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Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care Probiotics Reviews

One of the most talked about probiotics on is Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora Critical Care Probiotic. Many people have used this probiotic, and it is time there was an easy place for people to share their experience/review with everyone else.

For those who have never tried using a probiotic or are currently deciding which probiotic to use, it is not an easy task because there are literally hundreds of different ones on the market.

If you have used Renew Life’s Ultimate Flora Probiotic to treat your ulcerative colitis symptoms, please click the button below to fill out a user review of this product.

Ultimate Flora Critical Care Probiotic Reviews:

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Ultimate Flora Critical Care Probiotics
Average rating:  
 18 reviews
 by Steve Brieger
Saved by VSL#3

It's been 10+ years since I was diagnosed with UC. For the first few years I tried many of the products listed, some with minimal success, most with virtually no success. Since I'm allergic to sulfa, a component of many of these products, I was therefore unable to tolerate them.
What saved me was the probiotic VSL#3. Technically it's not a "Drug"; rather it's classified as a "medical food". However, over the past 6+ years it's kept me in totall remission. Early on I needed the DS (double strength) version to get me into remission. But since the early few months, I take only 1 capsule /day. There are no side effects that I know of.
My success has made a believer of my gastro MD . . . not an easy thing to do! Early on I had to have my pharmacist order the product for me, but more recently I've found that usage has grown to the extent that many pharmacies now stock the product.

 by Alexia
Overall digestion

I have been taking are Renew Life Colon Care 80 Billion every day on an empty stomach for the past couple of years. When I travel I take the 50 billion as it doesn’t need to be in a fridge.

I think it works well as a maintenance therapy but has not been able to keep my flare ups at bay. Overall it does make a difference with my digestion as a whole and I do notice a change if I don’t take it. It’s become a part of my regular routine.

 by Mandy

I have tried a few different Probiotics and am currently taking Ultimate Flora 50 billion. This one doesn't give me as good results as HMF Forte. So things may be a little better with the Ultimate Flora, but not a whole heck of a lot. Still taking Salofalk (5-ASA) pills and enema, fish oil with Vit D, curcumin and C0Q10.

 by Tessa
Joint pain

I just started the 80billion today for colon health. I was wondering if anyone who had arthritis along with their UC had relief from it too? I'm excited to see results

 by Rachel
Perfect product so far

I have been using the 50 billion count product for 3 months now. It started helping me within the first week. I chose this probiotic on my own thanks to this site. I hope it continues to help me over the months. I take other supplements daily such as curamed, fish oil, and vitamin D3, but I started the probiotic first and I know it's helping. I currently take Lialda to try to avoid flares, but I don't believe it's really doing anything and I'd like to wean off at some point with my GI doctor's support (she's open to it, just doesn't love the idea for sure). Thank you to this site for everything, including this probiotic - I have friends and my dad now taking it too!

 by Jerald Goldman
Ultimate Flora- 7 day review update

After having success with the 7 day powder, I switched to the 50 Billion capsules and the result was not as good. I upped to 80 billion and had some improvement. Added L-glutemine, Omega 3-6-9, Boswela I am off Uceris,still on Rowasa enemas and Balsalizide.

Most days - remission...maybe 3 flares since Jan. 15. BTW, my GI thinks I'm doing great, no talk of Remicade. In fact, he gave me some VSL3 samples.

 by Jerald Goldman
7 day hope

I just finished the 7 day powder phase. Diarrhea has subsided. Had a sigmoid yesterday, my GI doc remarked "looks better but let's still talk about Remicade." What? Not going to happen.

 by Phyllis Dzuris
Alive again

I was diagnosed with UC May 2, 2014 and was given Uceris. It caused me so much discomfort and pain I stopped using it after two days. Doctor refused to talk about any other meds told me if I didn't take Uceris he would end up taking my colon. I began using probiotic VSL#3, amino acid L. Glutemine, Licorice Root to balance my immune system (Doctor wanted to suppress it; is he crazy?) and Serrapeptase a natural anti-inflammatory. Here it is 7/31/2014 and I am in remission. Doctor can take his $1600.00 a month Uceris and jump in the lake. Not going back, I will take care of myself. Since VSL#3 is expensive I am glad to heard that Renew Life's Ultimate Flora Critical Care is a good alternative. I will give it a try.

 by Rachael
Ultimate Flora Probiotic

The probiotic are the best for me.I'm off med and in remission. I started with Vsl3(so expensive) that's why I tried Ultimate Flora 50 Billions, but I found 100 .

