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Bongiorno Ulcerative Colitis People,

I was talking with some good buddies last night named Mario and Luigi and they said SCD Pizza is rather easy to make.  So, like any good UC’er following the SCD diet program, I dove right in.  It’s been close to 16 months since I’ve had a slice of pizza, and I’d be lying if I told anyone I didn’t miss it.  I love pizza, but I hate diarrhea and blood.

One of my first jobs growing up was working at a Pizza Restaurant in Palo Alto, CA called Pizz’A Chicago.  They have a bigtime DEEP DISH type of pizza.  And its super tasty.  Even though I started as “bus boy” I was always entitled to a free meal after a full shift.  And of course, I always ordered up a small pizza.  “Always” meaning every single shift.  Strange thing was, when I got home, I always headed straight to the bathroom… for a long time.  Yup, something wasn’t going to well after those pizza’s, but I always thought it was the sauce.  Might have been, but other people didn’t have that problem…

My point is this, I have ulcerative colitis.  I’m currently off all medications.  And instead of drugs or surgery, I’m using the SCD diet to treat my disease, and it’s working pretty good for about 16 months now.  I think alot of other UC’ers could do the same or even better.  Since there’s alot of foods I stay the heck away from, I get bored sometimes when its time for making dinner, so I often make up new things for the first time.  This story is about a night ago when I busted out some pizza that stays within the guidelines of the SCD diet. 

If you want to start the SCD diet, read this page first:

If nothing else, I hope this video gives you a feel for what Specific Carbohydrate Diet Pizza can be like.  It wasn’t Pizz’A Chicago, but it was pretty darn tasty, my wife even agreed too, and she’s doesn’t have UC. 

making scd pizza at home

first Specific Carbohydrate Diet Pizza March 2011


5 thoughts on “SCD Pizza”

    1. Hey Peter,
      whats up bud,
      ummmm, I think you talking about the yellow tomato sauce eh… well, we put a bit too much onion in it, so couuldn’t get it to turn red..
      learning lesson, looks good though eh?

  1. When are you going on Food Network! You look so happy, was it delicious!? Was it worth waiting for? You are too funny!!

  2. Hey Adam, it’s funny that you posted this now, as I’ve been having a crazy craving for pizza lately. I’ve made it a few times and I love it.

    I saute the mushrooms as well as some red pepper and garlic first in a frying pan with olive oil – I find it enhances the flavour. I like artichoke hearts on mine as well as swiss cheese and parmesan. Pesto’s a nice topping too.

    Thanks for the video!

  3. Hi Adam,

    Just visited your website after way too long of a time. It’s so funny that you made pizza because i had it tonight too and of course ate too much as usual. I’m sure it wasn’t as good as yours though. Like you I could eat pizza every night; but I’m lucky I crave salads too.

    Take care and all of us in this 90 degree weather wish you and Mic.. a great weekend.

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