Remission/Cure with Fresh Aloe Vera Inner Leaf

Meet Chris:

46 year old IT professional living on Gold Coast in Australia. Was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in May 2011 after colonoscopy. Remission/cure October 2012. Loving life now.

Some more about me:

I have dual citizenship – my Dad is Swiss, my Mum’s an Aussie. Have visited Switzerland several times to see relatives but in my heart I am an Australian. I live near the sea and love it. I need to swim in it regularly. Since getting UC and researching all causes and possible remedies have gained an avid interest in Health. We really are what we eat.

Aloe Vera for Ulcerative Colitis

Need to get this out there – I feel I owe it to the site and others I used in my research of this disease. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in May 2011. I am 46 years old and in the IT industry – stressful in itself but also owned a demanding Computer Services business with my partner for 7 years.

At the time of diagnosis under severe stress from business, and a personal family matter. Was vegetarian at the time eating way too much bread but fairly fit enjoying beach and swimming. In fact I thought I may have Giardia from swimming in a creek regularly so doctor put me on antibiotics to treat. When they didn’t work the Colonoscopy revealed UC up to appendix. GI specialist said it was caused by “stress and genetics” and although he seemed quite alternative and Eastern in his outlook maintained that food had nothing to do with it. I have one Uncle in Switzerland with UC and a Sister with the occasional bout of IBS when she gets stressed – that’s it for the genes. GI guy started me on Pentasa enemas as I wanted to treat the disease directly as did not want side effects from pills. They worked for a while.

Tried to use SCD diet as much as possible but hard to do when on the road with my job. Decided to sell business. Had several savage flare ups which grounded me for days at a time – attached to the toilet watching your life bleed out – you all know the feeling. Pentasa seemed to make things worse but I was determined to try beat this naturally so followed GAPs diet– broke my Vegetarianism and started making broths and existing on organic meats, home made yoghurt and safe fruit/vegetable choices.

Worst point I got down to 55 Kilos in weight (from 65 Kilos). GI specialist was shocked to see my blood work return a low kidney function and warned me off high protein diet and insisted I start eating carbs again. Kidney specialist seemed to think the Pentasa was the main issue. GI Specialist then put me on Sulfasalazine and this started to work straight away. I thought I was in the clear for a while although the side effects where headaches which is not good for a migraine sufferer. The Ergotamine I use for migraine seemed to cause me to bleed, Sulfasalazine fixes the bleeding but causes migraine so then I need Ergotamine…vicious circle.

Selling a business requires a lot of preparation and extra work on top of the usual stuff so I had pitfalls and flares on the way. For example hired a new engineer and fired him 2 weeks later for incompetence – the stress from this caused a flareup.

Upped my dosage of Sulfasalazine when the bleeding/diarrhea started and this would help taper it off but the bleeding/d would still be there. Always researching and trying things – glutamine, tumeric, slippery elm, olive oil, coconut oil, SCD, GAPS etc etc. All this stuff seemed to assist in lessening symptoms but none was ever a definitive cure. Sold the business (yay!) but had to stay on for 3 months.

Still on Sulfasalazine but blood still present and loose stools. After business sold decided to take as much time off as possible to deal with illness. Saw a Naturopath and had hair analysis, live blood screening. She gave me Intestamine which is compound of Slippery Elm/Tumeric/Glutamine and other supplements I was lacking in. Also some probiotics. Live blood work showed a parasite present and also fungal activity so approached it from a candida angle and tried to limit food that fed candida and tried to stay as SCD as possible. Was starving! Also blood and endless diarrhea. Although business was sold and I was essentially free with funds to give me a hiatus, 7 years of compounded stress takes a while to rid itself from your body. During this time I was reading Ted’s remedies over at the Earth Clinic website. Too much information and very scattered across the blog but some people getting results with his methods. He maintained that it was mycobacteria causing the inflammation so conventional medicine can only treat inflammation and not the cause which is the mycobacteria much like Helicobacter Pylori. These bacteria are extremely resistant to any modern antibiotic. His main weapon of choice was aloe vera inner leaf oil (I think he means gel) due to the polysaccharide in there which has a double action of killing the mycobacteria and reducing the inflammation. He also recommended other secondary supplements including DHEA, Melatonin, Iodine (from Lugol’s solution), N-acetylCysteine (NAC) amongst others including alkalising with lemons and Baking soda.

