She’s In Remission – Find Out What She Does…(Recent Colonoscopy Confirmed it too)

This is one of those “have to share this email” emails…(enjoy!)


“Hey Adam, Love your site. Thank you for all your time and effort in creating and maintaining it. I am writing as a UC sufferer to share with others my doc’s recent advice (last 2 weeks) to take 3g of curcumin per day. Her specialty is new treatments for UC and CD, and she reported that her curcumin advice is based on a new study (not hers) that just came out. At the time (late Oct) I was in a 3-month flare. Not only did I go into remission after taking the 3g/day of curcumin but also I had a colonoscopy yesterday (Dec 3) that showed no signs of inflammation or any kind of active UC.

Can’t say for sure, of course, whether it was the curcumin that turned things around so much for me, but hopefully it was.

I feel a responsibility to share my experience with others on the chance that it could help others. Valery”


(Valery, big big thanks for sharing!)

Here is a link to Curcumin on wikipedia:


Here below is from the iHaveUC Amazon affiliate account for bulk curcumin:



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  1. Abe…I noticed on Adam’s video about how to “come out of a flare,” that he adds the tumeric to his morning smoothies, but I thought he said a tsp full. Not sure if that is correct. My tumeric will arrive from Amazon today and that is how I was going to start using it!

  2. Thanks a lot Valery for sharing your story and big thanks to Adam for creating this platform. I got a member of this site from last Sept ’15 when I got my 3rd flare up after 1-year diagnosis of UC. The flare-up was quite long. It was whole month Sept and after going to carrot and cabbage juices, I was able to control flare somehow for 2 weeks. It was not complete remission, so I got flare up again and this flare up continued till 1st week of Dec. I did a colonoscopy on 9.12.2015 and it was found that I’ve left-sided UC (only left side of the colon is affected). As it was in active phase I was prescribed again steroids for 6 weeks (from 40mg) and it is taking me to remission after two days of taking steroids.

    From last 3 weeks, I’ve been also taking turmeric with warm water about 2/3 cups a day. I put about half teaspoon turmeric powder in a cup. I know after taking it I’m feeling better. But I don’t know if I’m getting sufficient curcumin like Valery(3g/day)? Is it possible to buy just curcumin? How you take it and what time?

    -Mukesh (Greeting from Nepal)

  3. Hi everyone. My specialist also told me about 3grams curcurmin daily. I ordered tablets online straight away. After taking it for a little while it completely stopped the blood – was amazing. I do also have infliximab 8-weekly but was still having blood. So the curcurmin did the trick. Unfortunately however I now have a flare in the form of diahorrea 6-10 times a day. No blood, just total diahorrea and often extreme urgency. It’s awful. Specialist checked everything, all my markers are the best they have been for ages and apparently no inflammation. She wants me to have another colonoscopy but I’ve had to put it off til mid Jan. I simply don’t know what to eat or do as nothing I do makes a difference. Doesn’t matter whether I eat plain foods, vegies, drink alcohol or not – it just won’t stop!! She’s made me stop curcurmin and mezavsnt and that hasn’t stopped the BMs. Any advice or thoughts welcome. Thanks…Rachael

    1. Hey Rachael, Dunno if you’ve made progress yet, but make sure they check you for C-Diff. Maybe Norovirus too? Turns out UC makes us much more susceptible to picking up C-Diff, even without taking antibiotics or being in the hospital. Since the symptoms can seem like UC, a lot of times, nobody thinks to check it. I’m not sure how prevalent c-diff and norovirus are where you are, but might be worth a check. Hope you’re feeling better!

      1. Thank you – yes tested for cdiff not the other one. It’s settling down a bit now but still a bit unpredictable! Thanks for the message.

    2. Hey Rachael!

      Wow! What you said about the turmeric sounds great. I, too, ordered turmeric pills a few weeks ago. Fact is I am feeling way better now. Unfortunately, I could not tell whether it’s from the turmeric or not since I am also trying several other things at the same time (been through a water-fast, being vegan and gluten-free since then, taking L-glutamine supplements, etc.).

      As for the diarrhea: I would bet that you have some kind of food sensitivity. Sounds like you’re eating something that your body isn’t really able to digest (at least at the moment). Have you tried to cut out on dairy, histamine- and gluten-containing stuff, fruits and foods containing the main allergens like (peanuts, nuts in general, celery, etc.)? So many people cannot properly digest lactose. I’d give this a shot — at least for a week or two. My GE told me that, once our guts are irritated, we are likely to develop food-sensitivities although we didn’t have any problems before. Oftentimes, our intestines just need some rest and restores its ability to digest these “problematic” foods by itself after some time.

