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Apple Cider Vinegar – Might Help You

apple cider vinegar

Me just before taking my morning swig today

How are You?

I’ve got a little bit of news, maybe even a tip you might use as well.

I’ve made a very mild addition to my colitis treatment about 3 weeks ago.  Nothing major, and it’s looking to cost me about $4 more per month, so it’s not breaking the bank for sure.

I’ve started taking a tiny tiny swig of apple cider vinegar in the morning and evening(about a teaspoon I’d say).  OK, yes yes, I’ve forgotten a few times here and there, but for the most part, I’m probably remembering about 85% of the time to take back a tiny bit of this SCD legal vinegar twice daily.

WHY Take Apple Cider Vinegar?

Well, let’s see, about a year and a half ago I met a girl in San Francisco who’s father and cousin have UC.  She told me that her father was lined up to have his colon removed at UCSF (which for those of you who haven’t heard of “UCSF”…its thought by many to be one of the premier medical facilities in California…they also recommended for me to have my colon removed 4 plus years ago…so I don’t think as highly of their gastro program as some others…but anyways, that’s not important)  Good news is, this girl’s father did not end up getting surgery, but instead took to a more natural way of healing and treating his out of control colitis symptoms.

He started taking a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in the morning along with a squeeze of lemon juice, and a half teaspoon of baking soda.  She told me he’d mix it all up, and drink it luke warm in the morning before breakfast.

I found this super interesting, and the reasoning behind it all was fascinating as well.  The girl had a few years before studied naturopathic healing at an institute in San Francisco (I’ve forgotten the name by now).  And, the mentor at this place had the belief that much of the gastro related problems people face is based on acidity (much too high acidic levels in our bodies).

This was crazy to me… I instantly asked her something like, “Well…isn’t Lemon Juice and Vinegar SUPER ACIDIC?”

Her response was surprising,  “No, actually that’s not the case”.

Wow, so I of course asked her some more, and she went on to tell me some of the most acidic foods/drinks.

  • Beef for example – VERY ACIDIC (she felt I should be avoiding beef…which I actually eat several times per week)
  • Coffee as well – VERY Acidic.  (which I have also been drinking 1-2 cups daily for several years now…I did stop during a flare up a long while back)

And there’s all sorts of other things which I didn’t really know were/are acidic actually are.(I’d encourage you to do some Internet searches on “acidic foods” just to check out a list of these, its might blow your mind)

I mainly use diet which I’ve talked about for years here on the site, but I’d never really considered acidity in foods to be something to think about.  And, as I’m writing this over a year since meeting this girl, I’ve obviously not put it as a super big priority to investigate further, but now is the time.

And, I’m super interested in what YOU think on this topic…

Do you think acidic foods play a part in your ulcerative colitis????

Back to the Vinegar

I don’t have a good way of finding out if the Apple Cider is a positive for my body or not.  It is hard to make an accurate judgement when your colitis is in remission and you start something new.  But I can say that it does not seem to be hurting me at all, and that’s a positive.

What will really be interesting is to see if this does anything to help me out if a flare up comes along unexpectedly in the future.  (And since October/November are typically my tuffest months in some years past, who knows…maybe I’ll have a better chance to put the vinegar to the test).

There is alot of information online, you can simply type in Apple Cider Vinegar on google or somewhere else, and you’ll see all sorts of articles pop back at you.  And, there’s lots of different options if you want to give this a try.  I’ll list some Amazon affiliate links below if any of you are interested.  But at the end of the day, my hope is to hear from some of you who are already using Apple Cider Vinegar with success.  It seems to be a very big part of a UC’ers medication free treatment in San Francisco, and I’m sure there are more out there.

Best of luck to all of you with your UC in the coming weeks.  Thanks to the girl in San Fran who told me about this. (I’m sorry I’ve forgotten your name, but you were super kind to let me in on this a while back, and hopefully others will find it beneficial like your father has)

Best regards,

Adam Scheuer

founder of and treating my colitis without medications for quite a few years now (but I guess some would call Apple Cider Vinegar a medication…)

109 thoughts on “Apple Cider Vinegar – Might Help You”

  1. i love ACV!! it doesn’t do squat for my actual UC, but it knocks out nausea and heartburn, which are some of my UC symptoms. as you know, they can be debilitating when you think you might throw up and the feeling is there.

    1. Hey Joanna,

      that’s pretty awesome that this stuff is helping you out with heartburn and nausea, wishing you the best and great to hear from you. take care,

      1. Hi. I have had severe Cola genius Colitis since about 2009. It has been raging. I have had a few remissions in that time ( usually when I am eating unhealthy). My gastrointestinal dr doesn’t think mine will go away because of the length of time I have had it. I decided a week ago to add apple cider vinegar ( 2T. In a glass of water) 3 times a day. I haven’t had one episode in that time.