I had also read about a fellow Australian called Dom who had cured his UC by going on a rice fast and following up with enemas using Kefir Grains and Aloe Vera. He had a well documented report on the procedure. Dom is the global authority on Kefir. So I loaded myself up with as many supplements that I could legally get in Aust and ordered my Kefir Grains from Dom – they would take a couple of weeks to grow and ship. At this point I was considering the rice fast and the Aloe/Kefir enamas. I had just had a flare and was down to 56 Kilos. Sulfasalazine didn’t seem to help (upping dosage for a week did nothing) and I knew the GI guy would just put me on another pill. I had also read “Self Healing Colitis and Crohns” by David Klein (curing with veganism) so started on his introductory healing diet to try and get some nutrients into me. I found it to be very helpful during the flare – especially the Sweet Potato which is SCD illegal (!?).

I stopped all supplementation while I was flaring. I have an Aloe Vera Barbedensis plant growing rampant in my front yard. I filleted the large leaves and started eating the inner leaf raw. I also decided to start the enemas with Aloe only as the Kefir was delayed. I took a large Aloe leaf and filleted it avoiding the aloin just under the outer leaf which is a laxative. I then boiled a litre of some reverse osmosis water and let it cool down to warm. I then blended the aloe leaf and warm water in a blender which chopped the aloe into smaller pieces. I took the mixture and applied it rectally using an enema kit. I had the enemas every other day for a week – probably about 4 enemas in total. I also tried a warm castor oil pack on my lower abdomen on the days I wasn’t having the enema as I had been reading about Edgar Cayce. Then it happened – the bleeding and diarrhea stopped. It was almost miraculous. I introduced some of Teds recommended supplements like Iodine, NAC and some basic minerals the naturopath had recommended (zinc, magnesium, selenium etc). I stayed SCD with my foods for a few weeks (except Sweet Potato). My weight increased. I was still eating raw Aloe Vera inner leaf morning and night from my garden and found some 99% Aloe Vera juice to drink as well – I looked for stuff with pieces of the gel floating around in it. As the weeks went by I got more adventurous with my food – introduced Kamut bread (low gluten) and white rice. The Kefir Grains finally arrived and I started making Kefir using raw organic milk. I eat it daily with almond flour and a banana. I also eat the excess Kefir Grains as well. OK, so I have been in “remission” for over 4 months – I have been blood and diarrhea free temporarily while on Sulfasalazine – but somehow this feels different – I feel cured.

The big test was Christmas – I ate what I liked on that day and no flare. The Christmas before that was an exercise in restraint due to the state of my colon. I am not a drinker so haven’t touched alcohol but I got caught out with a Thai curry straight from hell – it was that hot. I ate it as a test – no flare. I had an Aussie meat pie the other day – full of gluten – no flare. My daughters birthday cake – no flare. My current diet consists of mainly whole foods. Eggs, meat, fruit, vegetables (organic where possible). No sugar but if I’m at a restaurant and I like the dessert I will eat it (not often, SCD teaches you restraint). I eat Kamut or Spelt bread as toast with my eggs in the morning. As I have harvested my Aloe plants almost to nothing I found a local supplier of a freeze dried Aloe powder with a high polysaccharide content which I still drink every morning. I am currently trying to put back my weight and muscle so have started the Stronglifts 5X5 program of weight training and am back at 65 Kilos.

In a nutshell I feel cured and believe the Aloe did it. For some of the long term UCers here it probably sounds premature (it’s been only 4 months), and I must say reading the scary experiences of others who had got to the surgery stage is quite alarming when you see how far this disease can progress. If my story and Aloe Vera fixes one person then that would be the best gift.

What have I learnt? Western medicine doesn’t have the cure, never do anything that’s going to give you life-sapping stress and eat a diet of whole foods as much as possible. We definitely are what we eat. Also please be aware of companies peddling high polysaccharide content Aloe on the internet. Some make claims about the content which is BS. A lot is mixed with supplements like glutamine. Can give you contact for my supplier if needed – although have not used it for cure just for daily drink (I have no affiliation with him or get anything by recommending him). If you can, fresh Aloe is best. Buy a plant and grow your own (a bit difficult if you are in a cold climate) or keep an eye out for it where you live. There are many different varieties – I took a punt on mine – I was 90% sure it was Aloe Barbadensis. I have nursed my poor old plant back to life by taking cuttings from it – so if you are on the Gold Coast and need some leaves – I am happy to supply for free once they grow to a reasonable size.


