SCD Not Working For Me

I am a 30 Year old Male with Colitis and Celiac Disease. The SCD Diet is not working for me. I’m on day 19 and I’m frustrated. Pooped 22 times yesterday!

My Current State of Colitis:

Hello Everybody,
I am in the middle of the worst flare so far of my ulcerative colitis lifetime. It’s only the second flare I’ve had with ulcerative colitis so I think I have one of the cases of UC where it comes on fast and strong and before you know it your colon must be removed, at-least that’s how I’m feeling, especially after reading Curtis’ story last night on this website. I can see that happening to me.

I started the SCD diet 19 days ago, no starter diet, just jumped into it hoping to get some relief. I know 19 days is not long enough, but it seems I’ve gotten worse while I’m trying to eat healthier, so maybe it’s just not the right time to start it, perhaps I should be in remission first, which I’ve lost the directions on how to get to remission because I can’t seem to find that place. I did have one day where I only pooped 5 times which was like a vacation, but a short lived vacation.

ulcerative colitis diet information

I’ve been on 40 mg of prednisone for probably 2 and a half months now (it’s getting so long I can’t remember). I just switched from Lialda to Asacol on 10/5/11 because Lialda was not doing anything, neither is the prednisone. Can you be immune to prednisone after a while? I don’t see how my condition could get any worse if I just stopped taking all these damn drugs, but I’m sure it could so I’m staying put.

Yesterday was a bad day. My wife is out of town traveling for work and she will be in and out the next 4 weeks in a row. So I’m trying to play Mr mom to my 2 year old son and work the traditional 9-5 office job at a big corporation. I sat on the pot 22 times yesterday (8 while at work). I think it was actually 24, but I didn’t have my poop log on me for every one of them. I’ve been keeping track of how many times and what I’ve been eating since 10/1/11. I call it my food/poop log. I wanted to go to the hospital last night and probably would have had my wife been there, but since I don’t have any family I can call up close by to watch my son I realized I had to stay there and care for him.

I found out I have been approved by my insurance for Remicade treatment and that I just need to get a Hep B test and something else before I can start Remicade. I’ve heard such good and bad things about this drug, but I’m willing to try it as a last attempt in saving my colon. I think if Remicade doesn’t work, colon removal is probably my only option which is really scary. I can’t live like this much longer. I can deal with the 10-15 range of poops a day, but once it’s in the 20’s and 30’s, take my colon, you can have it.

So I’ve made 10 trips to the toilet already today and the day isn’t even half over. I called in sick and told my boss whats up. I laid it all out there because I don’t like hiding behind anything, tell it like it is and say that’s why I won’t be coming in today, maybe not for a while. I said f*** it and baked a couple of potatoes and made a big ass pot of brown rice and have had two root beers already. These foods aren’t SCD legal, but I don’t really care at this point. If I’m shitting 22 times a day, might as well make it 30 and at-least have some carbs to put back on some weight. I think I am going to have to modify my diet, not stick strictly to the SCD for the time being because it really hasn’t worked for me and I think I was giving it a valid attempt. I may have eaten too many fruits, but I can’t pinpoint any food that cause me to poop a lot because every thing does.

Anyway, bottom line, I’m scared as hell. Feel like I’m coming to rock bottom here with UC. None of these drugs, diets, supplements seem to do me any good at this point. Feel like a bad dad because I can’t really play with my son like he wants me to. He’s always saying “daddy tummy hurts,” and he’s always seeing me on the toilet. I don’t want that image burned in his head of his dad. Finding it hard to succeed at work with this disease, although I think people respect the fact that I tell them whats happening to me. Most people wouldn’t want their co-workers to know they shit so much. I don’t care, I want them to know so they understand why I am in the bathroom so much, why I eat such weird foods, why I’m in such a bad mood (roid rage). Anyway, would love to hear from some UCers that didn’t have much success with SCD either. I’m hoping I’m just too far into the flare for a diet to help me get out o f it. I’ve heard some of you say it takes months, so let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.

