Roids…Not Muscle Man Roids…The Other Ones

What is a UC’er to do?

And we’re talking about hemorrhoids.

Below is an email that one of the site’s followers sent this past week, and they requested input or ideas from the rest of us (meaning you:).

Here it is:

Hey, Adam. I’ve a question for you and your readers having to do with ‘roids. No. Not the steroid therapies everyone with UC has encountered. The other kind of ‘roids everyone with Ulcerative Colitis has encountered. Hemorrhoids. Aaahck! I made it to 46 years old without them only to have the hateful things develop with UC, diagnosed in Nov 2014.

Do we just live with them, expecting more will soon follow?

Do we have them removed, knowing more will likely follow?

How do we deal with these hateful, nasty things?

Thanks a ton! Craptasticly Inclined


Adam, the founder of

Adam, the founder of

So, what are your thoughts?

Thank you to the person who submitted the story & questions.

Wishing you all a nice weekend,




Keeping up the spirit of some online documentation/studies from the medical world…here are some related studies:


ALSO!!!! and totally unrelated, but I like posting these types of emails I get…check this nice message out:

Dear Adam, I have U.C. after a debilitating flare up of the U.C. I began taking vitamin E with small meals. I went from bedridden to on my feet doing well within 5 days of taking the vitamin E. I started with 2 400 mg.vitamin E gels. Normal B.M’s within 7 days. just thought I would let you know. I have read that’ they’ are researching this.
(Came in on Tuesday November 8th)

9 thoughts on “Roids…Not Muscle Man Roids…The Other Ones”

  1. They will calm down with some self care. Definitely stay away from spicy food. Get some extra strength hemmy cream and apply after every bowel movement and as needed. Try to do as many sitz (epsom salts) baths as possible to soothe the throbbing. Get baby wipes as they are much gentler during a flare. And get some witch hazel and cotton makeup remover pads. Soak the pad in witch hazel and apply to affected area. Leave it there when you go to bed. I find I feel a TON better come morning!!! You can definitely maintain them this way. Sometimes they won’t come back for years. If you find they don’t go down, cause too much persistent pain even with above mentioned, then perhaps surgery may be for you.

  2. I had some internal ones removed because of excessive bleeding and ended up with a fissure that left me in constant agony for over a year. Still bleeding and getting iron infusions to deal with the resulting anemia, but won’t get any more removed if I can help it. I find that Aquafor helps to calm the general discomfort, sometimes better than the hemmy cream. I also use cream with dibucaine for pain but it isn’t real effective.

  3. I’m afraid I’ve become an expert at this. My dad always said that open heart surgery hurt less than hemorrhoids. I think he was right, lol. The GI that I see recommended Recticare cream for pain. It’s an over the counter cream. It works wonders for pain. (Get finger cots.). Also, there is nothing better than an Epson soak in the tub, several times a day. Lastly, I recommend showering off and patting dry, a bidet, or a site bath to clean after BM. If you do use toilet paper, get the sensitive skin kind. I also use Balneal (or the store brand) for cleaning. It’s very soothing to the sore bum. I dealt with this for almost a year before it finally healed. I’m thinking of bike riding again, and that’s something I never thought I’d get to do again. So this too will pass…best wishes!

  4. Most of us UCers get hemorrhoids long before IBS, UC or Chron’s. I’m 46 y/o and delt with them since my mid 30’s. However, they (internal hemis) got really bad 3 months ago when every bowel movement I had came along with lots of bright red blood as well as constant, daily anal pressure (i.e. Tenesmus). The toilet bowl will always be red when I had to go. Nevertheless, the pressure, the “sharting” and bleeding ceased within 2 to 3 days of starting a no fiber diet. The tenesmus and soiled flatulence stopped within 24 hrs.
    For me, it was the fiber that kept my hemis inflamed, so I stopped the high fiber fruits and veggies and supplemental psyllium husk and powder. Sure, newbies to the hemi world will find xtra fiber to do wonders for them, but in the long run; the fiber will super bulk and back up things to the point of worsening your hemis and eventually getting tears, fistulae, IBS, IBD, Diverticulosis, etc.
    A few weeks after the hemis had stopped bleeding, I started to incorporate fruits and veggies again but never to the amount I was consuming before. You see, what keeps you regular is the good fats and the minerals (mainly magnesium). Now, I keep my fiber to no more than 10 to 15 grams/day and have never been this regular. Also, the stools come out formed and smooth, so there is no tearing of tissue or inflammation of hemis. I also take chelated buffered magnesium on a daily basis for good gealth, regularity and smoothness. No laxative, fiber supplement or stool softener will do this without some sort of bad side effect.
    Good luck!

  5. Not pushing a particular company, but one product that really helped me with irritation from ‘roids: the Coco bidet. You can buy it on Amazon, the only snag is that you must have an electrical outlet in very close proximity to your toilet. Very close. So you will more than likely need an electrician. But, this thing is amazing, and cleans so well that you don’t need to use tp most times. And the relief is immediate, once you don’t have the constant irritation from tp. At one point I was running to the potty 15-20 times/day. My heiney would have looked like it ran into a cheese grater. That was 7 months ago, and now, thankfully, I am very close to remission. The Canasa suppositories also helped a lot, suppressing tenesmus, and the uncontrollable urge to continue pushing. Hope this helps!

  6. For in the moment, I need to feel better right now, i use calmoseptine. My first and thankfully only trip to er due to my uc was because of the most terrible hemmy pain(worst pain I’ve ever had… Ever). This cream (think diaper rash cream on steroids) Its amazing!! I wish I knew about it long ago. It soothes, cools, and takes the itch away. It’s behind the counter at the pharmacy. It’s not a script, but boy it worked better than some prescribed to me my doc. Good luck. I’ve had them since I was a teen, it gets better. Its getting through that feels like it takes the longest.

  7. I’m currently battling a thrombosed external hemorrhoid. (don’t Google image search that unless you have a strong stomach lol). It’s caused severe pain on and off for a couple of months now. I’m to the point where I’m considering having it removed, but afraid of the complications. All great suggestions so far, which I agree with. I’ve found one particular product that helps with the pain of external hemorrhoids: Fleet rectal pain wipes. They’re very powerful so be sure to only apply to that area (don’t wipe over a huge area down there) and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards (not that you wouldn’t after using the toilet). They are cooling and numbing, quite a strange sensation at first, but definitely takes the pain away at least for a short time.

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