I'm taking them every morning, sometimes 2 x day.

Whey Proteine, fish oil, curcumin and Sleepey Elm are mh medicine . So far so happy :)

Gi never mentioned them..or said it does not work..

Green juices so important as well.

 by Michelle roque
Ultimate Flora

I love this stuff. I can only find it at a local health food store and its not cheap! But that wth Glutemine, Boswelia, , Bromelian, and Omgea 369 has been a life saver for me!

 by Joan H

I've been using Renew Life 30 Billion once a day on an empty stomach, just water with it for 4 months. The difference in my ulcerative colitis symptoms - which at the time had me barely getting through work, and coming home laying in bed all the rest of the afternoon and evening in pain - was immediate. Within 3 days the symptoms became minimal, now I am basically without symptoms of ulcerative colitis and functioning again. This has been a great product for me.

 by Don Makowski
Noticable results

I have been taking Ultimate Flora Critical Care for 22 days now in the morning on an empty stomach and not eating for at least 1/2 hour as Bev has suggested. I noticed improvement within a few days. My stools were very watery but since then I have had slightly better consistency. I have also take L-Glutamide and finally the bleeding has almost stopped completely. I felt as though I was going into a flare before I started taking it and now feel much better and have seen healing. I go a lot less too. I would definitely recommend this product but make sure you get it from a reputable source and keep refrigerated. If the bacteria die from incorrect handling you may not notice any help from it at all.


 by Doug
Pretty Good Stuff

I am older than most posters here. I was diagnosed with UC a few months after retirement at age 62. After 2 years of taking medicines like Asacol, Prednisone, Lialda, Canasa and etc, with almost zero results, I decided to try something else. I had tried other probiotics with little help. I tried the Ultimate Flora and noticed a difference after a week or so. I decided to combine it with other products I read about here. I now take Ultimate Flora, L-Glutamine powder, Aloe Vera and Omega 3 fish oil. I also take zero medicines now. What a difference. I now have most of my life back. No more 2-3 hour toilet trips. No more stuck at home for hours at a time. I can actually play golf again. I also watch what I eat and exercise. Feels great after a couple years of total frustration with doctors and prescriptions that did not work.

 by Wendy Hammond
So far, so good

I was in a bad flare. I was using the toilet about 50 times per day. I lost seven pounds fairly quickly. I could sleep all day and pretty much did and then I decided to finally purchase this probiotic along with L-Glutamine. I started taking them both three days ago. Yesterday I re-carpeted my stairs (13 steps plus a landing area) and didn't use the toilet for 9 1/2 hours straight). I ate at lunch and had snacks and the first day I ate I had to use the toilet all night and evening, but the second day I ate lunch I could almost handle the food. I don't eat breakfast or dinner yet. Just one small meal. Tomorrow I will be able to eat more I am sure. I can do things and get out of bed. This is after three days. I think it is because of this probiotic and L-glutamine that I am avoiding a doctor visit. I would know more in a couple of more days, but I am so excited it has worked so well in the three days I just want to write this review now.

 by Ken
Works great

I have been using it for four months now, and credit it for helping get me into remission. I feel it is a crucial part of keeping the colon lining healthy, thus eliminating UC symptoms.

I use it with L Glutamine, EVOO, flax seed oil and a multivitamin. This combo brought me out of an 8 month flare where meds failed.

 by Janis
Ultimate flora critical care probiotic

I am taking just as Bev takes early in morning on empty stomach and am waiting for the fermented lglutamine to arrive. The probiotic is really helping, I was taking the VSL3, since I replaced with the Ultimate flora I am feeling way better. A friend from CCFA said the VSL3 has some strains that can aggravate the UC. So thanks to Bev for the recommendation!!

 by joanna
no noticeable difference

i started using it a few years ago in 2011 when i was first diagnosed. i tried it again during a few bad flares but i never saw a difference. the quality is good, but it just didn't do what it was supposed to do. i've found that yogurt is way more potent and cost effective than probiotic capsules.

 by Bev

Guess who?? I should be working for this company...or at least getting royalties!!

