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Its been a while since I have written…sorry about that. I guess for a while I wanted to forget that I actually had UC. I’ve been doing pretty well…but since its coming up on a year that I was in the hospital going through the worst time in my life I have been having a little anxiety that its going to happen again. i’m scared. I keep having nightmares about my hospital stay and all the drugs and pain…blah, blah, blah…

I have been trying to stick to the SCD, but I have found myself pushing the limits…almost like I’m testing fate or something. I will eat a piece of candy and see how it goes….so bad I know. Most of the time I’m ok, but when I get to that time of the month I have the worst cravings. Anyway, no need to go there.

I am on a double dose of REMICADE every 8 wks. and my body can definitely feel it. When I’m getting to the end of the cycle not only does my arthritis kick in but my belly starts to go on the fritz! BUT don’t worry Adam I am still in for the 1/2 marathon in Dec. I think I have my husband in too! I have been running almost 3-4 times a week…which is pretty good for me!

Anyway, that’s an update from me. Again, I want to thank ADAM for starting this site and making more people aware of UC…this website has truly changed my life!!! thank you!


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  1. Hi Michelle, Congrats on getting to the one year mark since your tough days last year.
    That’s great that you are still feeling pretty good. Not too much longer and we’ll be seeing eachother in Vegoooose!!

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