SCD Cramping Question?

Kyle with his wife

Kyle with his wife recently

What is happening my UC family? It has been sometime I almost feel like I need to reintroduce myself to the family.

Ok! I will make it quick…My name is Kyle. I am a teacher and have been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. That’s right everyone, after my last flare I have moved from the wonderful world of UC into the In-Laws side of IBD, CROHN’S. I hope we can still all hang out at the family reunion and I won’t be outcasted like a Leper! It was all because of a fistula that formed during my last flare, GI said anytime they see something happen outside of the Colon it’s considered Crohns disease. Like I said friends this was not by choice but as fate would have it I am not backing the Crohnies!

So…. What has been going on with me?

I took on a very serious flare this Fall once again coupled with a C.Diff infection (2nd time), developed an abyss and had to go to the removal clinic : ) They found I also had developed a fistula so I had to get a seton placement. I just got that removed 2 weeks ago and am praying that the fistula is healed and I won’t have to worry about a seton going anywhere near my booty for a long time!

Current Meds??? NONE! Praise the LORD! I take a probiotic, multivitamin, Vitamin D, and Fish Oil (All SCD Legal)

I started the SCD about 2 1/2 months ago and I feel as though I have experienced great success with the diet as everything digestively seems to be back in it’s working order. Translation I am very normal in my bathroom routines; I am currently working through the phase list from the SCDlifestyle website and have just begun phase 3. That’s starting from intro on up, I still not done anything raw, everything is well cooked!

My question is I am still experiencing tightness in my gut. I call them the Crohn’s crampies :) It’s not like I am in pain but it’s definitely enough where I know it’s there and it usually wakes me up in the morning and is with me until I go to bed. It does wear on me and by the end of the day I am pretty worn from dealing with it. I am just curious if anyone has any wisdom they can give me in dealing with this constant grip on my gut?

Support would be great from anyone who has dealt with this before. I am committed to the SCD and know there is hope with this way of living but I am just needing some comfort in knowing that I am headed in the right direction and people have not only experienced this but have overcome. Look forward to hearing you share your support. Thank you all!


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  1. Kyle,
    I don’t know the answer to your question, but there is a facebook group which is a support group for people on SCD. I highly recommend you join it (it is a closed group, so you need to request to join). There are plenty of people on there who can help answer all of your questions.
    Wishing you good health!

  2. Just a note on the supplements: I have read in a few various online articles and when I went to a wellness convention, discovered that you need to take Vit D, Vit K2, calcium and magnesium together. Apparently it affects the absorption if you take one and not the others. This can lead to serious health issues including heart attack!!! And as most people these days are deficient in magnesium which in itself causes a huge host of health problems. Could your cramping be from constipation maybe? Good luck with it

  3. Kyle,

    Good to see you on here – sorry you have had a rough go of it lately. I think I know the cramping sensation that you are talking about – when I was coming out of my awful flare, a couple of months later everything really seemed to be getting better. However, I was having weird pains throughout the day all along where my colon is. It kind of worried me and I was scared that it meant something else was coming- I talked to my doctor about it and he said that with a bad flare comes a lot of damage. As that damage heals, one of the stages is the nerves coming back – he suspected that was what was happening with me and was confident it would resolve itself. It did, but it took a little time!

    I think that with all the trauma we go through (and you have had more than your fair share of it for sure) our bodies have a lot of healing to do. Maybe that’s what you’re going through? Maybe bring it up to your doctor and see what they say. Hope you continue to feel better and most of all keep your awesome attitude! :)

    1. Caroline – Thank you so much for responding! I am so encouraged by your message because I honestly felt like I was the only one who experienced this type of symptoms after they had come out of a flare. It makes total sense and after chatting with my GI he confirmed exactly the same thing you mentioned.

      Do you follow the SCD? How long did it take before the cramping fully went away? Once again, it is so nice to feel like someone else can share in what I am dealing with, I appreciate you taking the time.

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