Ulcerative Colitis Medications:

40 mg Prednisone
Asacol 3 pills 3X a day
Hydrocortisone rectal enemas once at night (if I can keep it in, usually just squirts out)

Submitted by Blake in the colitis venting area

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  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear it’s not going well. I’m just an SCD “dabbler” so I’ll let others comment on that. Some things I found helpful in recovering from my current flare that I’ll just throw out:

    * At one point it just hurt so much to eat, that I started eating almost all liquids for awhile. That seemed to help fairly quickly. I did well with “Ensure Muscle Health Revigor,” peanut butter, lots of bananas, and oatmeal as staples.

    * I ended up using Canasa suppositories for several weeks into my flare before getting the scope which led to an Rx for cort enemas. Although the suppositories are useless higher than the rectum, they are easier to retain than enemas. What ended up happening (confirmed by scope) was that the rectum partially healed, while the higher areas were still inflamed. But the rectal healing seemed to help with the urgency and frequency problems. When I finally started the cort enemas, I thought to myself that if I hadn’t already partly fixed my rectum with the Canasas, I’d have never been able to retain the enemas. So if you haven’t tried Canasa, you might ask your doc. The cort enemas have been working out great for me – but my flare wasn’t as bad as yours.

    * Pepto-Bismol helped me feel better – and maybe helped with the potty runs some.

    * Glucosamine-chondroiton and Vitamin D may have helped some, or maybe just coincidence.

    Anyway, good luck with everything, and hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. where to begin, I’m in just about the same boat as you. I’m 31 years old and I’ve been diagnosed with UC for about 2 years now and have had a lot of off and on again success with different treatments but all are slowly failing. I know exactly how scared you feel cause, I’m just as scared as you are. I don’t have any kids so I’m sure that is a lot of added pressure but i feel that im a huge burden on my wife and that there are times when it would be easier if i had never came into her life, but she loves me very much and is very supportive. I’ve been on Asacol HD since i was diagnosed and in the last six months i feel like it is not working as well and my flairs are getting worse. I’m not even sure i haven’t been in a flair since i was diagnosed. I’ve had two treatments of pred. and it works while I’m taking it but then when I’m off its right back to where i was. I’m pretty sure the last round of pred gave me a kidney stone and man was that painful. I’ve done to rounds of Colocort enemas and they didn’t work either. The last trip to the doctor he is thinking of trying 6MP or Remicade but I’m not sure i want to do them cause of the risks and i don’t think i can afford them. He started me on Rowasa enemas and after a week i was worse off, so i called his office and now he wants to do another colonoscopy but i can not afford another one. I started the SCD diet about the same time as you and was having great success the first week and then it just stopped working all together and I’ve been going between 10-20 times a day like you and having lots of blood and severe cramps. Two days ago i decided i just needed to stop eating cause it was not worth the hassle so yesterday i got a co-worker to give me some prescription pain killers cause i know those help slow down the bowls. That worked but i got really sick at work and had to go home today. I feel like I’m grasping at straws with no success and I’m afraid that something severe will happen and kill me. The last straw I’m grasping at is a pro-biotic that i found on the web that is made for people like us, i got it in the mail today so i guess i will see how well it works. They say it takes 6 weeks for full effect but should be noticeable in a week or two. It looks really promising its backed by a few studies. If your interested in it the website is if this doesn’t work i guess i try the 6MP or Remicade. well hang in there and know that your not the only one going though all this.

    1. My child was on the SCD diet and had the same experience. It worked for a week and then he regressed. He has severe Crohn’s disease. What I will say is removing all processed and ore made foods makes a difference. We started the alkaline diet which is vegan and restrictive but it’s based on theories by Dr. Sebi. The foundation is eating foods that our ancestors had and getting the body to an “alkaline” stating where the body PH is balanced. This removes all mucus from the body. That’s how bacteria thrives. When there’s no mucus there’s no bad bacteria and when there’s no bad bacteria there’s no inflammation aka no pain. Research Dr. Sebi and an alkaline diet as a last ditch effort. We have seen improvements.

  3. Chad’s mention of slowing down the bowels reminded me: Levbid (Hyoscyamine/Hyomax) is what I’ve always used to control things during a flare. Dunno if it helps me more cause I’ve got IBS on top of IBD – but it makes a huge difference for me in terms of potty runs, spasms, etc. Annoying side effect is dry mouth – but it’s worth it. Shouldn’t be too expensive even if you don’t have insurance.