Aloe Vera worked the best

written by Chris M

submitted in the colitis venting area


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  1. Hi Chris,

    What a fabulous post!

    So far, what I have learned on this site that actually HEALS the colon, is extra virgin olive oil, probiotics, L-glutamine, and now…real aloe vera!! Hurrah for natural remedies. This is the ONLY way to manage this condition…naturally. The meds are not only dangerous, but eventually stop working, if in fact they work at all.

    This is all so very hopeful for UC sufferers. I went 14 years straight on mesalamine, (asacol), and it never once put the UC into remission, and only left me feeling sicker.

    Now, in remission for the first time in 15 years on NO meds, but on only probiotics and L- glutamine, it makes me feel wonderful to know that I have other options to try as well, should I ever need them, like extra virgin olive oil, and now aloe vera.

    Thank you SO MUCH!


    1. Bev,

      Thanks for reading my post. Go easy on the olive oil, I was taking quite a bit of it for it’s anti-fungal(Candida)properties and soon discovered it was causing me diarrhea! But then I was drowning my salads in it… Glad to hear you are in remission. I am a big believer in probiotics, I was taking a handful of varieties from my naturopath but had also considered using VSL#3 as an enema as well as other people had good results with that. I thoroughly recommend reading all about real Kefir which is an amazing probiotic (not the commercial Kefir drinks you might see in health food shops). While most probiotic pills you buy have a few strains, real Kefir has about 50 strains of beneficial bacteria and yeasts. It has an amazing history. I received some milk Kefir grains and started making my own – you do become a slave to the process though. Helped me put on weight and also repopulate my gut with good bacteria. Dom from South Australia is the undisputed authority on Kefir: – in fact he cred his UC with it. Might be another weapon in your arsenal or for anyone else who may read this.
      Agree on the L-Glutamine – I still take L-Glutamine occasionally – it is beneficial for building muscle as well as healing the colon.

      1. You can read my story on this site somewhere…not sure how to find it…Adam?

        Anyway, I take UTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE by RENEWLIFE…50 billion. One every morning…empty stomach…no food or drink\f except water for at least a half hour afterward.

        I also take NORTH COAST NATURALS FERMENTED L-GLUTAMINE powder about an hour before lunch every day. Mix it in a bit of juice for taste.

      2. Hi Bev! I could never find your article could you give me the name title , I just want to know how did you started your journey with everything. I just got the probiotics u told me.

        1. Hi Mariela

          I don’t know how to fid my posts!

          Adam, could you pleae help?…how does one go about that? I’m so computer savvy….NOT!!

      1. Hey Bev. i am almost ready tonorder the gluttamine an probiotcs. Inhave a. Other question. Are u doing any diets? ( I could not find your story) sorry for so many question.

        1. Hi Maye!

          No diet…I eat everything!!

          The only think I don’t do is drink alcohol. I don’t drink any at all as it can cause GI bleeding…I also do not take aspririn or advil ever. Same reason.

          1. My posts are all over this site! I’m not too sure how to pull them up either…

            Adam? Could you give Maye the link to what I take? If not, I shall rattle it off AGAIN…lol…

        1. No prob Bev, and BTW, you do know that without your input, there would be 2,195 less comments on the site…and that would be :(( for sure:))

          1. OMgoodness…sheesh! Thanks Adam:)

            No worries Mariela…any time!!

            What a gorgeous name, by the way…Mariela…:)

    2. Dear Chris,
      Thank you so much for sharing your story! I appreciate it so much and can relate to all of it!
      God Bless,
      Sandra J

  2. Hi Chris,

    Just reading your story and could not believe how similar you sound to myself. I am from Brisbane, Australia and work in IT as a Systems Engineer, I have just been diagnosed with UC and currently in a flare. The docs have me on prednisolone and sulfasalazine (can’t stand being on this crap) as I have only had UC for a phew days I am already on the search for natural treatments/cures and have my first naturopath session this Wednesday.

