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Schemilis Colitis (Schema Colitis)

My UC seems to be treating me different.

I get constipated and don’t have a bowel movement  without a laxative. It’s very hard at first but then turns into very loose stools.  Even when I have a bad flare up it’s the same , only a lot more painful. I can’t tell when a flare up is coming. The kind of colitis is called schemilis is that different from UC?

Submitted by “Anxious” In the Colitis Venting Area


3 thoughts on “Schemilis Colitis (Schema Colitis)”

  1. Hello there,
    Your question was is Schema colitis different from UC. Well I have Schema Colitis and I thought it was the same until today after meeting with my GI. He told me by having Schema it prevents my body from getting enought oxygen and that can cause my organs to shut down. He mentioned it may come from being over weight, so he say’s. But I did use to be a chronic smoker, In which I have stopped. I also changed my diet in hopes that I can drop some pounds and feel a lot better. I am still having some more test done and there’s a colonoscopy set for next month. I guess we will see. I continue to have chronic stomach pain and wonder if Im about to die. What I can say is, were all in this together. Keep you head up!

  2. Hello I’m Shannon I’ve had UC for 12 yrs. An Crohns 4. That I know of. I have a few? Does ur stomach swell up huge. Distend out? An cause ur back an kidneys to hurt? I’ve been not able to go to the bathrm very well an I to am in a lot of pain. I’m not over weight but I’m wondering if my symptoms are similar to urs. Hope u r feeling better soon.

    1. Hello Shannon,
      No my stomach does not show swelling on the outside but I feel swollen and bloated all the time. I always have back pain and feel like my kdneys are about to fail but my test always come back negative. I have been telling my doctors about this and I just continue to monitor my body and get as many opinions as you have to. Some doctors can find what others dont. Its your body and we only get one, so dont hesitate to get check ups. With our illness, it can cause many other problems, so know your body well. My bowels dont move as they should, so I watch what I eat to monitor what works for me to have a natural bowel movement. I am here if you need to talk and thanks… i feel like crap now but Im in a positive mindset.

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