    And good on you Blake for letting coworkers know. I find that even though they sometimes seem befuddled by UC, it’s a load off my mind not having to worry about hiding it from them, or having them think I’m just flaky.

  4. Sorry for spamming the post but thought of one more thing: Discovered by accident that anti-anxiety meds like klonopin can help retaining the suppositories and enemas. I’d been given them for occasional insomnia, and took one during my flare and found I retained the meds much better. When you think about it, flares are so stressful they should probably hand out anti-anxiety meds with every prednisone script!

  5. Hey there,

    I am so sorry you are having such a hard time with your colitis. It is no fun at all. I was diagnosed with colitis four years ago and was just the same – going to the toilet seriously between 30 and 40 times a day with lots of blood and mucuous. It is awful and very very depressing, it is really hard to work, be happy or look after anyone but yourself.

    I went on the SCD but didn’t see any real results until atleast 6 months, but now I am symptom free and the blood did stop after about 3 or 4 months. You really need to put in the effort at the start. Make a whole heap of good chicken soup,and jelly and make some yoghurt and get some good quality probiotics and be patient. I stayed on this for atleast 3 weeks.everyt tim it is bad you need to go back to the soup. There is no way this illness can be relieved in 19 days, it could take a year, but that is betetr than the rest of your life on drugs.

    Don’t eat fruit yet, your gut is not ready for it. If anything peel and stew some apples. Don’t worry about your weight, you’ll put it back on later. getting the SCD book is really helpful, you can get it online. lots of people say ‘oh the diet is too hard’ , but that is such a cop out, its a lot harder to function going to the toilet 40 times a day or dealing with an ostomy and a bag rather than not putting a piece of bread in your mouth. There’s no room for food histrionics with an illness like this. You can do it. Work with your doctor too, im not saying you should give up your GPS advice altogether. I stayed on colazide at the start while I was bad then went off.

    if you can work part time or work from home, if you cant, and they are good people, communicate with them and say you are focusing on your health as you are having a really hard time. If they are not arseholes they will support you with whatever you need, maybe even a 9 day fortnight?

    Anyway, stay strong. Be patient, but put in the effort now and talk about your health goals with your wife.


  6. i know where you’re at. its exhausting and terrifying; will it end?
    all i can say as consolation is my experience…i was in a flare like yours and didn’t know what to do. I was on prednisone, but it was helping less and less (it was the third round this year). So I started the SCD, but started it right–i followed it by the book. within a few days my poos were normal and regular, and that continued after the prednisone was gone. i’ve also been on azathioprine for a few months now which helps too i’m sure; your asacol will hopefully help soon too, i know some of these drugs take awhile. i had another flare just recently and thought the scd was failing me. but, its subsiding now in large part i think because i restarted the scd from square one, again.
    its rough and you likely feel as if options are running out. Just don’t forget the option of starting SCD over again from square one and doin’ it by the book, it might help you. If you jump into the diet while in a flare, you very well could make it worse by eating nuts and other foods that aren’t so smooth goin through.
    i wish the best to you and your family.

  7. My story is similar to Chad’s. I’m 32 and I’ve had UC for 7yrs. Every year my flare ups get worse. So now I’m on 2nd round of Pred along with Asacol and praying that this keeps me in remission long enough. Otherwise I’m headed down the 6MP path and I really am trying to not go that path. I’ve found with my diet that during the day while I’m at wotk I eat less carbs. Hard boiled eggs are saving my life right now. Along with some protein shakes, some fruit. But once I get home I’m craving the carbs. But it is so important to keep it simple. I cook and prepare all my meals so it is a huge commitment but at this point its the only thing saving me. Life sucks when your in a Flare…But i try my hardest to just make it through each day, and everyday I look forward to the minute i get home and I can get in my “Mental Mode”.

  8. So very sorry to read about the recent flare that you are in.
    Is there anyway you could get to a Hospital? I only ask because you must be pretty anemic right now and may very well be in need of an iron infusion.
    Yes, remicade sounds scary but it does seem to work for some. I, myself, do not know this first hand but am waiting to hear about funding so I can try it. What I do know is that after my last 2 week stay in the big H, I was healthy enough to try the SCD diet and it did nothing for me no matter how hard I tried to will it to.
    What has helped me is my Mother (haha) and finding a GI who put me on a 7 mg nicotine patch. I’m on day four of it and have noticed huge improvements in frequency, consistency and blood loss. Besides the patch, I have been following a low residue diet, (which does include bread, as a recent allergy test showed no problems with wheat/gluten) 35 mg of Prednisone, 4,800 mg of Asacol, probiotics, omega-3 oil and plethora of vitamins. Honestly, the nicotine patch took a bit to wrap my head around, but at this point, I’ll give anything ago.
    I really wish you all the best and hope you turn a corner soon.