    My work in IT definitely has a lot of stress, however I considered myself an extremely healthy and fit active young 27 year old.

    If you are willing, I would like to connect with you on a personal level and discuss how you are going with your natural treatments using Aloe and this could be something that may help me as well.

    I am best contactable via, and would really appreciate your help.

    Thanks so much for you story I am sure it is giving a lot of hope to UC sufferers out there.


  3. that’s so great you are feeling well. i tried bottled aloe vera with little success and haven’t used fresh aloe before. i follow scd now and try to not eat any of the illegals. how do you decide what you can cheat with?? i feel like if i don’t follow it strictly that i’ll be screwed. my doctor told me today that i need my colon out very soon due to all my bleeding. i’m very frustrated but have tried everything but worm therapy at this point.

    1. Joanna, SCD is hard going especially if you are on the road with a job as I was. I tried not to cheat, however I have come to the conclusion that some people do OK with certain SCD illegals – in my case Sweet Potato. SCD can be a long road to remission and Elaine Gottscall herself says it will not cure everyone. Bottled Aloe Vera has varying qualities and ingredients – the best I found was 99.9% pure. It was quite expensive. I cannot imagine how bad it must be for you if you are at the point of needing your colon out. I had heard of worm therapy and also fecal implants (try not to think too much about that one). I was at a point of desperation and in a pretty dark place so took a drastic measure of raw aloe vera enemas. I would have tried the kefir as well if that had arrived. Will they work for everyone? Don’t know but worth a shot – beats surgery. Best of luck

  4. I recall I used to drink organic pure aloe extract withot aloin. I remember being very soothing and energizing, I should restart that again. I remember as soon as I stopped taking it, there was no lasting effect. I think it sooth the inflamed area. I wonder if you stop taking it you would flare again. Have you stopped taking it?
    I looked up some info on aloe, and appearantly it acts as anti-inflamatory, antibacterial, antipathogenic (works against shigella, streptococcus pathogen in our colon). It aids digestions as well. I think taking aloe is better than taking harmfl medicine!

    1. Ellen, my late reply was due to being away for 3 weeks. I took powdered Aloe with me but as we were camping and staying with relatives over the holiday, I only used it once. I caught up with 3 different cousins and an old mate from 20 years ago. Each visit involved a meal or two out and I admit to indulging in a large sugary dessert every time. Tempted to have a drink of alcohol but didn’t go there. No flare up and solid bowel movements. Have been back for a week and still haven’t taken it. As stated in my story, my belief is that UC is caused by mycobacterium so you need something which will kill them and also aid in healing. Most other things seem to have a soothing or anti-inflammatory effect, which is great but doesn’t kill the root cause. Antibiotics to kill the mycobacterium will probably not be effective and do more harm to beneficial bacteria. For example I came across an Aussie GI specialist who is having success with three heavy duty antibiotics simultaneously to kill one pathogen in the stomach and small intestine called HelicoBacterPylori. Drinking Aloe has to get past stomach acid (if you are digesting at same time) and small intestine before it hits the colon. You have to target the specific area to hit the pathogens so enema is the most direct route (and the least comfortable). As mentioned to others I wonder if production of Aloe Vera powders and juices removes beneficial properties of the raw Aloe plant. I would be interested to see if organic 99% Aloe Vera juice taken as an enema would have a similar effect as the raw Aloe did for me.

  5. Yes, thank you! I would definitely like to know who your supplier is. I will also try to grow the plants but would like to start with the powder. Thanks, again.

  6. Hi Chris!

    That is so cool!

    I’m going to try it with aloe inner leaf and enemas over easter.
    I have also read about “green smoothies” which is a perfect way to get nutritions in our fast-food stressed society.

    First, have a good mixer. And mix down all the green good stuff. Salads, Aloe leefs. To make it tasty top up with 2-3 cups of water, two bananas and an apple.

    Another one is selleri with lemon. Take half a selleri, one ecological lime/lemon that you wash, then remove the cores from it as they will wear down your mixer faster. Put the WHOLE thing in the mixer with the shell. Add upp bananas(without shell ;) , maybe you like pineapple or some other nice fruit and then some cups of water.