        1. Hi Lea,

          Wow…pretty awesome news! Please keep us posted on how this goes for you over the next few months!! I hope all continues for you and thanks again for telling us how you’re doing!


        2. Hi Lea,
          Thank you for this information. I’m new to this site and find this article to be very interesting and I hope I have the same success as you soon. I’m going to try this as soon as I get home. I’ve been in a flare for almost 3 years and have been placed on varies medications, currently I’m not taking anything as I needed to give my body a break. I also read something about taking ginger for UC too.

          Thank you for creating this portal and your book, which I just purchased and I’m looking forward to reading. I’m at my wits end at this point. Thanks again!

  2. Citrus bothers me, but I will try the ACV. I just can’t imagine taking it straight in the am. I wonder if a bit on a small salad will be okay? Baking soda is alkaline, so I don’t know. I don’t have bleeding or much diarrhea anymore, so I suppose they consider this remission, but I feel sick to my stomach and, while not exactly pain, a lot of discomfort.

      1. Hi , my son was diagnosed at age 14. Now he is 21. He eats everything, trying to keep the hot / spicy food.. In moderation.
        He takes everyday VSL3 / that’s probiotics. I do get it from Costco it’s the cheapest./ 9 tablets per day/ he takes from the makers of Garden Of Life Primal Defense Ultra probiotic Formula. / we get that one from Amazong . It gets expensive but helps .
        Good luck ! I hope it works for your baby !!!

  3. Rosanne

    Hmmm….ACV is supposed to help with so many things. Ocassionally I take it…maybe will get into a routine with it. Thanx!!!

    1. Who knows, maybe its even a mental thing right… I’m mean come on the stuff doesn’t taste too good (unless you love super sour stuff…) But, it sounds like lots of people are getting all sorts of benefits from it too. best of luck to you,

  4. I have been having trouble with heartburn lately…I will definitely give this a try. My UC symptoms are under control at the moment hopefully forever…down to 2.5 mg of Prednisone…tapering slowly.

  5. Thanks Adam!

    You know me…anything natural goes onto my ‘to try’ arsenal bank just in case I need it in the future!

    BTW everyone…I am in TOTAL remission, once again, on my Ultimate Flora probiotic, fermented L-glutamine and astaxanthin and vitamid D regimen…I am back on only one proviotic capsule again, as well, after doubling up on it for about a month and a half.

    No UC symptoms AT ALL now, not even blood…SO GREAT!!



    1. Hey Bev! So happy to celebrate remission with you. I am finally in remission after a super tough flare that didn’t respond to prednisone at all. I beat this one with the GAPS diet. It is time consuming and a lot of work to cook separately for me and the other 5 people in my family but within 2 weeks I went from 24 bloody visits to the bathroom a day to 6-8. Now I am blood/mucous free and slowly getting my rhythm back. It has been a tough few months but remission feels so good:)


    2. Hi, BEV,
      Would you be able to share what exactly you used and how much of each to get into remission? My son is 24 and we are going the natural route. But he still has occasional blood and mucus and multiple visits for either gas or bm.

      1. Hello Suma!

        Sorry for the late reply. I laid down for a 10 minute nap today and woke up two hours later!

        I take one ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE by RENEWLIFE probiotic capsule (50 billion strength) first thing when I get up in the morning with water, and then nothing to eat or drink (except more water) for at least half an hour afterward. This probiotic has been perfect for me. It seems to have the right strains in it for UC.

        About an hour before lunch, again on an empty stomach, I take one scoop (scoop is included in the tub) of unflavored powdered fermented L-glutamine by NORTH COAST NATURALS. I mix it in a bit of unsweetened juice just for taste, but you can use water as well. (You can take up to 4 scoops, and you can play around with that at first to get rid of the bleeding if that is a problem. When I first started it, I took 2 heaping scoops daily).

        With lunch, I take one 4mg capsule of astaxanthin and 2000 units of vitamin D. I did take 4000 (4 pills) of vitamin D at first, but my levels are good now, so I take 2 pills now. These are taken with food because they are better absorbed with fat.

        That’s all I used to attain natural remission. I will add that I take one 3.75mg LDN capsule at bedtime every night, but I was in remission before I started taking it. I had heard all kinds of good things about it regarding UC, but it hasn’t really changed anything in that regard. It does, however, make me sleep very well!

        Cheers :)

    1. Bev,
      Scrolling though some comments and would like to know more about LDN since you seem to have had such positive results. My gastro doctor did not know anything about it so is highly unlikely to prescribe. Where can I find a doctor who might prescribe it for me. I live in Los Altos, CA.? It is definitely on my list to try.

      1. Hi Sharon,

        There is a fantastic website all about LDN…just google LDN, and the LDN official website will come up. I printed it all off and took it with me to my GP. He didn’t know anything about it either. He was not impressed after reading what I gave him, but prescribed it for me any way. As to who can prescribe it to you….I have no idea. I am in Canada, and I am not an expert on LDN. I just decided to try it and added to my repertoire after I was already in remission.

