Sick of Colitis

Pam fullIntroduction:

Hi my name is Pam and I am 41 years old and had ulcerative colitis for little over a year now. Still on meds but doesn’t seem to get better yet… love this web site and want to learn more ways to get rid of this colitis?

Some more about me:

I live in New Hampshire, looking for new friends to talk to about this. Some one who has uc too maybe?? I am a good listener and friend to have ;)


my symptoms, pain,bleeding,running to the bathroom alot!! sometimes i cant make it to the bathroom ;( no fun!!

Sick of Colitis

I found out a little over a year ago I had uc ,didn’t know some one could have it for so long after seeing this web site. I love it and just wanna meet others and learn more and get rid of this colitis . I am a single mom and it’s so hard when you have lots to do with kids and you can’t leave the house because you’re always running to the bathroom ;( even when u do try sometimes and you have to run to find bathroom every 10 to 20 mins its just no fun and not being able to eat some thing can be hard!!!!!!!!!! I would like to know maybe some foods that might help me? like help me not run to the bathroom more or tummy pain? things to help it get better?? any info. will help thanks!!

Just looking for more info.? Anyone please reply and give me any info? ok thanks!

OK what does anyone know about stress making the colitis worse???

Do you know of any real good meds. for it because mine are not doing that good ..

and do you think why i am tired alot could be because of the uc???

I am new at all this i just need to know more ;) a cry for help i guess !!


yes i take 2 differant meds 7 pills a day…..still not better?

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  1. Hi Pam,

    I’m sorry to hear times are tuff for you right now. It’s not going to last forever, so keep your head up.

    You might be interested in reading about the “stress and ulcerative colitis” 151 person survey we conducted a few months back. here is a link to part 1 of that:

    Also, I definitely think that people can feel tired when UC symptoms are active. So regarding your question to that, my answer would be a big fat, “heck yeah”.

    Lastly, I’ve added many many many stories to this site over the years with food ideas. I’m guessing you have not had a chance to take a peak at them yet. here’s the link to them:

    Best of luck to you,


  2. Hey Pam,

    So sorry you are going through a flare. UC really sucks unfortunately we never get rid of it you hope that the steroid and other meds kick in and stop the bathroom trips. As far as food goes …..a bland diet while you are in the flare. Mash potatoes, baked potatoes, roasted chicken, meatloaf, mac and cheese might help but hopefully the meds kick in and you can finally eating something……most important lots of Gatorade and water so you don’t dehydrate.

    I have had colitis for 14 years and was just in the hospital 3x within 2months fighting of the c-diff infection which led to a colitis flare I am now currently back on steroids and ascal which seems to be working but will going back in 6 weeks to discuss Remicade infussions. So I am wishing the best for you and hopefully the meds are working for you.


    Ps) Try to get a probiotic in you first thing in the morning.

  3. Pam, I am always willing to try and help someone in a flare. After many rounds of prednisone, a different gastro doctor put me on Lialda and I used the rectal syringes at night for a month. The medication needs to be used right before you go to sleep and you cannot get out of bed. Within a 2 month period, I was in remission and not bleeding. At one point I was on 12 asacols a day and still bleeding. It is my opinion diet, stress, genetics play an important role in making UC worse or bringing it out of remission. I eat no red meat, no dairy, and no alcohol. If you can find the time, find a book “living with a bad gut” and follow the directions for ulcerative colitis. It may help you keep your colon. I do take medication for stress and you may need it. One doctor was ready to take out my large intestine and I refused and changed Doctors! I wish you well, friend.