    Practical to bring, you get 1-2 liter of smoothie.
    I’ll keep you posted about my aloe treatment.

    All the best from Sweden
    // J

    1. Slingshot – please post back with your results from the aloe enema. Does aloe grow in Sweden? I guess in a hothouse or indoors. I like the smoothies – very alkalizing.
      Good luck
      Chris M

      1. Hi!

        I tried this during a 8 days period. I had somewhat effect but it was far from taking me into remission. I Guess it’s not at all a bad idea to eat or use Aloe Enemas. But it’s no wonder drug.

        It would be very interesting with a list of foods and a voting function on this site to get an index of what people eat and react on.

        1. Slingshot
          Sorry to hear it didn’t work. May I ask if you used the actual plant or a juice from the shops?

          Chris M

          1. Hello Chris!

            As I wrote it gave some effect, and it was more effective than taking Asacol enemas. But didn’t get me into remission. But also it felt like it had some effect, not like the conventional medicine that just makes it worse..

            I used the actual plant and filleted it and took out the “transparent” part of the leaf. Then I boiled water, cooled it down and put it in a mixer together with the aloe. Blended it and put it into an enema.

            // Jo

  7. Does anyone have an opinion on L Glutamine with Aloe Vera (powder)? I have seen this in my health food shop but it is fairly expensive. I’m still 90% with the the Evoo and desperate to not require meds following a late April colonoscopy.

    I have just began juicing, confusing though, raw veg/no raw veg and so many conflicting do and donts. Sticking with fruit and wheatgrass, for now..

    1. Hi Graham,

      I’ve never even heard of L-glutamine WITH aloe vera in it, but you know how I feel about L-glutamine…lol…best thing since sliced gluten free bread…lol

      I was supposed to have my fifth colonoscopy this past year, but I’ve decided not to have them anymore (unless I NEED one, that is, like if I’m in a terrible state already before I have it). I know…the cancer risk and all that…every time I have one, it messes with my symptoms. I am symptom free and really wish to remain symptom free…what a rebel I am. I have just decided…no more.

      Anyway, I’d love to hear from anyone who knows about or has tried the glutamine with aloe vera…


    2. Graham,
      it’s good that they admit that the powder has glutamine and aloe in it. Some of the aloe powders I was warning against sold as pure AMP (aloe mucilaginous polysaccharides)for a very expensive price were found to be “cut” with other substances like glutamine upon laboratory examination. Worse still the AMP was found to have a lower polysaccaride count than advertised. Do a bit of research on the supplier online and see if their claims can be validated. I found two AMP powder suppliers had taken each other to court and had resurfaced with different brand names. I didn’t know whether either was trustworthy after that. I also couldn’t believe the price the AMP powders from the US are sold at. My 2 cents on raw/non raw – juice raw and eat cooked. Celery, carrot and cabbage juiced are very good for health. Carrot has more beta carotene available to the human body when cooked however. Also cooked veg is far easier to digest with a compromised digestive system.

  8. Hi Bev,
    I feel the same about the colonoscopy but December was bad and still 90% so I will go with it to be on the safe side. You know what you are doing, I am sure like in my case if there is an unexplained deterioration then you would want an (cancer) examination.

    I love the sound of a 2 for 1 treatment so I may have to just give it a whirl, not sure how that fits with the one thing at a time though!

    1. As always, Graham, I agree with everything you said. That 2 for 1 treatment does indeed sound promising…I may just add that myself if I need to. This aloe vera sounds like it does pretty much what EVOO does…

      I don’t begrudge others a good colonoscopy!!

      Happy Easter and all that…if you celebrate it…


  9. Chris/Bev,
    I appreciate your input and as always Bev, informative and entertaining. Sorry for the delay but happy Easter (if you are celebrate it)!

  10. I am suffering extremely from multiple stools per day for a very long time along with bloody stools.I am having thyroid problem and non alcoholic fatty liver..can I have aloe vera which is planted in my garden raw?

    1. Hey!
      Get the inner part of the aloe Vera it helps a little but no wonder cure. Also eat a lot of green leef vegerables, such as spinach, parsley, nettles and many more shift between at least 7 different greens. Also search for “ted food ms” on youtube.