        Like I have said countless times on here…lol…it helps me sleep. I’m not sure if it has helped with the UC because I was already ‘there’ when I started taking it. I was just so sold with the research after reading about LDN that I thought I just had to try it too!

        Cheers :)

        1. Hey Bev, I’ve asked about LDN before. I got the lower dosage and still have worse case insomnia. Guess it’s not for me. Was so hopeful. Just wondered if it still helps if you take it in the morning. Can’t find anything on the web site.

          1. Hi Lori,

            I’ve only ever taken it right before bed. If I took it in the morning, I’d probably need a nap!!

            I wonder why it can cause insomnia in some people. I would definitely try and take it in the morning. If it causes yo9u to be awake, then that’s a good thing in the morning, right?

            It’s just that I thought that I read on the LDN website that it straightens out your immune system while you sleep…perhaps it can still do that while you are awake as well???

          2. That is how I understand how it works at night. I have read some people take it during the day. Wonder if they are seeing any results.

        2. Hey all,
          Just fyi…I don’t take ldn, but talked toa friend who is a pharmacist at length about it and he explained some things. Make sure to read the other websites of actual people that have used it because I remember reading you have to really work hard to find YOUR dose. Also it works differently through the different forms of administration.
          Hope that helps. Good luck. Shelly

  6. Don

    I have used ACV for heartburn and it really works! I would take 1 tablespoon in a glass of water every morning. Amazing results! I could not drink it straight and when I did try it would give me heartburn.

  7. Yeah Bev! I knew you would do it! So thankful to hear you are well again! Talked with an older gentleman at a docs office just the other day. His mother gave him a glass of water with a tablespoon of vinegar every morning as a child. He never had any health problems. He said as an adult he stopped doing it. As he grew older he started to suffer from arthritis. He said that he thought of the vinegar his mom used to make him drink. He started the regimen again. He said the arthritis disappeared almost immediately and that he hasn’t been bothered by it in years. I believe! By the way, Donna Gates at Body Ecology says vinegar with the mother is a prebiotic. It feeds probiotics in your gut making them stronger and healthier. That’s GOT to be a great thing for us , right????

  8. Thanks again Adam for the suggestions on natural remedies – will try the apple cider vinegar. Hello Bev, good to hear you’re in remission again. I was wondering, are you still taking one capsule of LDN a day? I have finally reached some form of remission after nearly two years. I follow the paleo/SCD diet. I had to go back on the dreaded Asacol (4 tabs/day) because my flare-up wasn’t improving. I don’t like Asacol either, and would like to be on diet only – but this doesn’t seem to be enough to keep remission. Therefore, I would like to transit onto LDN and tapper off Asacol. Do you feel the LDN helps with remission? Thanks
    PS. I also take L-glutamine, B12, and a probiotic everyday.

    1. Hi Joe!

      Yes, as a matter of fact, I am still taking one 3.75 capsule of LDN every night right before bed.

      I know that I always omit talking about it ONLY because, like I have said before…I was in remission before I started taking it. That is not to say however that it is not helping me in my UC remission, but I cannot be positive of that. As a side note…I have been thinking about discontinuing it to see if it is why I seem to have a headache almost daily. I hope it isn’t due to the LDN, because I love it for the way it makes me sleep so deeply at night! That is why I really continue to take it.

      So, as you can see, I am not certain that the LDN helps in the remission, but it very well may just. If it does, I would most definitely recommend it because it really seems to have no bad side effects…unless it is causing these headaches…I am afraid to stop taking it, thought, because of what happened a few months back when I tried to switch probiotics, which caused me to flare. Now that I am back on track I don’t want to change anything!

      Thanks for the note, Joe. Good luck. I recommend trying the LDN for sure!


      1. Thanks Bev for the info. Like the old saying goes: ‘if it aint broke – don’t fix it’. So if you’re in remission keep doing what you’re doing. This disease is so difficult to get a handle on, as everyone’s different and responds to different treatments. I suppose one thing thing we all have in common is the disease. I’ll definitely try LDN next year when I’m back in NZ. At the moment will keep with the diet and Asacol to get me through an upcoming trip to the US. Fingers crossed I keep this bad-boy in remission. Cheers and peace.

        1. For sure Joe…I am not changing anything that I am doing at present. I do not want any UC symptoms to come back! Biggest mistake I made was to try and switch probiotics…sheesh…what a cluster**** that was.

          The best of luck in keeping emission. That’s all we want!!

