Should We Be Testing Our Family Members For IBD Too?

Hello all UC’ers. It’s Shannon, I have a few featured stories going on right now.

I’ve had UC an Crohn’s for yrs. And I sit here wondering each day where the heck this disease came from. Like many of you, I wonder if it’s hereditary,or is it a malfunction of genes, were we born this way? Or is it caused from environmental reasons?. We just don’t know. Well I rently have got so desperate that I asked my mom to get the Prometheus lab test done to see if she was a carrier…. Why you may ask ? Well for a few reasons . I’m a mom of 3 kids. And on my husband’s side there are a few relatives that have UC. And I worry of course that my kids may acquire this funky disease. Cause we don’t know if its hereditary right? Well my mom has said yes to geting the test done. Plus she has had for yrs have had bouts of diarrea an cramping an even blood at times. Plus she has been told she had diverticulitis. She had a scope test done an there was pockets of it awaiting to erupt. So that makes me wonder could she be a carrier? Hmmmm….

My father is not alive to have the test. So it leaves my mom. So my question is for all you have you had any of your family tested? Are you as curious as i am? Let me know if you have an if the results came back positive or negative. I know kinda crazy huh? But i am so desparate to find a cure or a direction to a cure i would do anything just about to help guide us in the right direction . So write me back. I’m also on twitter if you wanna follow me @yukondiva . Ok friends stay healthy an take your meds an eat right.

Submitted by Shannon

3 thoughts on “Should We Be Testing Our Family Members For IBD Too?”

  1. Hi Shannon,

    Interesting story – first I heard there’s a test for IBD. My understanding is that it does run in families – I have a parent with UC, and the one other person I know personally who has it also had a parent with it. We both have siblings who do not have UC. However, I’m not sure what use the test would be? It seems if it runs in the family people may or may not get it, but even with the test you wouldn’t know who would get it or be able to do anything about it. I’m personally against tests for genetic diseases unless there’s something that can be done with the information, since that can go in your permanent medical record and could potentially cause problems for example with family members getting insurance in the future. But that’s just my opinion – do what you think is best, especially if you feel there’s some use to having the information. Take care!

  2. I agree with Hopskotch. Testing right now could cause problems with you getting health insurance. Or it could make your premiums go up.

    I found this really great website that gives all sorts of info on Obamacare & how it will effect insurance. Maybe get tested once the pre-existing conditions factor is out of the way. Here’s the website:

  3. I also agree…as my family and some extended all have some variation of Crohn’s/UC…so clearly genetic in our case. But my GI Dr. And I recently had the conversation about the genes after he got back from a big CCFA convention and said there really isn’t just 1 easy test, it’s a whole lotta genes and other factors! There is no straight forward answer nor cure so why worry for the maybe?
    As evidenced by my own family and the variations and many others. There is lots of promising new research on gut bacteria. I also feel you can do a lot now with diet and natural…as do many others on this site, as you know. So for now I would keep educating/reading, make healthy choices and think positively for more research and natural cures/remedies.
    Best, Shelly

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