Searching For Hope

I was always the poster child of perfect health, and it wasn’t until living in Morocco at 19 that I had any symptoms.

Ironically living in Chile earlier and traveling South America, I was completely unscathed. And even then I only had some abdominal pain and some blood. Upon returning to the US my doctor immediately assumed parasites since I had been abroad, and though there tests found nothing that could explain my symptoms, he put me on a round of heavy-duty antibiotics/antiparasitics for a month (such was my introduction to the world of proscribed meds). The bleeding increased and the pain became intolerable. Still, I was engaged to a man in Morocco, and the visa process was just too long, so I decided to go back and visit for a few months even in my condition. My doctors gave me flagel and had me start it before arriving. I had to come home early, after a month of not being able to eat and the worst cramping and bleeding yet. I was immediately hospitalized for a week, and finally diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, as well as an awful case of C. difficile caused from the flagel. Since then it has been a struggle to stay healthy, or even out of death zone. At first I tried to heal myself naturally, but after my hemoglobin dropped to 5.8, I decided to try the doctors recommendations again. I have been on and off of prednisone, the only medicine that so far has worked without giving me major allergic reactions.

In June of 2010 I met with an Acupuncturist/Herbalist, and his regime seemed to be working until I found out I was five months pregnant. I had failed to notice the signs, since they aligned so well with my uc – bloating, nausea, fatigue, and I hadn’t had a period in a year due to my severe anemia. Of course, I had to get off of the herbs, and I continued to loose blood, though I was the healthiest I had been in a long time off of prednisone. Then I made the mistake of doing a sigmoidoscopy, something my GI doc had been pushing for a long time. In a week my hemoglobin went from 10.9, the highest it had been in years, to 7.8… the pain was nearly unbearable, I could no longer eat, and had to rush to the bathroom every few minutes. More prednisone ensued, as well as iron infusions every other day for two weeks. Did I mention my only phobia is of needles? Still, I began to get better until the birth of my son on Dec. 2. It was like after the sigm oid all over again… finally I had to get back on prednisone. I couldn’t even walk from one room to another without nearly passing out and could barely hold my 6lbs 6oz baby. I am off it again, but am still in critical condition. My resting pulse is anywhere from 110 to 135, though my hemoglobin is up to 9.5. I barely leave the couch. I have been reading about the SCD, but chose GAPS due to the fact I have never tolerated dairy well. I started yesterday, but today was only able to get in one bowl of the chicken soup made exactly to the GAPS guide. Something about soup makes me very full quickly, and leaves me unable to eat, and all I seem to really want is fresh salads. I don’t know what to do at this point. I do not want to go back on steroids! I want hope that there is a way to get better that my body will allow me to do…


-submitted by Maria


Medications Tried:

I have tried several forms of mesalamine, but it never made a difference. Sulfasalazine worked great for my uc, but I had a severe allergic reaction to it which caused an itchy rash all over my body.


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  1. My son Eric is in the hospital right now, he has had 4 transfusions this week and is still bleeding, has been on prednisone for 6 days now, this is his 2nd flare, he is 17. I have found out about a doctor in Cummings Georgia who runs a clinic called the Genesis Center, he has been there for many years. I spoke with one of his uc patients (who happens to be someone my daughter met)she says thatshe was just about to have surgery when someone told her about Dr. Sloan, he healed her colon from the inside out and she has been symptom free for 4 years now. I have set up an appointment for my son next week, he actually had one set up for tomorrow but he is still in the hospital and not able to travel that far. I dont know if this will be the answer but I am going to try it. When he starts the program I will try my best to put up weekly post. Im sorry you are feeling so bad an I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Wow. Maria, I am so sorry for the pain you are going through. I know that there are no words that will really be of any help to you right now, but please try to hang in there! We’re all here for you. I hope and pray that you’ll find relief soon… especially with your new baby.

  3. Well, Maria, I know what you are going through as I raised three children
    and all the while I had U.C. It is a terrible disease at times. I have
    never been able to take any meds except the prednisone. It, of course,
    does not cure anything, it masks your symptoms and can cause you
    thinning of the skin, full fledged diabetes, and it has to some extent
    caused my hip joints to be painful at times. I also acquired cataracts
    induced by the prednisone. One of the things that I find helpful is
    staying home and not trying to do all the things I used to do. One
    med that I can take, and I have been told by my gastro doctor is–Pepto
    Bismol. You can take 2 tsps at a time, especially after each bowel
    movement, but watch not taking too often because eventually it can
    cause hearing loss. My doctor said, “take all you want of it.”
    Another herb that has helped is wild yams that you can get from
    Oregon Wild Harvest, and it is on the internet. It comes in a
    gelatin capsule and best to start with one capsule a day and then
    three times a day. It should not be taken for long periods of
    time, but it does help to relieve some pain and inflamation.
    Hope this helps and God bless you in your struggle with this

  4. Thank you everyone for your support. The day after writing this I passed out in my doctors office and was hospitalized for 5 days. Really only got out because my protein levels were so low that the IV fluid made me swell up like a whale and they couldn’t get a fresh IV in me. They pushed for 40mg of prednisone, but I would only submit to 20mg… so i am back on steroids. The good news is that for the first time a long time I have hope. I met in the hospital with a man who had cured himself of UC. He is an acupuncturist/Chinese Herbalist and lived in India where he studied Ayurveda. He has put me on a very strict protocol that includes an herbal tea of his mixing (he makes a new mix every few days as my symptoms change), a very limited diet, probiotics, and herbs such as ashwagandha, triphala, and boswellia. To take these herbs, I have had to quit breast feeding, which has been very sad, though the baby doesn’t even seem to have noticed that he is only getting formula. I am all ready feeling so much better, and usually the prednisone doesn’t kick in this fast. I will keep everyone posted as to how things go. Have hope!

    Char: So sorry about your son, Eric! I really feel for him and hope that this doctor is able to help him heal. I really do believe that there has to be a was to heal the colon and balance the Immune System. Best of luck!

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