        2. Hi Joe

          Just wondering where are you based in New Zealand. Y brother recently diagnosed with UC, are based in NZ and looking for people in similar situation.
          It’s hard for me to explain how far good/bad we are doing at the moment have an appointment with doctor next week and will see then. At the moment he is not putting up any weight. It’s confusing at the moment.
          Thank you
          Also Bev congrats and stay positive :-)

    2. What is does LDN stand for? Also is L-glutamine good for U.C. If so what is the dosage and milligrams? I read of line that Boswella Extract is good for U.C. Has anyone tried? I did buy years ago before I had U.C Mothers Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and it was for my acid reflux but I could not take as it burnt my throat to much. I do like the concept of putting it in water the one tablespoon of it. How much water like 8 oz.? My heartburn went away but when I had an endoscopy done in 2012 it said I had gastritis which is acid reflux so I still have it but have no symptons. I have been following the SCD plan for almost 6 weeks about 85% and I see a big difference in my stomach. I just finished steroids a week ago and I do not have any blood in the toilet bowl. Most days I am going only once a day. The only bleeding I have is from my hemorrhoids and that is going to taken care of Oct. 25th. I am not on any medication last year I was on 4 Lialda but have not a pill for at least 2 months. I am not going back on the Lialda even my G.I. doctor wanted me to after I finished the steroids but I told him I was going to hold off and just follow the eating plan I was on and so far so good. Not sure which are the best probiotics to take. Can anyone recommend some? I can’t afford the VSLDS#3 anymore. My old insurance use to pay for it with a prescription. But my new one does not cover it. Thanks everyone. Good luck to everyone. Blood free stools for everyone!

      1. Low Dose Naltrexone…LDN…Naltrexone is a drug used to treat alcohol and drug addiction, believe it or not, but in a very low dose, regulates the body’s rhythms…

        Yes! L-glutamine is wonderful for UC!! It heals the mucosa of the colon!!

      2. Hi there,
        So pleased to hear you are doing well on SCD, I have been on this diet for 3 years now, it works! No symptoms no drugs of any kind either, I use to be on steroids, azathioprine and Pentasa, my health was in a terrible state, just about to have bowel surgery then thankfully came across SCD, stuck to it religiously and hey presto cured as regards probiotics i take Saccrohmides boulardi, google it for UC, SCD homemade yoghurt using goats milk and sauerkraut. I’m a true believer that the right diet will heal you, be patient and don’t cheat on SCD, my symptoms went away after 2 months on SCD and that’s when I also stopped all my medication, my consultant was amazed. Be strong and determined and you will get there too. let me know if you need anymore advice.
        Good luck Christine

    3. I have cured my UC – haven’t had a flare up for 10 years and a recent colonoscopy showed my colon to be as normal as anyone else’s. I didn’t tell them that I had had UC for 30 years before finding the cure (for mine anyway) – no guarantee that what I did it will work for others as different people’s response varies a lot with the various treatments adopted. I will reveal what fixed my UC – it was milk kefir from the kefir company in the UK NB; this is extremely cheap and will produce kefir for 2 years for $12 + the price of full fat milk., it is shipping free all over the world. It is a kind of ‘super probiotic’ that I deem superior to standard probiotic capsules.
      I am currently helping others and something I discovered that I doubt that many people will have heard of is a specific type of colloidal silver called silver hydrosol taken with aloe vera juice in order to place the silver in the correct part of the colon.
      A final thing that should be tried is papaya seeds from a (non – GMO) papaya. Eat 5 seeds 3 times a day and that will eliminate parasitic infections that are responsible for many cases of UC. Not sure if I’m allowed to puts links and so delete them if not allowed but here goes.


      Try the silver, milk kefir and papaya seeds (2 weeks worth) – they can be cleaned and frozen for later use – simply defrost when needed.

  9. Allison-3

    My ex- Mother in Law took ACV & honey in water every morning her entire life. She smokes cigs, eats crap and loves her 7 and 7’s- she is healthy as on ox. Hah!
    I also read that taking ACV before a meal helps get the enzymes going and thus start the digestive process. I use ACV and olive oil on my salads but will definitely try taking a shot in the morning, too.
    Thanks for the tip Adam and WooHoo! to everyone in remission and those on their way.

  10. Same here Bev, thanks to your glutamine push a few months back I am in remission too and feeling good. I still take 1 only azathoraprine daily, but that’s just to keep my Specialist happy, he wanted to bump me up, but as you know am more for natural remedies. The ACV sounds a good try for the heartburn.

    1. That’s awesome Shirley! You really have no idea how happy it makes me that you are feeling so well.

      (BTW…I would never take anything just to make any doctor happy, however…I hate to hear that you taking meds keeps a doctor happy…lol! Hah! That may be just a pharmaceutical monetary thing…or it feeds the doctor’s ego thinking that he or she is actually helping you….)

      You are the boss Shirley…please remember that. You don’t have to placate anyone….just yourself!! You care about yourself more than any doctor does, plus, you have to live with the side effects. The doctor doesn’t.


    2. I hope I didn’t come on too harsh, Shirley…I’m in your corner! I used to actually care what the doctor thought of me, but no more.