  9. I just wanted to second some of Nat’s points. A major problem with the SCD is that dairy, fruit, nuts and honey are all tough on digestion.

    I’ve seen a lot of improvement by sticking to chicken/fish/eggs and cooked veggies (with a lot of homemade chicken soup). I also use SCD legal probiotics and digestive enzymes. From discussions on forums it seems that this approach has helped many people.

    Hope you’re able to find some relief.

  10. We have all been in this situation and have moved into remission. So hang in there. A few tips. Dont eat brown rice. It has a lot of fibre instead eat softly cooked white rice. No citrus fruits. Only banana’s.First get into remission with what ever you have to do and then may be try the SCD. A good probiotic is a must.

  11. Hi Blake, sorry to hear things aren’t going well. I know exactly what you mean about going from fine to massive flare in no time at all. My last one (in May this year) was food poisoning for two days, felt like it was getting better, then the following day, blood and up all night on the toilet.

    I did 4 days of just chicken broth, with tiny bits of the boiled chicken and carrot when I was really hungry, and after the 4 days, it had improved so much. Over the next 4 weeks, I phased in cooked vegetables, but still having heaps of stock too, and within 6 weeks was in remission again (confirmed by a colonoscopy a week later).

    The one thing I’ll say about doing SCD is you do have to do the intro properly. Just jumping in, particularly in the middle of a flare is not going to cut it. During my first big flare, I pretty much stopped eating because it was the only way to make the pain go away. What the intro diet does is much the same thing, taking all pressure off your gut, but stops you from getting malnourished at the same time.

    The guys as SCDlifestyle give away the intro diet chapter of their book – I highly recommend it, both the free chapter and the rest of the book.

    Oh, I also did remicade – just the first 3 doses – and got slack with SCD because the remicade was working so well. 12 weeks after my last dose, it flared back up again. I decided I didn’t want to be on a drug like remicade in the long term, so restarted SCD intro again. It is the only thing that I find consistently keeps the UC under control.

    Good luck,


  12. Hi, I’m 35 and was diagnosed with Crohn’s at 13, by 15 I had been on several meds with no real relief. I started SCD then and within a few weeks I was feeling better then I have ever felt and was completely off meds.I was on SCD for 7 years and was in complete remission for 12 years. I’m now in a new flare up and have started SCD 6 weeks ago. I have to admit that I had problem within the first 2 weeks as well. This would be attributed to Die-Off. What really helped me was the great information on . At first I was just following the general diet, which gave me mixed results, what really helped was following the Intro diet and then the 4 Phases of foods to give you a good safe zone. From then on my bowels are much more regular then ever and I’m even getting 3-4 on the Bristol Scale.

    Don’t give up, SCD has worked for lots of people, just try to stick with it, and please don’t hesitate to email me if you want to talk.


  13. I feel so glad to have all of you respond to my post, thanks so much. I want to thank Adam for this website because it’s been a great help to me the last month or so.

    Okay, I have to get this embarrasing story off my chest right away. I felt pretty good this morning. Only took 3 trips to the can before I headed off to work. I had scrambled eggs with mild cheddar, onions, a few orange slices for breakfast, no big deal, I eat this breakfast all the time. I dropped my son off at daycare at 6:30 am. As soon as I closed the door to my vehicle to begin my 30 minute drive to work, I felt that “oh shit, find a toilet now” feeling. I put the pedal to the metal to get to the nearest gas station, it was only about a mile away. This was the biggest feeling of urgency I have ever felt. I was a block away from the gas station when I couldn’t hold it anymore. I don’t have to say what happened because everyone knows. I pulled a U turn, sped back home. Got stuck behind a damn schoolbus, just sitting in my sorrows. Called in sick, called the wife, the mom, told them what happened. The strangest thing is that I actually feel good right now, don’t know how that can happen after doing something like that.