      No matter what: I wish you all the best.


  4. Curcumin is an antioxidant and like omega 3 fatty acids. is touted as treatment for every thing from alzheimers many autoimmune disorders, It does not harm so one should take it if he feels that it helps him. Kindly note that curcumin is poorly absorbed hence take piperine ( or black pepper) with it which will help in its absorption.

    1. I did read to take cucurmin with black pepper to increase absorption but also read that if taking cucurmin for colon that it wasn’t necessary to take with black pepper. It will go straight to colon and not have as much of a systemic effect if taken alone. Is that what you understand also?

  5. I started taking 2 grams a day of cucurmin and my symptoms have improved greatly. This is the first time in 32 years that I didn’t have to go on prednisone to treat a flare. Praying this is really as wonderful as it seems.

    1. I have had u colitis since March 2015 it seems like nothing is helping been on prednisone for weeks still bleeding had two unite of blood they starting me on humuria I am so down and don’t non where to turn

  6. Hi everyone,

    I’m a bit confused. Is the bulk cucurmin (which is shown above) different from my tumeric pills with cucurmin? Also, if so, can anyone provide a link to pure cucurmin pills? They would be easier for my daughter to take. I have tumeric with cucurmin but not sure if it’s the same thing.

  7. The label on the turmeric pills I was using states that the pills contain 93-95% pure cucurminoid with 500 mg per pill. I recently switched to the triple strength vitamin shop brand that has 900 mg per pill and also contains the black pepper extract. My symptoms continue to improve.
    Current daily treatment
    Cucurmin 2-3 grams
    Slippery elm 2 pills 2 times daily
    Probiotic, alternating 2 different types every other day
    Physillium 1 teaspoon in juice
    Vitamin D

  8. Hey all, just wanted to share I myself just started drinking the juice thing of JUST Organic Cabbage 8oz. And I was amazed that my gurgling tight not feeling well stomach feeling actually stopped within a few minutes. Hopefully my experience and testing of this cabbage juicing last and works with no down side on my colitis. If it changes I will post update. I plan on posting long term of a month testing results to keep you updated. I decided to try this after reading multiple stories of the effect organic cabbage done up in a juicer of what it had on others with ulcerative colitis. Thanks for reading. FYI here is a site with several juicing recipes for people with ulcerative colitis: NOTE I MYSELF ONLY DOING ORGANIC CABBAGE BY ITSELF. TASTES GOOD TO ME.

    1. Hi All
      This is my organic cabbage juicing update. Its more than the month update I said I would do. So its now about 2 months. My results basically are that it helped about 25% to 30% with the way I was feeling with my stomach bubble issue along with bathroom visits, and just having overall what seems to be just annoying things associated with my UC. I plan on continued use of the organic cabbage juicing because I will take anything healthy that will help with my UC. My result is that its helping and not hurting. I feel good and will keep striving to get to the stage where I will feel comfortable going places without having that stress feeling or unsure feeling if I may have an accident before find that oh so needed panic bathroom search. You get what I mean.
      Thank you for reading and i wish us all the balanced place with our UC.
      Much love to all my UCers.

  9. I thought I should post an update fro my daughter who is in remission now ( blood tests show no inflammation, and no symptoms either) and feeling great, gained 27 lb, no anemia. She had pancolitis in May 2014 ( the flare lasted for two years, she was on Asacol, Ucerus, bupropion, oral steroids, mesalamine enimas). We tried FMT( 60 days, at home), scd, tons of supplements ( llike lglutamine and other) which didn’t help. What helped was a diet plan by the nutritionist in NY and supplements. Her diet: no red meat, practically no poultry, no dairy, corn, carageenan, maltodextrin, no sugar , or anything that doesn’t slound like food. When she had blood in her stool, she had fish, white rice, 1/2-1 cup of cooked veggies, beef bone broths, eggs, potato starch incorporated in zuccini pancakes or home made macaroons. Then we kept expanding her diet to include legumes, whole grains, all veggies, raw and cooked, all fruit, berries, sauerkrout, water kefir, ginger ( in tea and in smoothies). Her supplements include curcumin meriva, boswellia serrata, vit D (2000), methylfolate, 1/3 daily value of calcium carbonate, chia seeds ( before she used to take apple pectin), Ultrajarrowdophulus, l plantarum 299 v ( she used to take SBoulardi); activated barley, and ( flash frozen) black raspberry powder. She is still on Lialda, which we are keeping for now. Whe she was flaring we used to do iron infusions ( absolutely no oral iron!), but there’s no need for them now. I hope it can help someone.

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