      You do what you want whenever you’re ready!


  11. Hey Adam,
    Cheers…if it helps! Did you or someone post this before…sounds familiar.
    Anyway, keep on keepin’ on!
    Be well,Shelly

  12. I am almost 79 years old and was diagnosed about 5 years ago. This may sound dumb but I do not remember if I had a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. At any rate the doctor said he saw nothing unusual but that the biopsy showed I had UC. He started me with Asacol which eventually stopped working. I am currently taking 3mg of budesonide (Entocort). Which seems to be working better but occasionally
    suddenly surprised. I have never been able to pin down what foods that cause this but sometimes I suspect dairy and vinegar salad dressing. This leads me to ask if it is not the baking soda that calms the stomach rather than the vinegar. Since I was a kid; 1/4 tsp of baking soda with a small swallow of water generally settled my stomach and helped the heartburn. Have I missed something here.

    1. Hi Roberta,

      Good question regarding the baking soda. And that was for sure a component in the protocol that the girl I mentioned in the post’s father was also taking. I would suspect that the end results would probably be different for everyone as is the case with any UC treatment, but guess and check testing may be a great way to find out once again. (I myself have not experimented with baking soda)


      1. Andrea Garcia

        I do know that baking soda neutralizes acid. Maybe she’s using it to cut the acid content. Kinda makes sense I work in the dental field and we know that acid breaks down enamel which leads to cavities. So to stop the breaking down of enamel you can use baking soda. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  13. Hey UCers, there was an article on ACV on the Alternative Daily website on September 4th 2013. The article listed many everyday uses for ACV, among them as a hair rinse to stimulate growth, as a mouthwash to kill bad breath germs, as a face mask and for sun burn relief. What I found most interesting was that it can be used to treat yeast infections, most notably Candida, is is often a result of a too acid environment on the body.(Ladies, you remember the vinegar douche). The ACV neutralizes the acid , which could be affecting what is going on in the gut.
    There are many books on ACV, and its an old but reliable remedy . The alternative daily is a very cool website, that looks for natural remedies to what ails us. Check it out at http://www.thealternative The old dose was 1 tablespoon in a 8 oz glass of water. I take it and it does seem to calm things down below.

  14. Thanks for the info Adam….will have to try taking the apple cider vinegar as I am starting to flare. I have been experiencing stomach cramps, blood, mucus and soft stools for a little over a week now. I have been under extreme stress the last 3 months as I am in the process of moving to another home. There have been a lot of problems on the seller’s end which are delaying the closing and move-in date. Nothing seems to be going right. On top of everything, I have had the flu a month now. Adam, can the flu (or a cold) cause a flare up besides the stress? I had weaned myself off the Lialda and was taking the Probiotic, L-Glutamine and Astaxanthin as per Bev and was doing great up until over a week ago. So, I continued this regimen and nothing was working. So, I still had some Lialda and have been taking 2 pills (together) in the a.m. I don ‘t want to take these poison pills! So, maybe I will add the ACV to my regular regimen and see what happens.

    Bev –

    What sort of symptoms were you having that you had doubled up on your probiotic? I am so very happy to hear you are back into remission!!! I hope I will get there too! As I told Adam….I don’t want to start taking Lialda permanently again. I have just been sp desperate because ther probiotic, L-Glutamine and astaxanthin were NOT working. Welcome back Bev and God bless you!! :)

    1. Hi Natalie,

      Hard to ever be conclusive, but there have been a number of times where people (who’ve writen about this on the site) have started to get UC symptmos/flares post/during a nasty cold.

  15. Hi Natalie!

    I just started having those old UC symptoms a few months back, again, because I tried the Colon probiotic for about five days…never again will I change from the Ultimate Flora one!!

    Thank you for the sweet words…:)

  16. Richele

    Back in the day, I saw an amazing naturopath…(info at )who recommended ACV in water with two drops of liquid stevia. It was a yummy little drink…maybe I’ll give it another whirl :)

  17. I’ve been taking probiotics for a little over a month and have limited my wheat consumption greatly the past three weeks and I’ve seen an improvement in symptoms. I’m feeling more like myself, have more energy and feeling more positive. I can’t say I’ve been symptom as I still occasionally have pain, tonight being the most noticeable. Tried drinking the Apple Cider Vinegar with water and a bit of natural local honey and the pain lessened soon after. Perhaps it’s not related but I’ll continue this method to see if I see any improvement. I’m moving more towards natural remedies as I very much dislike taking medications.

    Thank you Adam for this awesome website! And to everyone who share their stories and insight.

    1. Hi Miquey,

      Keep us posted on how things go for you moving forward! I hope we can hear from you soon letting us know that you are feeling like your body is in remission and it sounds like you’re on your way.