    2. Sunita,

      There are many varieties of Aloe. The plant that helped me is Aloe Vera Barbadensis. I filleted the raw plant and used the inner gel as an enema. Fillet a large leaf and place the inner gel into a blender with warm pure water. Blend it until the gel is finely chopped up and then use as an enema. I used about one litre each time. Hold it in as long as you can. I also ate a mouthful of gel daily – not the best tasting thing.
      I know Slingshot did not have much luck but everyone is different and this is no reason to write off Aloe as a cure. I have been symptom free since October last year. I am currently overseas in Europe and have spent the last 6 weeks in Italy eating pasta, pizza, gelati and drinking wine and beer – no flareups or UC symptoms. If you read my story at the time I tried Aloe I also was using an introductory diet from a book and also trying warm castor oil packs on my belly – maybe it was a combination of the 3 things. My feeling was the Aloe cured me. Best of luck and I hope the aloe helps. Cheers Chris.

  11. Thank you so much for this post! Anything all natural is worth a try in my book. If you can’t supply a fresh plant ( I live in an apartment building) what other form of aloe do you recommend? I have seen aloe juice at the health market but I’m not sure if this is comparable, and if so are there any dosage regulations? Too much. too little? Can you add this juice to water or a smoothie? Are the enemas necessary or do you believe just drinking the aloe will also do the trick?? Any feedback is very much welcomed!!!

  12. Courtney,
    Not sure what part of the world you live but maybe a trip to a nursery will get you a small plant in a pot with a few leaves to try this. You dont have to start a plantation! I bought one from a nursery to replenish my old plant and it came with about 3 or 4 smallish leaves – enough for one or two enemas. You could try an Aloe juice however check the label to make sure it is 100% pure or as close as you can get. You could also try an AMP powder which stands for Aloe Mucilagenous Polysaccaride. This is a freeze or air dried version of Aloe which is high in the beneficial long chain polysaccaride which aids digestive issues. Be careful of online vendors of AMP products as some make pretty wild claims and some products are cut with glutamine or other substances – they are also very expensive. I can recommend an Australian supplier of organic freeze dried Aloe with supporting documentation of lab tests done on the AMP powder to verify the level of polysaccharide content. Contact When mixed with water I found it was very similar to bottled aloe vera juice in colour taste and smell. It is also a concentrate so makes quite a lot of juice. Yes, use in juice or smoothies as Aloe is not exactly the tastiest drink! Dosage recommendations are usually on the bottle – at one point during my recovery I was drinking 2 glasses a day with no apparent side effects. Aloe has many beneficial compounds in it – my only concern with juices and powders is how much of these properties are lost in the manufacturing process? As for enemas let me state the obvious – you have bleeding ulcers in your colon… I advocate topical treatment of them so enemas are the most direct route. Enemas are no fun however you would effectively be bathing the inflamed ulcers with Aloe and all its healing properties. Drinking it means it has to travel a long way and there will be absorbtion by the small intestine first. Good Luck!

  13. I can’t believe I stumbled across your post. I googled aloe vera enemas and was amazed that there was such a thing. Going for another colonoscopy Monday, second in two months, have been diagnosed with UC in 2011. Had CDIFF, CMV viral infection, and now they think I may have displasia, which they set me up with a surgeon in a few weeks to go over procedure to remove. Scared to death, on prednazone, asacol, imuran to no avail still have bleeding, soft stools, and can’t leave house till I know I won’t have an accident. This is not living. I have Aloe Vera growing out my front door, huge spikey green shoots..going to give this a try..

  14. I’ve had colitis since I was 21 and have been on a plethora of meds for the past 13 years to no avail. Trading one set of symptoms for another. I decided a couple of days ago to quit the latest drug, asacol, and try homeopathic stuff. Can you tell me what you’d recommend for a daily dose of aloe Vera gel? Also, I read mixing a table spoon of chlorophyll is helpful. As far as the aloe plant, what part is helpful and how much a day do you take? I’m also taking a probiotic, bromelain, and omega 3. One a day. Any guidance would be so helpful!