This is the probiotic that SAVED me from UC!! I will take this probiotic for ever and ever. For me, it worked almost instantly...within a few days, my cramping, urgency, looseness, etc literally disappeared!! ***I did need to also add L-glutamine after about a month, because I still had some residual bleeding.***

This probiotic repopulated my good gut bacteria, and the fermented L-glutamine powder healed the mucosa of my colon!! What could be better than that?! Hurrah!

Remember, for BEST results, take on an empty stomach, with water, and then try not to eat for a half to a whole hour.



25 thoughts on “Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care Probiotics Reviews”

  1. I use Ultimate Flora and it has worked for me. I have been using it since August of 2012 and it made my UC symptoms go away. I followed Bev’s regimen and it seems to be working. I take it the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Thanks Bev! And yes, you should work for the company! :)

  2. I am older than most posters here. I was diagnosed with UC a few months after retirement at age 62. After 2 years of taking medicines like Asacol, Prednisone, Lialda, Canasa and etc, with almost zero results, I decided to try something else. I had tried other probiotics with little help. I tried the Ultimate Flora and noticed a difference after a week or so. I decided to combine it with other products I read about here. I now take Ultimate Flora, L-Glutamine powder, Aloe Vera and Omega 3 fish oil. I also take zero medicines now. What a difference. I now have most of my life back. No more 2-3 hour toilet trips. No more stuck at home for hours at a time. I can actually play golf again. I also watch what I eat and exercise. Feels great after a couple years of total frustration with doctors and prescriptions that did not work.

      1. Joan H

        Hi Paul – Yes, add the probiotic while on the asacol. There won’t be any interactions, you’re just repopulating your gut while also on prescribed medicine. If anything, you should see an improvement in symptoms. I had been taking canasa suppositories, lialda 2 tabs twice a day, nexium, had just done another round of prednisone and rowasa enemas at night, then prednisone enemas and suppositories. I was barely able to get through a work day and in constant pain. Started the Renew Life at 10 billion count, after three days saw a huge improvement in my symptoms – but I wanted even better results so I went up to 20 billion daily, now have settled at 30 billion daily. Since then (4 months ago), I’m now only taking nexium in the morning and a canasa suppository at night. My house was like a drug store before and I was so tied to the medicine routine. It’s okay if you need that for a time, but I was very happy with the results of the probiotics and not need ing to take as many meds as before.

  3. Hi Douglas,

    I’m an older person too. Like you I tried all the medicines but they didn’t work for me. I saw a post by “Bev” and she recommended Ultimate Flora. I decided I had nothing to lose so I went off all the meds I was taking and now take Ultimate Flora (senior formula), L-Glutamine (tablet form), Astaxanthin, a multivitamin and fish oil tab. Well, in about 2 months my symptoms disappeared. It’s almost a year (August will be one year) that I’ve been symptom free. I eat everything but I did cut out meat. Also try to stick to fruits and vegetables. I have not tried Aloe Vera but might try it too. I’m happy to hear things are working out for you!

  4. Thanks Lane. It is just amazing to me that the doctors I tried never mentioned any of the stuff that I am now taking and is now working. I have only been on them for a couple months, but the results are just amazing. Thank goodness for this website and all the great people (especially Bev)posting their experiences. My retirement is finally fun.

  5. Thanks for all the info about Ultimate Flora Ive been swithering to try it for months now after reading Bev’s posts so am going to buy it on amazon next payday. Ive been drinking 5 yakults at 6.5 billion each and 1 natural yeo valley yoghurt at 12 billion per pot per day and i think taking a tablet will be much easier. I recently cut down on the yakults and my stomach has been so bloated. My only worry is that with the tablets if they havent been stored properly before dispatch would that kill a lot of the bacteria off? Thats why i was sticking to fresh stuff because you know then that its been stored properly. But I guess with all the good reviews it means the bacteria must be alive and well so I will give them a go!