      Thanks for making use of the website,


  18. Joe H

    Hi Adam,
    I have a long history of stomach acid problems. Ulcers killed my father, they led to stomach cancer. I had early diagnosis in the late seventies, before my stomach lining was damaged. First treated with prescription Tagamet and had relief & healing in 3 weeks. Began watching my eating habits and was good for some years without meds. Gained some weight and developed GERD, was put on Nexium, and stayed on that for more than 5 years. Got on a health kick, lost some weight and acid reflux stopped. About six years ago I started having heartburn almost everyday and started using the new over the counter acid reducing meds. I’ve been taking Omeprozole, (generic Prilosec) daily, for about 4 years. I can only go 2 or three days without it.
    I’ve been trying the ACV for the last few days and I have hopes. It seems to have eased my heartburn some but I still had to do some Rolaids on day 3. I’m on my fourth day and will take it every morning for the next few weeks to see if it will eventually regulate my heartburn. As for my UC I hope that will benefit as well.

    Peace & Blessings,


    1. Joe H

      Well folks I gave up on the vinegar … not much help for me.
      But good news … I started the SC diet in January and I have not had any heart burn since. I also dropped 15 pounds in just 2 mo. I do go to a gym two or three days a week. I spend 30 min. on machines & weights and 30 min on a stationary bike.
      I have 2 to three BM’s a day. They vary from firm to loose, but mostly somewhere in between.
      My wife and I are enjoying many of the recipes, found in the SCD book, “breaking the Vicious Cycle”, Especially the muffins and Lois Lang’s Luscious Bread.
      Another strange benefit is that it seems to be controlling my cholesterol, even though I’m eating more eggs, butter, and cheese. than before.

      1. Allison-3

        Congrats! Your wife is totally awesome to support you on the diet. There are so many interesting and delicious recipes on the web- I rarely feel like I am missing out on anything following SCD.
        And yes the whole low-cholesterol/low-fat revolution is a FARCE- fat does not make us fat- CHOLESTEROL & SUGAR MAKES US FAT!
        All the best!

  19. Thanks for sharing this, Adam. Just got around to reading this today and will definitely be giving the apple cider vinegar a try. Interestingly, I had flagged another article last week to read that deals with having too much acid in the body. I figure if I see it twice in one week from 2 different sources, I should pay attention. :) Here’s the link, in case anyone is interested: She doesn’t mention acv, but does mention drinking lemon water.

  20. Hi – my son has UC and we want to try a more natural approach to control his symtoms…can you please tell me what kind of L-glutimine to get for him? I will also try the ultimate flora and ACV. He has symptoms of constipation with this flare and feels “backed up” most of the time. I was told magnesium was good for this. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Hi Elaine,

      I take North Coast Naturals fermented L-glutamine. It is powdered and I mix it in a bit of juice. You can also mix it in water…but I don’t fancy the taste!

      The Ultimate Flora Critical Care probiotic by RenewLife is the best thing I’ve ever done. Remember…empty stomach and then no food or drink (except water) for at least half an hour. You gotta let it get into the colon and do it’s job without anything hampering it.


      1. Bev, How are you getting on? I just started the ACV along with turmeric, peppermint oil and slippery elm. I have been looking into the Ultimate Flora (very pricey here in Germany) and am waiting for my next colonoscopy as I just started to flare- tons of mucus, a llittle blood, bloating and cramps- plus a new symptom: my rectum feels like it’s in spasms- ugh!

        1. Hi!

          I am actually doing the best I ever have…thank you for asking. I wish that you were as well.

          I honestly don’t know what to attribute this long remission to…I have lost track of time…7 years? 8?

          I am still taking the probiotic and the L-glutamine as well as curcumin.

          On a side note, I stopped putting regular milk in my latter every day, some two months ago now, and switched to lactose free milk instead…’everything’ is firm for the first time in years. No bloating or gas. Incredible. I am even better than before! Who knew that I also have acquired a lactose intolerancy along the way.

          I am so so sorry that you are flaring. It pains me to hear when anyone is flaring. I remember those days all too well. I hope you get some relief…FAST.


          1. Thanks for the reply Bev!
            7 years sounds amazing- congrats to you:) Do you still take LDN? Do you take just one of the Ulti Flora- in the am? What kind of diet do you follow? Sorry for all the questions, but this mum is wanting a similar journey.

          2. No, I do not take LDN any more. I decided to drop it, and it made no difference to me at all.

            Yes, I still take the one probiotic capsule in the morning.

            I am not on any diet…although I did just drop milk a couple of months ago and that firmed everything up. I was in remission already, no blood or pain, but always ‘loose’ if you know what I mean. Who knew that I had become lactose intolerant over the years? Apparently, that can happen and seems to have happened to me. It was just an idea to try lactose free milk. Am I ever happy that I did!

            No problem about the questions. I will always answer. I love to help anyone, if I can.