    So the last few days I have been searching the internet and came across AMP Floracel, a pill made of aloe that is supposed to be completely natural, safe and effective for all kinds of intestinal problems including IBD, IBS, acid reflux and a bunch of others. I read a ton of testimonials from people who have suffered with UC and have completely recovered because of this pill. Now, these pills are expensive, $157.00 per bottle of 270 pills per bottle, but I went ahead and ordered a bottle after calling a guy who left his number on his testimonial because he wanted people to know this wasn’t a scam. I talked to him for 45 minutes the other night. I could tell he was genuine and not affiliated with AMP Floracel in any way. His wife was even in the background reminding him of things he went through so he could share with me. He was diagnosed with UC when he was 30, suffered 20 years of drugs and very little improvement, until his wife made him try AMP. He told me he thought it was a scam also. He said it took 2 months to actually work for him, but he has been taking it ever since and swears by it. Now I have no idea if this is going to help, but the science behind the pills explains that the aloe works with your digestive tract just like it does if you have a burn on your skin, it coats and heals. Hopefully I will get this in the mail soon so I can start taking it. I will fill you guys in on my thoughts about it.

    As far as my family, they want me to go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN to get looked at by a team of doctors, which I am thinking about. As far as work, I’m trying to get the ball rolling on FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) so I don’t lose my job by missing so many days. As far as the SCD goes, I’m still trying to maintain a strict diet, it may not be completely SCD legal (I’m eating pototes and brown rice along with SCD legal foods) but I plan on sticking to it. I will make a big pot of chicken soup sometime soon, thanks Nat.

    Chad, I tried to write you back last night, actually wrote you a bunch of stuff but when I tried to submit, the CAPTCHA code at the bottom wasn’t correct so I lost it all. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for writing and let you know I feel the same way as you with your wife. I feel bad because she has to pick up my slack, but she has been great. She truly loves me and I feel blessed to have her, as I’m sure you do with your wife. Let me know how the VSL3 probiotics go as I looked into them last night and might add that to my arsenal too. I’ll let you know how things turn out with AMP Floracel. One more thing, my doctor prescribed me a generic form of Lomotil, supposed to slow down digestion. I have found that this drug has been helpful, gives you some good hours during the day where you don’t feel like running to the bathroom all the time. But, I did crap my pants this morning while I was on this stuff, so it’s definately not a miracle drug. Hang in there buddy, we can get through this together.

    Trina, I would love to take protein shakes but I haven’t because it’s illegal on SCD because I have the milk whey kind and it also has sugar in it. Anyone know of a good SCD protein mix?

    Concorse, I’ve heard a lot about the nicotine patch and it being successful. Something I forgot to mention is that I chew tobacco. I quit for 5 days recently while on this flare and it seems to have made it worse, so I went back to chewing tobacco. I know it’s probably not good to do that, but giving up all the food I used to eat on top of quitting a serious addiction like chewing tobacco was way too much to handle at once. Maybe i need to look into the patches, I know my wife would like that. I got my bloodwork done I think last week and somehow the numbers were normal, which is weird because I don’t feel normal all the time. I’m holding out on the hospital till they have to drag me there.

    Erik, thanks for writing, I have thought that I probably need to start square one with SCD. If I’m able to take some time off work I will definately do my research and do the starters diet.

    Hopskotch, thanks for all the info on enemas and suppositories. I really don’t know much about them and think my doctor should be the one giving me this info, but it seems like I have to suggest stuff to him before he thinks about it, which is alarming.

    Hillel and Uma, thanks for writing. I have no problem switching from Brown rice to white, I like white better anyway so maybe I’ll give that a try.

    Sorry for such a long post, below is a link to the testimonials of people who have used AMP Floracel to treat UC, take a look if your interested. Thanks for responding everyone.


    1. Hey Blake – I gotta say I’m sorry to hear what your going through, I know it hurts on so many levels. But I gotta echo some of the other commenters here, your dealing with a serious flare it is no wonder the diet your eating right now isn’t helping. Starting from ground zero is easy, just go back to cooked meat, veggies and fruit. No dairy, eggs or nut flours.

      Here’s a diet from our Advanced SCD course I created that has helped people get out of hospital (we call it the “stop my flare diet”.