  6. I am the beloved girlfriend of a SUPER duper strong boyfriend who has been diagnosed with UC for about 20 years but only had remission 3 times. He is currently suffering with the razor blade sharp pains, cramps, and multiple bloody bowels. He isn’t on any medications because he hates drugs like many others on this site. I am soo tremendously blessed by this site and thank God for courageous people like yourselves. I’m going to tell him about the PROBIOTICS. What brand is best, where can he purchase it and how many billion PROBIOTICS does he need to get. Also what yogurt would be the best to help create good bacteria. We need help ASAP, he’s tempted to start predinisone and ascol :( thank you beautiful people.

    1. Joan H

      Hi Tt- I get my Renew Life Probiotics by linking through this site to Amazon. Adam’s site receives a percentage if you purchase through Amazon, linked to this site. I gradually went from 10 billion live cultures to 20 ( a week in between increases) to 30 billion then 50 billion. I found for myself that with 50 billion I started having cramping/pain and loose stool back – but stayed symptom free essentially, on 30 billion. I take 30 billion every day. Renew Life is great because it breaks down in your intestine, not in your stomach. The intestine is where the microorganisms need to be. Stomach acid will destroy them before they reach your intestine in many other probiotics – theirs is specially formulated not to start releasing the probiotic until it reaches your intestine. Good luck and hang in there – this totally turned my symptoms around.

  7. My GI doctor started me on VSL#3 and all I can say is, “OH MY WORD”. Best stuff ever. You have to have a slip from your doctor and obtain from a pharmacist, but it’s not actually a prescription. It has to be kept refrigerated. I am so grateful for my physician and this has helped put that “good” bacteria back into the large intestine.

    1. Hello there,
      Does anyone know where to buy VSL#3 in Melbourne? Is there a pharmacy which sells it or is this product only available online from US?
      Thank you.

  8. I need some advice. I currently am on Humira for my UC but I don’t want to rely soley on medicine to help my uc so I have recently started taking supplements and would like to know what I should be taking. You know…what’s good, what’s not so good or maybe not needed. Since September 2013 I started taking Ultimate Aloe from Market America. A friend of mine started selling this stuff and introduced me to the aloe because of my colitis. It helped and so I moved onto taking the daily essentials kit also from Market America which is a multivitamin, opc-3, calcium and activated b vitamins. I have extreme pain on the bottom of my left foot when I am barefoot and had high hopes that the opc-3 would nip that in the bud, but it hasn’t so I decided to see what else is out there and recently went to a health food store and they put me on Solaray ginger root, Natures Plus Hema-Plex, New Chapter whole omega, Renew Life Ultimate Flora ultra potent which is 100 billion 12 strain probiotic and Renew Life IntistiNew. Phew! They suggested I stop my Market America regimin for 5 days just to see if I notice anything different. I have noticeable swelling in my left calf which I have had for over a year but it has gotten worse within the last 3 or 4 months. Lab tests from my GI office show I am really low on Vitamin D and and am a little low on my iron. My GI office started me on iron and my leg swelling went down, also I felt more “awake” which was great. Normally I sleep my Saturdays away. But go figure the iron caused my tummy to have problems so I decided to go off of it. This health food store recommended the Hema-Plex to help with the low iron. I know this is long-winded and random but I am just typing thoughts as they come to me. What are the most important viatims/supplements UC’ers should be on? What brands are great? Of course people selling stuff will tell you anything. I don’t want to take a boatload of stuff if it isn’t benefitng me. What do you think of Market America products? Is 100 billion for a probiotic too much? My chiropractor likes the brands Nutrition Dynamics and also Orthomolecular. Anyone know anything on those brands? Also this health food store I go through really believes in the “eat right for you blood type” diet. Any thoughts on that? Any help you can give me is much appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read all of this.

  9. I’m on day two of 50bn – fingers crossed it helps as 40mg Pred for >2mths has had no impact and my first dose of Remicade (7 days ago) is not the magic drug I was hoping it would be. Anyone tried probiotic coconut yogurt? I’ve just discovered it in the UK. Tastes awesome but not sure its good/bad for flare ups…? Contains only coconut milk and probiotic culture – no sugar / xylitol / fruit syrup etc .
    Wishing everyone good health,
    Katherine x