            1. Adam!

              Yes, I dropped that LDN at least a year ago. I was surprised that it seemed to make no difference.

              Mind you, when I started taking it, I was in remission already!

              Cheers :)

            2. Shelly From maine

              Hey Bev…how about your sleep? I think I recall you said you were sleeping better. Or it could be your body had already became too adjusted to that dosage?
              I dropped milk/lactose when I started SCD, etc. I actually noticed, by accident, that certain cheese(which I eat occasionally) gave me stomach aches. Then I bought a Cabot Monterey Jack and low and behold no real stomach ache…read the back…”lactose free”!
              Happy & healthy Memorial weekend all!

            3. Hey Shelly!

              I got really sleepy when I took LDN, but I do sleep just fine anyway. LDN just made me fall asleep instantly!

              Yes, I had no idea that I even had a lactose intolerance. I am quite like you in that I often get a stomach ache when I eat too much (or maybe any) lactose.

              PS… thanks for noticing who I ‘am’ on facebook…I have had to go anonymous due to a problem person who WAS in my life…lol…all is well now though :)

            4. Shelly From maine

              Hi Bev,
              Glad to hear of your continued progress.
              There sure are a bunch of idiots on Facebook! But I guess we just keep educating!
              Glad I figured it out, too!

            5. Aww, thank you Shelly. I am feeling great, actually. I do still always remember the 15+ years that I felt as if I would die, though. It is hard to forget that much of my life.

              You said it…lol…I am almost afraid to comment on anything on Facebook any more. People can be so vile. Not just about that Glen Frey UC thing, bu, lately, I just HAD to comment on how much I have liked Barak Obama as president (even though I am a Canadian living in Canada), and I was promptly told what an idiot I was (only in a lot worse language) and how I must be one of those ‘ Canadian socialist bleeding heart liberals’. It was awful! I do not for the life of me know why we all just can’t be civil with each other. Man!

      2. Allison-3

        Hey Elaine-
        I also suffer constipation during flares, so go very slow with the l-glutamine because it firmed me up too much during a flare. I think it is really, really great for diarrhea though and has good healing capabilities.
        I stew about 20 prunes for about 30 minutes in water and keep them in the fridge for the week. Every morning before I eat, I add 2T to 1/2 cup orange juice and then follow it up with hot tea-this has helped eliminate my constipation.
        I think, most importantly for me, I follow the SCD diet . I go twice a day now… a true miracle for me.
        Best of luck to your son.

    2. I have had uc for 20 years and just keep learning more about it all the time. My Dr’s are useless and just want me to take handfuls of pills . Don’t take antibiotics unless it’s absolutely necessary then follas wellow up with probiotics. Only Tylenol for pain. NSAID pain relievers will cause a flare. Cut gluten out of your diet. Gluten is the cause of most auto immune diseases. It causes inflammation. Also avoid sugar. Sugar feeds the bad bacteria in your gut. God bless you all

    3. I have been juicing over tha last year starting with a 30 day juice fast and it did miracles to my UC. Stopped all medication and consultant suggested to drop my blood tests from now on as my levels were so healthy. I learned about ACV being a member of a facebook group and about to try it soon, but would highly recommend researching juicing, Gerson Therapy watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, PH Miracle etc. documentaries which all tie in together in my view. Anybody that may consider starting this journey, dont be put off by how extreme it may sound at first, no need to do all changes at ones, one step at a time will lead you a long way. Good luck!

    4. Two things I believe both cause and sustain ulcerative colitis . Chemical , physical and emotional stress , drugs alcohol , worry etc . And foods that either cause an increase in acid in the colon , or an allergic reaction . Anyone with U.C. should consider food combining and an alkalising diet . Anyone who has taken ppi’s or other antacids could have low stomach acid , which causes reflux , but also acidity in the lower digestive tract . If the ph of the chyme leaving the stomach is not low enough pancreatic enzymes , which raise the ph will not be secreted , this a problem not understood by the medical profession , sadly for many of us .

    5. Caroline

      It’s funny you reposted this today – I started doing ACV daily a few weeks ago in conjunction with giving up coffee and have definitely noticed an improvement. I think that there is something to the alkalinising (is that a word? haha). My acupuncturist says it’s terrific for overall digestive health as well as a gentle detoxifier to the liver. I’m all for that! :)

      1. Hey Caroline, Yes indeed that’s a word…:) (isn’t it:)))

        But seriously, the alkaliniseingishness of Apple Cider Vinegar is for sure a big part of what some folks believe is so beneficial from this. And, the woman who mentioned this initially to me several years back had that as her main big point regarding the “why its good”. So big glad to hear this be a doing well for ya Caroline!:)

        1. Caroline

          I really think there is something to it. If I keep up with this maybe I can wean off of the Canasa and be med free! I drink 2 tbsp mixed in warm water in the morning and add fresh lemon juice too. I’m telling you…it’s magical! Thanks Adam!

