31 yrs old, diagnosed 6 yrs ago, i believe i am winning the battle with a year long colitis flare.
I am using diet (basically scd intro), exercise, rest, mental & spiritual healing.

And Update on My Colitis:

Hello again,
I just want to continue to share my journey as i go along.
I think it has been roughly a month since my last post(, and just over that since I got out of the hospital.
In general, I have been feeling really well. My progress is slow, and sometimes even hard to see at all. If I look at where I was a month ago though, i think my progress has been miraculous. Most days are only one trip to the bathroom with little/no urgency. My biggest issue is that i still have some blood. About a week ago, I was having an increase in blood, and i started getting really scared. I took some suggestions and cut dairy out completely (i had been incorporating homemade yogurt, and some cheeses as specified in the SCD diet). It’s possible I am just not ready for that yet. So the last few days I’ve been back to chicken soup and eggs and cooked veggies. Not too big of a sacrifice for health.

I’m not sure yet, but I think I am seeing improvement

again after scaling back my diet again.

Oh, i forgot that i also had just started making my own kefir, which is illegal on the scd, and not sure if that triggered some of the bleeding.

Does anyone have experience with kefir?

Anyway I’m taking a break from that for now too. I continue to taper down on prednisone (currently @30 mg a day) which I cant wait to get off of, but i need to be patient, and hope that i can continue to heal as I take less. I am really focused on sticking to my diet, exercise routine, lots of rest, and as much meditation, prayer, and positive actions as i can muster up.
I just want to say one more time, how great of a resource I believe this website is for all of us, and thanks to Adam again.
be well,

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