  10. I recently learned about pro robotics through a antibiotics infomercial on late night insomniacs tv lol,in which I was very grateful for due to the information I learned.the next day I set out in search of a probiotic supplement that was hopefully as strong as or similar to keybiotics.after thoroughly searching through tons of labels,I found ultimate flora,it was junk free(dairy,gluten,egg, in turn it had the most live strains. It is the first probiotic I’ve ever tried,and due to the AMAZING results,until I’m rich enough to try keybiotics lol,it’s the one I will swear by! My energy is awesome!no more endless fatigue,I’m beginning to crave foods that are healthy and my bowels and digestive system are back on track assuring me the Candida overpopulation in my gut has come to an end!!I feel great and I would recommend renew life products to everyone!as a matter of fact lol I’m a walking infomercial for ultimate flora!I love this stuff!I feel 10 years younger

  11. I recall reading on the Adam’s website about a certain probiotic that was found to have different strains of good bacteria than others. Not sure if was the Ultimate Flora or not….I know that it was definitely not VSL3. I cannot locate those postings, however. Appreciate any assistance. Thanks,


  12. I want to thank you Adam for all the information you give. I am so lucky to have found this website. I didn’t realize how many people have UC. I felt so alone. When I went to the hospital and found out I had UC, I thought my life was over. My doctor wanted me to go on Humira so I looked it up on the Web. Wow, the side effects were horrible especially since I had a heart attach in 2011. He said I had one of the worst Intestines he had seen. I may need to have my large intestine removed. I was so scared. I went on line and found this site. I thanked the lord. I want to thank Bev. If it wasn’t for reading one of her notes I would still be suffering. I went on Ultimate Flora for seniors, I am 68 years old, and L-Glutemine. After being on them for one and a half months, I started gaining weight. I went from 114 Ibs to my normal weight of 152 Ibs. I am in remission for about a year now. I look in the mirror and smile now. God bless all of you with this illness. I will be praying for all of you. Once again, thank you Adam and Bev and all of you who give your stories on this site. xo Dianne

  13. Hello,

    I was recently diagnosed with UC and I feel down and desperate every time I see mucus and blood.
    I saw your comments about the ultimate flora and the L glutamine.
    I just need to know which one to start with : 50 billion, 30 or 90 or 100??
    I really cant wait to see your responses before I purchase them online
    Thank you soooo much in advance

  14. Hey all,

    My name is Isaac, I was just diagnosed with UC about 2 weeks ago after a colonoscopy. Currently taking Prednisone and Lialda. I’m supposed to take the Prednisone for 6 more weeks during which I will taper off.. Seems like such a long time..!

    This website has been so inspiring already, I must say, just to read some of your responses has given me hope that I can someday get off of medication, find a diet that works for me, and live a normal life – which I feel I haven’t been for probably several years now, due to subtle, growing effects of UC and a bad diet..

    My question is this.. What do we know about taking PROBIOTICS and PREDNISONE at the same time (or any of these other commonly prescribed drugs)? Part of me wants to say forget the drugs the doctors have prescribed me and just move towards the natural healing process (eating better, natural supplements, vitamins, etc.). After all, I can’t say I feel THAT much better after a week and a half of taking the doctors’ drugs.

    I’m afraid to stop the Prednisone early, thinking it will mess up the whole process and leave me back where I started, but I’m so eager to try taking probiotic supplements and eating the right foods, attempting the elimination diet, etc., to figure out what’s hurting me (it’s hard to tell though when I’m on these drugs because it makes me feel kinda craaaazyyy!).

    Any and all help is so much appreciated. Thank you all. Thank you, Adam, YOU RULE, MAN! This website is exactly what I have been looking for – seems you have a solid community here and I’m looking forward to being a part of it!

    Thank you!


  15. When I was diagnosed with UC, about 4 years ago, I was also told to use Lialda and Prednisone. I had to stop the Prednisone after a couple weeks because of some bad reactions to it. I am still on Lialda but the probiotics along with L-Glutamine, Aloe Vera and eating better seems to be the answer for me. Also had to quit beer, and man did I like beer.

  16. Hi There,

    I have recently tried RenewLife 80 billion for 5 days and I get really really bad stomach pains which I get relief by going to the toilet. I have actually been dumping the contents of the capsule into water instead downing the whole capsule because I do not think that my body is absorbing much. I have been taking them before bed and I have not seen a difference. When I do go to the bathroom I do pass a lot of gas. Can anybody attest to if this will get better for me and wait it out, or it just isn’t working for me?

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