      1. Caroline

        I do 2 tbsp. It’s pretty strong but I actually like the taste. I also sometimes add it to my water that I carry through the day. I have heard it can have a laxative effect but that hasn’t happened to me. Fortunately.:)

    6. Allison-3

      Hey Everyone-
      I am not saying that ACV isn’t awesome- but it might not be awesome for you!
      I recently had ALCAT food intolerance testing that indicated I had a very strong immune response to brewer’s yeast (honey, coconut, ginger and coffee also). Brewer’s yeast compromises alcohols and ALL things yeast-fermented (apple cider vinegar, kraut, kombucha etc.,).
      I offer this as a cautionary tale because I was eating these things most days- I thought they were helping me with my UC and reestablishing gut flora but in actuality they were doing a lot of harm.
      On a positive note, it has been 5 weeks that I have been avoiding these offenders and I feel HEAPS better. Lucky for me- the test revealed I had no immune response to cocoa so I am indulging in that again (in moderation of course).
      We and our bodies are ABSOLUTELY unique- so if you can, find a functional medicine nutritionist/doctor that can direct you (scientifically) to uncover exactly the protocol that what will work for you.
      I wasted a lot of time, energy and money (and my health) doing it all on my own.
      I wish you all health and stay positive!

    7. Hello everyone,

      Not sure if this was mentioned, but I only use unfiltered and unpasteurized ACV. Seems to work best in my experience. I also add a bit to a cup of water in the AM. Add raw honey, lemon, and a bit of cayenne at the onset of a cold. AVC helps me with acid reflux, adds good flora (from a natural food source on top of the probiotic I already take at bedtime (best time), helps reduce sinus mucus, and “think” helps with my UC and reduces bleeding. Also, be sure and get a probiotic without dairy and one that is refrigerated – otherwise it’s junk. This plus a good gluten free, dairy free diet rich in veggies and leaner proteins are my UC please stay the !uck away staples.

      Be well.

    8. I have radiation induced proctitis and also colitis. Diagnosed in august 2014. Always had 3-4 bowel movements a day that sometimes turn bloody. Doc prescribed Canasa first 7 days once daily and after that once weekly. Well I never took them and never been back to the doc. I am scared of taking meds of any kind.Anyways For over a year ever 2 or 1 weeks i would have bloody stools. I was reading about fennel tea and how it helped stop bleeding in one patient. Well I started it 2 months ago ,1 cup in the am ,1 cup at night . The bleeding gradually got less and less. I am pretty sure it helps and controls my colitis. Helps with gas and cramps too. I will stick with it definately since bleeding was always my main concern. All I know is that it somehow controls the bleeding. Anyone ever tried it?

    9. I see the start of these posts are a couple of years older. I’ve recently acquired a book on the benefits of baking soda but am just at the beginning of it. I’ve been taking it off and on since I was a kid for years for indigestion but learning more about it so now take it with a little water, a tablespoon of lemon and it fizzes up then I drink it. I’ve been making a drink with mineral water, undistilled vinegar, fresh fruit or berries, stevia to sweeten and ginger mixed in the blender. Very tasty and another way to get minerals and to help balance out the acidity in my system. Also wanted to comment on LDN. It works for my arthritis mostly but NOT, unfortunately, my colitis. I’ve been on it for well over a year. I compound it myself because I can’t get a doctor to prescribe it unless I go to a naturopath and my insurance doesn’t covered it as most insurances don’t, unfortunately. I’m happy it helps my arthritis. I stopped going to my rheumatologist as he wanted me to come in every 3 months, as he does all his patients, and I don’t take any of the horrible meds he wanted to put me on because of side effects and it cost me the co-pay I don’t have to pay any more and and I’m getting along fine.

    10. I have been regular with my ACV. I take a straight tablespoon before my shower and brushing my teeth. It burns my throat a wee bit but lasts only a few seconds. I think that with my natural regime of oil of oregano, Vit D and and an amazing pro- biotic Natren(I’ve tried many), I’m feeling fantastic! I’ve had UC since I was 13 and now in my early 40s. I’m fighting a sore throat and the moment so increasing my ACV and drinking warm lemon water and on the mend!

      1. I am confused by Michelle’s letter. I was under the impression that you should never take ACV without mixing it in a glass of water as it can damage your esophagus if taken straight.

        I mix it with water and lemon juice and stevia and after drinking it I immediately rinse my mouth out with water as the vinegar is hard on teeth.

        Am I wrong on this? Would like to know. hanks

    11. Graham from England

      I have been using ACV off the spoon for around 2 weeks and had two slight choking episodes already. Not from taking it, just fairly randomly in the evening (though I was drinking beer). I have had these episodes for 30 years, if being sick or more regularly when I used to eat milk chocolate. My brother has barrett’s esophagus so it would make sense some of us to dilute it.

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