Should I OR Shouldn’t I? – Shannon’s 2nd Story

Hi it’s me Shannon. I previously wrote  “Its a lonely disease“. I’m in a small flare right now. And last nite I noticed when I drank soy milk my stomach flared an swelled huge.

Has that happened to you?

Also I’ve taken prednisone for years off an on.

Does prednisone break down your teeth?

Cause after 12 yrs my teeth have went to crap.

Should You Tell Your Employers about Colitis?

for other UC’ers:

So I’ve read alot of these pe’oples stories an testimonials with this disease. My question is:
Say your in remission an ready to go back to work an find a job. Should you tell your new employer about the disease you have Uc? Or should you not since your in remission.? If you tell them are they allowed to deny you the job cause you may have alot of days off if you do get sick? I wonder what people should do. I was raised to tell the truth but in this case what do you do?  So my question is to tell the truth or not.  Hmmmm? Catch 22.
Every flare has been a challenge. So each time I’ve tried different medications. But Asacol an Prednisone helped. And being in pain a shot in the butt of demerol an deladid in iv.
Submitted by Shannon aka “Yukon Diva” in the Colitis Venting Area

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  1. Hello all my uc friends. I have a crazy testimony to share with you all an you may think this womaan has went over the deep end. Haha. So my family an i try to attend church on sundays as much as possible. We have recently just got envolved in our church the last 2yrs. Made a few friends but really we dont talk about my issues with my health an having ibd. Uc an crohns. So to leap forward my pastor had said at the end of church we wanna encourage anyone who needs prayer or needs to pray for others come up front an stand as we pray for you. So instantly i start to think of all of my fellow ucers on this website adam has created for us. Thinking of all the pain an misery we all are living with this disease. So many stories of useing the toilets an seeing blood an freaking out. Ok so its time to go up front an have prayer. My husband takes my hand an we are standing saying some silet prayers in our head an im praying for all you an myself to have remission . An all the sudden this woman on stage who is a prayer warrior says out loud an looking at me . She begins to say ” i dont know why god is telling me this but i will just say it. ” ” i see ppl an i see a toilet with blood an ppl with pain an affected by a horrible disease. I see many toilets with lots of blood. God wants me to to flush this disease an holding her stomach saying may you all be healed an have some kind of comfort. Ok so by now im crying an my husband has this shocked look on his face . I have heard of the power of prayer. Not ever seen it come true or take part of it. But it was quite amazing how this woman knew what was going on in my life an my mind an thoughts of you all. But it happened . I may not be healed but i saw an heard what she said an just wished it could be heard all over again. Had to share this with you all. Believer or not? It was an amazing day. Thanks for reading my stories an testimonys i share. Shannon

    1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic Shannon…..the next time you see her please give her my name
      and ask her to pray for me. Id really appreciate it.

      1. Hi deb wondering how you are feeling. I was in misery yesterday. I was in court yesterday an had got stuck for 3hrs with no bathrm breaks. Is that legal? Horrible esp. I about died my stomach bloated up huge. I had to take prednisone an pain meds to get pasat this. So havnt heard from u for a few days an u are in my prayers an thoughts. Hope u have a gd thanksgiving. Shannon

  2. Each time i read this back to myself i have tears in my eyes an hope that you all suffering out there with this disease that you will read my story about going to church an hearing those powerful words that came from this woman who dosent really know me but nailed everything i had prayed about an thought about an expeirenced with this disease. If you dont believe in a higher power you may after you read my testimony. Godbless you all shannon

  3. Shannon,
    I consider myself to be honest also, but it’s probably best not to mention anything to you’re employer about this disease if you’re trying to get a job. You’re not lying unless they explicitly ask you about your health. You might get away with it at a smaller company, but if you’re talking about a large corporation, they most likely wouldn’t hire you. Clearly, its up to you and if you feel like you’re lying by not saying anything about you’re UC and that is gonna give you stress, than for you’re sake maybe you should mention something. I know I didn’t give a yes or no answer, but you get the point. Hope you’re doing okay.


  4. Shannon

    That was awesome!! I know first hand the power of prayer and what it can do to heal the sick. THANK YOU for sharing ! Made me cry too! How selfless of you to pray for all of us….. sending prayers your way..((hugs)):)

    1. Dear erica you brought tears to my eyes an an smile to my face. It was an amazing thing to see happen an to take part of. Prayer is an amazing thing. Follow me on twitter. @yukondiva. Bless you an all my fellow ucers. Shannon

  5. hey!
    I saw the teeth thing and I had to say YES pred completely destroys your teeth and bones!
    Your body needs a lot of calcium and magnesium to keep bones and teeth healthy, prednisone stops these being absorbed, so it’s recommended that you take calcium supplements while on prednisone to prevent such things as osteoperosis and growth stunting (growth stunting is something which most uc’ers don’t have to worry about, apart from the little ones!)

    So I suggest you get some caltrate, the one with 600mg of calcium and 400u of vitamin D, maybe some magnesium supplements too, I’ve noticed a huge difference in the strength of my nails and teeth since taking calcium and magnesium together!

  6. I dont get it one day my stomach will be flat with no distention an the next day im looking like im 6 mo pregnant. Why is that? Does anyone else have that prob? Could it be water retention or crap retention? Or both. Hmmm… Hate it anyways.

  7. Hi everyone this comment has know correlation to my former stories. I had recently read alot an had seen lots of young kids have ibd. An i just wondered if anyone out there could help me with inventing a book for kids or a color book or both for them to learn an understand their disease. An let them know books its ok to talk about this disease. You know learning books. I just think its such a good idea . I just feel bad for these children having to grow up with this horrible disease. An to help them out would be so great. I just dont know how to start this idea? Maybe you or someone you know does this stuff. Putting books together to get published or learning color books . If you have a leed please contact me at . Would love to put something togeter like this for the kiddos with ibd. Thanks shannon

  8. OK so this disease is freaking crazy. I go from the toilet being my side kick to not being able to go but have urgency. Last time I got like this I got really sick an went into the hospital. Does anyone else have this prob? Of course I have blood an the mucus but barely. Poop. I’m drinking water an taking some veg laxitives. My stomach is bloated an kills my kidneys an back. When I go to the drs. I feel like they don’t do anything for me. I’ve never found a good gastro Dr. An I’ve been to a lot of them. Sometimes I feel as if I’m chasing my tail in circles with this UC. Over the summer I was doing well. I was in remission an actually went outside an was active with my kids. Now I’m sitting on my couch corner an not feeling well. Started to figure this scd diet. So many foods are so bad for us an with 3 kids its hard to shop with them an read labels. Trying to get serious. I guess I’m feeling the darkside of this disease. How can a mother Of 3 pull through times like these. Trying to stay positive. Thanks for reading my bit of frustrating times with UC. Shannon.

    1. I have 7 kids ranging from 3-21 so I know how you feel. There were so many foods I love to eat but I realized that they are not good for my stomach. Im not perfect and once and awhile I cheat and It lets me know but you have to be as positive as you can and ask yourself this: Do I love myself. If so, then you have the answer. Trust me it’s hard but we have to at least try. I hardly have bowel movements and always feel like I really have to go, with the chronic abdominal pain. It comes and goes. I hate this desease too. But Im here for you. we need all the support we can get.

    2. Thank God for all his leading and guidance, I thank him for the internet blogs that people with this disease can discuss what is working for them, also juicing veggies,fruits, vitamins,Breaking the vicious cycle worked for us 1 year faithful and it is amazing the results we had.Now we can kinda tell what hurts when we eat it . Stress still a problem manifest through shingles but at least can tell when it is going to attack

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