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Share your Ulcerative Colitis Alternative Medicine Idea and Go to Heaven

Hey Colitis People,

I had an interesting office visit today with a Gastroenterologist office in San Mateo California.  I happened to be in the office for something work related and I asked the gastro doctors secretary some questions about the common protocol for their patients with IBD and specifically their colitis patients.
She told me that they have had the best success with Asacol or Asecol pills for some of their colitis patients.  She said that they also do quite a bit of prescribing prednisone steroids for UC if the Asacol is not working.  She also mentioned that many patients of theirs try Lialda to treat their symptoms.

I asked  her if many of their patients are using drugs like Remicade or Humira for Crohn’s or Colitis.  To that the secretary said that is looked at as a last resort and rarely does that happen.  It sounded like this office tries to stay away from those at nearly all costs.

So then I asked if they are an office which feels that diet is important for UC patients.  She said that one of the gastro doctors does believe that diet plays a part.  She went further to say that they do quite a bit of testing for celiac disease and to rule out if patients are not tolerant of gluten.  I thought this was great news, as it seems to be a problem for quite a few people.

Well, I just thought that might be interesting for other UC patients to hear.  On a side note, you are welcomed to enjoy a two minute video with a nice bonus surprise easy to make roasted in olive oil garlic from the bbq side dish I hope is helping my colitis get out of this flare.

And lastly, if you know of an alternative medicine approach to treating UC, please feel free to email in your story to or post a comment below.  It would be great to spread the word right!

5 thoughts on “Share your Ulcerative Colitis Alternative Medicine Idea and Go to Heaven”

  1. My diet has changed considerably since I was diagnosed, I’ve cut out dairy and wheat products and brought in oats, polenta, quinoa, lentils, barley. Also less red meat but plenty of oily fish and lots of fresh spinach and vegetables [roasted or teamed] with the best olive oil I can find and I drink 2.5 litres of clean water per day. Another area is I take spirulina and slippery elm supplements and Udo’s Oil and Udo’s intestina bacteria capsules. Another thing is I’ve cut out sugars and replaced with honey [manuka for breakfast porridge]. I’m now down to 3mg of preds a day and 3 sulfazaline a day and due in a week to cut out preds all together, here’s hoping]. The new diet works like clockwork and i’ve not had any problems since I’ve been diagnosed. Fingers crossed!!!! Hope that helps. Ciaran

  2. I am absolutely sure 100% that the diet makes the trick, just a matter of finding the right one for you- I just spoke last night with a woman who had been diagnosed UC 25 years ago and after ten years of nightmare She started a microbiotic diet (Mario Pianesi’s Macrobiotic)…well she has been fine for the last 15 years, no medication….At the moment I am experincing a very difficult moment…:-(( I was intoxicated with Mezalazyn (I wonder how you spell it in English…), so my Gastro made me quit everything…and after 5 days I was sick as a dog….I will go and read more of this diet..Anyone heard of Kousmine’s diet for autoimmune diseases?

  3. Hi,

    Former UC patient here. Anyone
    take tetracycline for acne and wind up
    with UC? I have seen an article about
    horses getting UC from the drug when it
    was added to their feed. And then
    there is the Acutane lawsuits.

    Anyway, I suggest NORWEGIAN COD
    LIVER OIL. Plenty of the omegas, and
    vitamin a and d which have a synergistic
    effect. It can be found at Walmart quite
    cheap. I prefer liquid, but the gel caps
    may be more effective for those with UC.

    Just do your research on CLO and UC.
    it seems to be good for all kinds of
    autoimmune diseases.


    1. Yes, I was recently diagnosed with UC and had taken oxytetracycline 2-3 years prior to getting diagnosed. I stopped taking it whilst I was having my really bad flare up but I was interested to know if it had any contribution to me getting UC. It even says in my prescription note for oxytetracycline that a rare side effect is colitis, however my doctors have dismissed it having any cause (but they would say that….)

  4. I’ve heard that some people have put their symptoms in remission by infecting themselves with a parasite…it think its wrap worm or something. They had a story on npr a few months ago.

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