I have UC and have had it for 6 years now.

My Story & Some Questions about the SCD Diet:

I tried the SCD diet a while back. To be honest. I felt great on it; however, I still managed to get a flare up while on the diet–so I didn’t continue it. I am currently receiving Remicade treatments every 8 weeks, though at present I feel like I need it every 6 or 7 weeks. Is it worth trying the SCD diet again? I would love to hear your stories of yes or no…and why..or if there is another diet that is not as hard to follow but works.

My Medications:

Remicade treatments is all that is working right now. I have tried pretty much all medications prescribed for this illness.

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7 thoughts on “SCD Diet – Yes or No?”

  1. I am actually grappling with the same thoughts about the SCD. The next stop for me is remicade if I keep flaring. Like you I tried SCD and managed to flare on it, twice. It’s a very healthy diet and I think anyone with UC should at least try it and see what happens.I felt great on the diet too! Tons of energy, I lost a lot of fat and gained muscle easily, great skin, no allergies. My thoughts are that I am probably not one of the lucky who will be able to control my UC with diet and medication, that there are other factors involved that I haven’t figured out yet. One of them is stress–my flares ALWAYS follow stressful times. I’m not feeling ambitious enough to try the SCD again but I won’t be going back to the Standard American Diet. I’ll likely still avoid grains, dairy and sugar 80-90% of the time simply because they aren’t good for anyone. The paleo/primal diet is one that some people have good results with. I am glad I tried the SCD because I learned a lot about nutrition. I have been on a non-SCD binge and I am starting to feel so crappy (tired, bloated, getting acne, congested sinuses) that I’m actually WANTING to go back to it, LOL. Good luck with whatever you decide!

  2. I was diagnoed with Pan colitis in 2004 and was put on 4800 mg of Asacol and Rowasa. Over the past 7 years I have been in and out of flares with really no formed BM’s. I got the book “Breaking the Vicious Sycle” right after I was diagnosed. It was hard for me to follow. 10 days ago I ordered the SCD Lifestyle book online. I have modified the diet recommendations to what I am able to handle – for me no eggs except hard boiled. I have gone from 3-5 BM’s per day that were not normal to 1-2 formed BM’s. I reduced my Asacol from 3200 mg to 2000 mg. This diet is easy for me to follow and so far it is really working for me.

  3. thank you so much for your reply to my question above; I accidently posted that comment as anonymous. I have been on this site multiple times:) and am thankful we have a place we can come and talk about this stupid disease. I appreciate all input.

    Steph-like you, I felt so good on the diet, but b/c I became sick regardless, I sort of got pissed and quit lol. I am trying it again, mostly because I felt so good on it and it is healthy. I would love to be medication free. It seems lately though, that I need the remicade treatments like clock work. I hate medication and am keeping my fingers crossed that the diet works this time!

    Mark-awesome that the diet is working for you. Hope it continues!!

  4. This is my second try on the SCD. The first time I was on it for about a year, felt great, and then started cheating more and more. Everything went fine for a while, but then I flared, so I went back on the diet. This time around it took a lot longer to get out of the flare (last time I tried the SCD I was back to normal after a month). I am still not 100% – Everything is great except for a little blood from time to time. As others have said, I feel GREAT on this diet (perfectly healthy, lots of energy, never sick). My only reservations are 1)I would like to gain back the weight, which I haven’t done yet and 2)traveling (which I love) is difficult and pretty much impossible on this diet. I have a trip to Peru coming up in a few days, and am stressing about what I am going to eat. While at home, though, I do really well and eat a wide variety of SCD foods that are healthy and delicious. Not sure if it’s something I can do forever, but I am going to be on at least some form of this diet indefinitely.

    I would say try the diet again – you have nothing to lose. The added bonus is you know you’ll feel good.

    1. Hey Moxie,

      I agree with you about the try it again, nothing to lose thinking. That is what I was thinking the first time I had a flare after seeing good results with SCD. And then after re-evaluating how I was approaching SCD and some of the foods I should not have been eating or was eating too much of, my health now on SCD has gotten much better than the first SCD go around.

      I am so excited that you are heading to Peru. That is a dream of mine to get there someday. Earlier in the year I was reasearching some things about that country, and trying to read up as much as possible on it. I was always hoping also that there would be someone to write in about their UC who is from there. Still waiting for that.
      I wish you the BEST OF LUCK on your Peru trip. It would be so so cool if you wanted to write a story about your SCD experience there afterwards. I often wonder how easy/hard it would be to survive in other countries on this diet.

      I guess there’s always a bit of hope that living UC symptom free in some southern hemisphere countries might be much easier than where I’m living now….and maybe way more interesting/fun/exotic too…

      Talk to you soon,

      1. Hey Adam:

        I will definitely report back after my trip. I am excited but at the same time nervous about this adventure. My main concern, of course, is “what in the heck am I going to eat there?”. I will do my best to stay SCD as much as possible, but I know I may have no choice in certain situations, especially since one of Peru’s most popular foods is the potato!!

        My other concern, of course, is not to get sick (traveler’s d) while I’m down there. My choices will be more limiting than usual because I will have to make sure I eat only well-cooked foods (so, no salads, unpeeled fruit, etc.) Wish me luck!

        Will write when I get back.


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