SCD Diet Is Working For My Daughter

7 year old with colitis SCD dietIntroduction:

I am the mother of three beautiful children. This is not the first time I am posting. I was on here quite a bit when my oldest, a 6 year old little girl was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis back in March.  That was such a difficult time and this website gave me much needed information and most of all encouraging words at a dark time. I wanted to give an update on her condition.

(You can read that story as well which was written March of 2012 when Kristin talks about her daughter’s bloody stools and the worry that her young daughter would have problems with compliance on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet here: ¬†

Good News With My Daughter’s Colitis:

She started having bloody diarrhea in December and by the end of February she was having it up to ten times a day. She looked pale, thin and not like my normal happy little girl. The first round of prednisone stopped the bleeding … but only temporarily. We had a month of normal bathroom trips but just as the school year ended it started again. This time the prednisone did not do anything except make her eat like a horse. Her condition got worse and she ended up in the hospital for a blood transfusion. Over this period of time I began reading everything I could get my hands on. I wasn’t sleeping because of the stress so I stayed up at night googling her condition. The bleeding finally got under control at the hospital because I put her on a broth only diet. We continued with SCD when she got home. My hope is that we never have to experience the hopelessness again. And I truly feel that if she eats what she is supposed to we won’t have to. I am happy to report that she is doing awesome right now and is one happy first grader. I am always cautiously optimistic but we have been practicing SCD for a few months now and I have seen this diet absolutely work.

If you are suffering and haven’t tried it please do yourself a favor and make the attempt. The two times I let her cheat (once too spicy red beans from a restaraunt and another cake, yogurt, and tortillas at a bridal shower) she started bleeding again and I felt defeated. We went back to serious basics. Lots of broth, scrambled eggs and bananas and by weeks end both times she was back to normal. She is also on sulphasalazine 3x’s a day, VSL probiotic, and a detoxifying supplement from the nutritionist. It took a short while to get used to the diet but preparing food that is SCD legal is really second nature now. I really just wanted to share the happy news and if my story encourages just one person to try SCD my typing this feels well worth it.

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  1. Kristin,

    Congrats!! That’s awesome! I’m so happy SCD is working for you. I just started it myself back in May, and I am also seeing some pretty good results. Not where I want to be, but getting there. For what it’s worth, I’m not sure VSL is legal on the SCD, since it contains bifidus. I’m not sure though.

    Best of luck in the future! Keep us posted!

    1. You are right about VSL. It is not legal but at this point what we are doing is working and I am afraid to change things up. KWIM? I am sure her sulphasalazine is not legal either but I am not messing with success. Hopefully one day she can wean off all medications and supplements completely and just use diet to maintain remission.

      1. hi Kristin

        My 10 year old son has ulcerative colitis – developed symptoms at 5 like your daughter. He was doing fairly well until a year ago when he started a massive flare up – kick started by iron pills prescribed by doc, I believe. The docs haven’t been able to get him into remission – he’s been on prednisilone for 10 months now. They tried him on azathioprine but his liver was affected so had to come off it. He is now having weekly methotrexate jabs. Things seem a bit better but still has diarrhoea two or three times a day, sometimes with blood still. I am thinking about the SCD but daunted and not sure if now is time to start it. Would be great to email you maybe? Thank you. Rebecca, London, UK

        1. Hi Rebecca. Sorry to hear about your son. :( Can you look me up on Facebook? (Kristin Sparks New Orleans, LA USA) Just not sure I want to give out email.

  2. this is great. i am currently doing a paleo/scd mash up and am finding a decrease in my symptoms. not remission, but it’s helping.

  3. Normal BM are like long and formed. Man it seems like a century since I seen one of them. Since starting the Diet I get thou bad boys (still with some unformed but hey im healing).

    I am glad it is also working for your Daughter :-)

  4. hi kristin my daughter is 4 having colitics,doc have tried all medicine but still same condition she having doz of infliximab seems to b not working well.doc told me if it not cure with the medecine surgery is the last option which secured me she is just 4 can you plz tell me what should we do bcoz we r very worried about her health.

  5. Abi: I hate hearing about children having this disease. It just seems so unfair. I literally would have cut off my right arm to trade places with me daughter. I’m not real familiar with the infliximab medication. I am truly not convinced that any of these drugs used to treat UC do a whole lot nor do I believe that we may not see long term side effects down the road. That is why my goal has remained the same. Get my daughter well and drug-free. I am 100% convinced it is possible. Things that have worked for us- VSL Probiotic, SCD Diet, Ways to channel her emotions (she is a very type a personality and quite the perfectionist even at age 6) and LOTS OF PRAYER. The last one really helped me cope day to day when she was really sick. She is also on sulphasalazine three times a day but starting to reduce down to two. Good luck. keep us updated.

  6. Hi… my daughter was diagnosed at the age of 5. She was on prednisolone for 4 year’s, at the moment just Imuran. She still is getting loose stools, sometimes with blood, night times in nappies. She is 9 now but looks like a 6 year old… plz I would like some information on supplements and recipes… my daughter has a nut allergy so would like to know of some recipes without nuts. She is a very fussy eater.

    Any information would be great..I just want my daughter to be cured…. Thanks..

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