SCD and Pregnancy


Hi, I have been on the Scd diet for about a year now and it’s been going great.

I just found out now that I am pregnant…. which is nice news.

I was just wondering if anyone has done the Specific Carbohydrate diet while being pregnant and if they have any advice for me. Thanks



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  1. Im just finding this now, so im hoping this response finds you and your little one healthy! I too am on the SCD diet and woud like to try for baby number three soon(just started it after trying it before and failing miserably!!). I am curious how your pregnancy went on the diet?? Were you able to follow through with lall those crazy pregnancy cravings? Were you and your baby healthy throughout?? Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. I have done scd successfully for my first two pregnancies. With my first I actually didn’t have any UC symptoms at that time. But I wanted to get of 6MP so I could breastfeed. So I found the diet and stopped the 6MP and started the SCD about 1.5 months before giving birth. I had no trouble with my cravings. There are a lot of really yummy options out there. If I was craving ice cream, I just made a bowl out of the yogurt. Or if I was craving candy I would either make a kind of peanut brittle or eat a dried fruit strip. There are lot of alternative. And I actually found with each of my pregnancies my cravings sort of didn’t go all crazy on me when I was on the diet. I mostly craved the healthy things I could eat. I stayed on SCD for a year and breastfed for 13 months. With my second pregnancy I started getting symptoms around 18 weeks. I went on the diet and was very successful with it. Just to warn you though if you are on the diet you should NOT do the 1 hr glucose test. You will absolutely fail because your body doesn’t know what to do with that kind of sugar since you don’t eat it. So it sits in the system longer than it would in a normal diet person, though it will eventually process it will not be within the acceptable timeframe and you will get told to do the 3 hr. So talk to your doctor and see if there is an alternative method for monitoring GD. In my current pregnancy I am 13 weeks right now and started to flare. So back to SCD for me. I have had a terrible headache for about 2 days but it is actually pretty normal when you stop eating the stuff that is feeding the bacteria that sits in your gut causing all the problems. After 4 days my stomach issues have cleared up. No bloody stool or cramps. Just this darn headache. But once you get on the other side of things it really is the best diet. I always feel so great on it, its just a lot of cooking and with little ones it is difficult to keep it up after pregnancy/breastfeeding. I use it as my fall back plan when things start to head in the wrong direction. I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.

    1. Emily,

      RE: the 1hour glucose test, what can I do? I’m 22 weeks and need to take the test at 26 weeks. I’ve been on SCD since 2009, so there’s no way my ability to process corn dextrose in the glucose drink WON’T be affected/weakened by 3 years w/o complex sugars. Also, I don’t to trigger a flare-up for the health of my baby! What can I do?


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