      You’ll probably need to be on variations of the above diet for awhile but I’ve helped many people with your exact problems get down to 1 good quality poop a day in a few weeks (normally within 5 days they go from 15+ BM’s to under 4 but everyone is different).

      You’ll need to get some digestive supplements like enzymes, probiotics and fish oil. Also talk to your doctor about LDN.

      If you want to start from scratch like your supposed to on SCD we have a free starter guide on website. All I’m saying SCD works for lots of people in your shoes if you follow what I’m telling you.

  14. I know how frustrated and helpless you feel. I am just coming out of the worst flare I had ever had – and I have had some preety bad ones. I had been on predinose 30 – 60 mg for about eight months. At my worst I was in the bathroom at least 50 xs a day, and it was only mucus and blood because I could not eat anything. I ended up in the hospital for three weeks. The doctors were telling me to seek a second opinion and talking about surgry. They started me on remicade and there was no change for months, then it started to calm down, but I started to react to the remicade. I am now on humara. I have also started the scd diet back in January. You have to start with the intro diet. You have to stay on the intro for longer when your symptoms are so bad. Then you have to stick to the diet to the letter – no deviations at all. Sometimes I feel my symptoms coming on and I have to go back to the intro diet. It is hard, but it does make it worth not losing your colon.

  15. If you normally chew tobacco, or use it in any other form, I’d definitely suggest Googling some info on nicotine and UC. Seems nicotine *withdrawal* often triggers UC – so I suspect right about this not being the right moment to quit. I’ll stop short of suggesting you double down on the stuff, but I think you’d be interested on reading up on this!

  16. I feel sorry for you because I totally remember what it felt like to go to the toilet 24 times a day (I spent my entire birthday running to the bathroom, 40 times to be exact).

    Now i’m no expert on the SCD, nor have I tried it, but from what I’ve heard it doesn’t help UNLESS you do the intro diet first, which will probably make you feel even worse, but what i’m concerned about is how many times you’re going to the toilet a day and trying to care for a child!
    You really need to make sure you’re sufficently hydrated, because 2 litres of water is gonna run straight through you, so I suggest drinking as much as possible, also if you’re losing blood you should take a lot of iron supplements.

    I really hope you get better soon :)

  17. Thanks again everyone! I’m on day 3 of staying at home from work since I crapped myself on the way to work, it’s Friday and my wife will finally be home from her work trip tonight, only to leave again on Tuesday, but we’ll deal with that when it gets here. I just finished making a big pot of chicken soup. No celery or onions, just a whole chicken and a ton of pureed carrots. It actually looks pretty disgusting and I’m not looking forward to eating it. I did want to report a slight improvement with my condition. I got the AMP floracel pills in the mail and took them the first night. The directions say take 3 pills the first morning on an empty stomach, take 5 the next morning on an empty stomach (that is where I’m at-day 2), and the 3rd day take 5 in the morning on empty stomach, then 4 more at night on an empty stomach and continue taking 9 pills every day until 30 days after your symptoms are gone. I gotta say, after the first morning of taking them I did notice a decrease in the amount of blood I’ve been seeing. And today, I have has some BM’s that give me some hope. I actually am wiping fecal matter from the behind instead of blood and puss. How great! I haven’t wiped poop for a long time. I still get the urgency and have some loose, watery stools, but formed terds are coming out. I love to be able to talk about this stuff with a bunch of peeps I don’t know, but understand how important it is. Not gonna get my hopes up or anything, but signs of progress are refreshing.

    I’m down to 170lbs from 195lbs, which I’m not happy about because my hobby has always been weight lifting after graduating college. I used to be a soccer/baseball player and after college I just focused on weight lifting and trying to get stronger. But, I’m learning what is really important right now, and thats my health and my insides. Need them to heal so I can feel free to leave the bathroom. Who cares how much you bench right? I’m plenty hydrated JamieisLame (that’s no way to name yourself), I appreciate your concern. I can’t believe you went to the bathroom 40 times on your birthday, I feel so bad for you. Forty times is a pretty legit record, hope I don’t go past the 30’s. Anyone notice that they pee a hell of a lot when their in a flare? I’m sure it has something to do with taking craps all day long, you always pee more anyway, but I notice that sometimes the “faucet” leaks after I take a BM. It’s probably from the overactive stress I’m putting on my elimination systems.

