phone call from my Dad right before I go to lunch on Friday. He says that my Mom has been taken to the hospital by ambulance because she’s had a stroke. I just sit at my desk completely stunned. Needless to say, I left work right away.

She’s ok. She’s able to talk, but she has trouble moving her right side. She had numerous tests done and fortunately the stroke wasn’t a severe one. Thank God! However, the doctor feels like this isn’t her first stroke, so more tests will be done in the next few days. That shocked us all!

So I leave the hospital to get dinner and go to the hardware store to get some nails so that I can tack up my siding. I’m super stressed out and I’m cramping. Needless to say, I almost didn’t make it to the bathroom in the store. They don’t have the nails I need, so I start to make my way home and I get that feeling again. I swear I’ve never gripped the steering wheel so hard in all my life and I’m praying that I just make it home before I have an incident. Fortunately I do. Then I spend the rest of the evening on a heating pad feeling utterly miserable.

I’m not having a flare. My Dad’s friend is a doctor and he told me to ask about a medication to help with my Spastic Colon episode(s). It starts with the letter D, but I don’t remember the name. Does anyone else have this issue? If so, what do you do about it?

Where I’d like to be in a year:

I’ve reached my goal at my last colonoscopy in July. I got off one of my medications.

I guess now I’d like to not “cheat” so much on my diet.

Colitis Medications:


written by Lara

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3 thoughts on “Spastic Colon”

  1. Hey Lara!

    My name is Kate, I have UC since June 2011. My doctor just recently started me on Bentyl the generic is Dicyclomine while I was in the hospital for a severe flare up. That made a huge difference!! While inpatient I was getting morphine every 2 hours for the pain and that only took the edge off until I started the Dicyclomine, I would highly recommend it for the cramping/pain. I found it works better if taken like 30 mins before you eat but it can be taken without food. I am a pharmacy technician and it is a very commonly dispensed medication. I hope this helps you!!

  2. Hi, I was diagnosed last May with UC. It was horrible at first because I had to get fixed back up from all the weight loss and lack of vitamins but i’m better for the most part now. I have random ‘flare up’ type things too. I start hurting very badly and I’m stuck in the bathroom for a few hours then it’s over. I get all the issues too, like the bloody stool and all that great stuff. I told my doctor about my random ‘flare up’ thingies and she keeps telling me they aren’t a flare up because they only last a few hours, she doesn’t know what’s wrong with me and it’s frustrating. I’m 17 and I’m a senior in high school and these random ‘flare up thingies’ are making me miss too many days (i can’t miss more than 10 without failing). I think they are stress related but I can’t just stop stressing, like I said before it’s my senior year and by far my hardest one. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how to prevent these? Does anyone else have this problem?

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