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Sick of Wiping My Arse!!

Background on Princess Poo:

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about 10 months ago. Sometime after that I found this site and have been reading bits and pieces that other sufferers have posted.

My Colitis Story:

About 2 months ago there was a mix up on my diagnoses and my GP advised me that I actually didn’t have UC! Being extremely relieved I decided to stop taking my medication there and then. The first week without medication I felt so good! I felt like I had more energy, like I could actually lose weight, I just generally felt more happy with life. But at the end of the second week with no medication the abdo pains started to appear again. It was like I had gallstones pain shooting from one side of my body to the other, felt like I was 9 months pregnant and looked it too! And of course…..I spent alot of time in the toilet!!!
With my GI appointment just 2 days away, I decided that maybe it was best to re-start my medication until I could see him (not only to give him an earful with the misdiagnosis) but to explain what had occurred during the last two weeks. So during my GI appointment it turns out that I had actually been misdiagnosed about being misdiagnosed!!! What a mess!!! According to my GI I absolutely DO have UC and should not under any circumstances stop taking my medication!
I’m just soooo confused at whats going on! Sometimes I think to myself “nah I can’t have UC, there has to be something else wrong that can be fixed” and other times I just choose to not acknowledge that maybe there is a big chance that I actually am suffering with this disease!

After reading alot of stories on this site, half the time I think that maybe my GP was right and I don’t have UC. I don’t have anywhere near as much trouble as some sufferers on here talk about. There’s no rapid weight loss, no constant pain etc. Probably the only symptom I have that is anything similar to the rest of you is that I’m visiting the ceramic bowl 3-5 times a day and look like I’m 9 months pregnant :(

In 2 days I have an appointment with my GP and I’m going to request a referral to a different GI to restart all the tests again. Maybe a second opinion will once and for all set my mind straight.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if I’m just suffering from a huge case of denial!

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