    Take care all, I’ll post more when I know more.


  18. OrdinaryWorldWhereRU

    SCD, even when I followed it by the rules, didn’t work for me. I actually started out in decent shape but got continually worse over the 1st two weeks of following it so I quit and went back to what seemed to work for me. You are in what my doctor calls a raging flair. I am currently on Remicade and Asacol. The Remicade has helped. I really hope you are better soon.

  19. I am in a raging f-ing flare. Going to the doctor to talk about remicade and a million questions I have for him. I’m already approved for the drug and the insurance will cover it, thank God. I think I’ll ask to wait maybe a month more to see if this diet or AMP I’m taking just need more time, but I’m thinking about throwing in the towel and getting on remicade too because nothing works. I hat this disease, why the hell am I still squirting after taking Lomotil or immodium day after f-ing day. Thanks for your post ordinary world. Peace.

  20. I see you are trying a lot of different solutions and I am too before considering having a section of my bowl removed.

    I am going to check into the AMP thing as well. Thanks for the tip on that.

    I was having maybe 20 or so BM’s per day and lots of fresh blood. I was not taking any meds.

    You might like to try Master Detox (Humic/Fulvic acid). It is a liquid and I purchase it in 16 oz quantities (as I can’t seem to find a cheaper and larger source as of yet) which costs $32 cdn. I am currently taking 2 ozs – 2 times per day, but when I first started I was taking 2 ozs – 4 times per day. After just 2 days I was feeling much better. After 4 days I was no longer having to get up during the night to have a BM. On the 11th day I had no blood in my BM’s and I was only having maybe 5 BM’s per day.

    After 39 days of taking the Humic/Fulvic I was still experiencing diarrhea but very little blood and some partially solid poops (for a change). Since it looked like the Humic/Fulvic acid was not going to relieve the symptoms completely I started the SCD Diet (along with the Master Detox 2ozs 2 times daily). The SCD Diet made me feel worse and actually increased my diarrhea. The SCD still hasn’t improved my conditions much after 24 days. Although, I seldomly see blood any more. It is hard to say whether the SCD or the Humic/Fulvic acid were responsible or perhaps both. The SCD is obviously less expensive than the Master Detox so I am hoping the SCD will help at some point.

    I have been told that the SCD can rid people of diarrhea in as few as 5 days. But then I have heard where it has taken 6 months.

    The Humic/Fulvic results in you having much more energy which you should experience within 2 days of taking it. It is touted as an anti-inflammatory. The Fulvic part results in improved cellular nutrient uptake and the Humic part is supposed to remove toxins as well as virus. If you Google it you will find a number of resources which includes some videos done by a Dr Richard Laub (if memory serves). There is lots more info regarding it’s use with gardening and with livestock than with humans. But, the results seem to be the same. Lots of the info for gardening and livestock are from various scientific journals. As far as I can find so far very little of the info is from scientific journals when it comes to humans and it’s hard to say whether Dr Laub is credible or not.

    Anyway, it’s worth a try.

  21. I don’t like it when people say “the SCD diet will cure your UC”. Obviously there are different degrees of UC, some have mild flares, some major, then don’t flare for an exended amount of time, and other always flare with seldom relief. If the SCD ‘cured’ UC then there wouldn’t be people on these boards and in the hospital tooking for relief. I just get frustrated seeing people tooting their horns when it works for them, and feel hey all UCers are the same so yeah it will ‘cure’ you too. I have had UC for 4.5 years and tried the SCD without success, gave it a good 4 months, but had to go on remicade because it was worst. There are obviously other factors with each UC to make a blanket statement like that. Food allergies being one of them…also just to note some UCers are vegetarians/Vegan and the daily meal plans discussed here all contain meat, one of them had turkey several times in most meals. lol

  22. Hi Joe,
    You stated:”tried the SCD without success, gave it a good 4 months”. I understand your frustration.

    Elaine states on page 52 (last page in chapter 8)that: “Disorders such as crohns disease and UC take much longer with a minimum time of two years on the diet. A rule of thumb is to stay on the diet for at least one year after the last symptom has disappeared.”

    This excerpt from the book may explain the lack results you experienced.

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