  4. Hi Pam,
    I’m also 41. But I have had colitis since Dec 2004. I have been hospitalized twice. I know how you feel. :(
    I had a flare up a month ago even with medications. I think it was due to exposure to chemicals ans antibiotics during a Root canal and new crown. im better now.
    I take Two pills of Lialda a day. When I have a flare up I use Canasa suppositories at night. I hooe this helps!
    In the past I had entocort instead of prednisone and Also out me in remission. utbInquit taking it because I was looking to have a baby.
    Diet is very important. I would recoomend avocados amost everyday.Also bananas! On a flare up you can still eat chicken soup (not the can) just cook chicken, potatoes, carrotas, celery, onions, and one garlic clove. You can sauted the onions, garlic a tomatoes and add them to the chicken soup. If you like cilantro or parsley , it would help. You can add avocado slices when serving your soup. you would love it!
    Slightly cooked spinach, kale and soft filed greens are a must and help you with the flare up. but never eat raw cabbage or broccoli when havinf a flare up. I think if you cook the veggies you can tolerate them but avoid the fiberous until you are better.
    Blueberries, rasbeerries are good for you. Yiu can jiuce them with bananas and orange juice.
    Do not eat nuts unless you are on remission.
    Someone told me that red peppers are good for us. You can roast them in the oven.
    I still eat chickne, fish, and steak. I think protein is very important. Ground beef is better when we are sick. But try to buy grass fed meat.
    Check your Vitamin D levels. And try to take supplements with high folic acid and vit D. Theya are both essential for colitis. Try to avoid preservatives in food. The less ingredients the better.
    I eat gluten free pasta. I still limit the amount if wheat in my diet. Maybe try to see if you can do that. it might help.
    I use rice, potatoes or sweet potatoes for starches and avoid bread. i only eat bread in the morning. But im still looking for a good gluten free one. For now I use Nature own’s whole wheat.
    I still drink milk, but it’s lactose free. I use cheddar cheese because I can tolerate it.
    Hope all of this helps!
    Count on me!

  5. Hey Pam….I live in NH also…and am a single mother…I was diagnosed with UC 3 1/2 years ago…and it is NO JOKE. I cannot stand having this…I just got out of the hospital Sunday and I was hospitalized in Feb also…and 3 other times before that. When I have a flare it is like I feel SO alone and need to be near a bathroom at ALL TIMES…no one really gets it…they think I have to poop a lot…but they don’t understand that its a constant pain…physical…tiredness…and being on all this prednisone is making me SO HOTT and irritated!!! The last time I was in the hospital I had another colonoscopy and they saw that it only affects the first part of my colon which is a good thing. But I am also still trying to learn what to eat and what not to eat….does anyone know of any books that are helpful? Message me anytime u want Pam……Im always up for talking to another UC’er!

    1. Hi Emily and Pam…
      First know you are not alone and unfortunately people cannot understand what we go through. We visibly look fairly healthy …so it is an invisible disease. More people know of Crohn’s so I often use that.
      As far as books, Adam’s is awesome and so is Dede Cumming’s -Living with Crohn’s & Colitis. This site is an active book with lots of great info from people who know and undstand. Look into SCD and the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle. There are some other books depending on the route you take.
      Please read lots. A good quality probiotic is a must and stay away from processed foods.
      Another very important point is that UC is different for everyone and you need to figure out what works for you! Keep a journal of everything from foods, to herbs to. BM’s. You are your own best investigator.
      Hang in there..your neighbor in Maine!

  6. Hi Pam, I have been reading up on the Emu oil that Adam posted about on the site. Wouldn’t hurt to try, they come in caplets, I have ordered some and going to give it a try. Meds not working for me either, so close to having surgery. We are all here for you!

  7. Hi Pam,

    I don’t believe in meds for UC. I think that the ONLY way to manage UC is naturally. Just so you know, I am not some hippy-dippy type person who is against pharmaceuticals. I was on meds for UC for 14 straight years. Not only did they not do much, but they made me feel even more ill!

    I take a good probiotic, every morning first thing (so on an empty stomach), with water, and then don’t eat anything for an hour. That’s about 6am. At about 10:30 am, also on an empty stomach, I take unflavored fermented L-glutamine powder in a bit of juice for taste. These two thing work best on an empty stomach.

    At lunch, I take two NATURAL anti inflammatories….vitamin D and a 4mg capsule of astaxanthin. They are better digested when taken with fats, so I take them with my lunch.

    I have been in remission for the first time in 14 years, for over a year now! NO MEDS!! It did not happen over night, and I am so happy that I kept taking these things. I feel normal and would go so far as to say…GREAT!!

    My whole colon is involved (called pancolitis), and it was classified as moderate to severe. I can’t believe it sometimes, that I have arrived where I am at right now! I thought I’d never feel better, and would ultimately have to have my colon removed.

    In case you want to know, the probiotic is called ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE by RENEW LIFE and the L- glutamine is fermented unflavored by NORTH COAST NATURALS. The astaxanthin is made by NOW and is 4mg per capsule. Any vitamin D will do!

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