  15. Lisa, sorry to here of your 13 years with colitis – such a long time to live with this. I really feel I got off lightly compared to others in this forum. A daily dose of Aloe Vera gel would be a large leaf or two small leaves twice a day – filleted as per this website: To be clear the Aloe Vera was administered as enemas which is the key to my success. I also took it orally – ate it straight – pretty awful but we know there are worse things…. Please note that if you are going to enter into this treatment you need to prepare. Eating a couple of Aloe leaves is not necessarily going to target the mycobacterium in your colon. If you drink Coke and coffee and exist on sugar-laced products then this is not going to work. Try and find a supply of mature Aloe Vera Barbedensis or Aloe Vera Miller plants. I highly recommend you start with the Healing Diet of David Klein (Self Healing Colitis and Crohns) which is basically selected fruit/vegetable juices and steamed vegetables – this will soothe the colon and assist the healing process. Take time off work if possible. Follow my instructions in various posts above with regards to the preparation of the enemas. Try and keep the enemas in for as long as possible. One enema a day until you get success – you should see at least a cessation of symptoms if not a complete cure. I also at the time took Humic/Fulvic Acid in a liquid form mixed with water – not sure if this contributed to my success. If you get success, stick to the Healing Diet for another week – you will probably lose weight – it is pretty much a Vegan diet. Add other foods slowly over the coming weeks – stay as SCD as possible until you feel you can add other things – you will know if you feel cured. A good probiotic is also essential to replenish the gut with healthy bacteria. My choice was milk Kefir (non-commercial). I have assisted another fellow UCer on this forum with Aloe enemas and he has had some recent success. I am awaiting more news on his progress. If this works I will get him to post his story here as well. I am happy to take this conversation off to email if you need more detailed support. Best of luck

  16. Hey everyone,

    I had major success with aloe enemas, I initially read this post and then found out that Chris lived not far from Brisbane, so I got in contact and followed his advice with having a proper healing diet and aloe enemas (I also had moderate success with garlic enemas). After day 4 using aloe enemas I suddenly felt different, this was not the same feeling as remission this was a “cured” feeling like the way my body worked before I had UC. I was having better bowel movements than I think I had before my UC diagnosis (I was happy… over the bloody moon) found something that works for me.

    Everything was fine until I stupidly had a phew to many bourbons on Christmas Eve, and I was sick the next day with UC symptoms, took the aloe enema again and BAM back to normal.

    I don’t know for sure if the aloe is a cure, but I do know that it has worked wonders for me and for Chris and it is worth a try for anyone. A proper healing diet, with probiotics are key as well.

    Hope this information helps anyone else, I am VERY thanksful I came across this post, I do not take anti-inflammatory medication any more.

  17. Hi Chris, its been over a year now since you wrote this article (you wouldn’t believe how similar your journey of treatment approaches is to mine!), so how are you getting on? PLease let us know


  18. Hi Chris

    I see that your last post was only in January, so I assume that things are going well for you still.

    I am very interested in what you say about cobacteria causing the inflammation and therefore conventional medicine having little hope in treating the actual cause.

    I have taken all the same dietary changes that you had previuosly made. I have taken the same supplements, almost in identical order, and I even tried David Klein’s veganism approach – which worked, but as with you I lost so much weight that I had to move away from that. I ended up on the scd diet, which i am still on, but I still have flares..

    I want to try the aloe vera enema now. I am just in the process of sourcing some plants.

    Would you have the time to speak via email? I have a few more questions but don’t want to drag this topic on too far


  19. Hey George,
    I am fit and healthy, no symptoms, no flares since October 2012. I am even back working for my old business although this time around a lot less stressful as I am not the owner. I can generally eat anything I like however I prefer a healthy diet so I stick to natural fresh foods as much as possible. I am lucky to live in a place which is abundant in fresh fruit and vegetables all year round. I try and eat organic meats as much as possible. I try stay off any products with added sugar. I rarely drink alcohol and exercise regularly. I mainly drink water and the odd freshly squeezed juice. All the right things anyway for a bloke getting close to 50 years of age, although I am not a total Puritan – I had a piece of cake yesterday as a treat. I have not eaten or drunk Aloe this year.
    I have assisted Josh above and am happy to help you out. It was Josh recently who put me onto further research around the correlation between Mycobacterium Avium Paratuberculosis (MAPS) in livestock (Johne’s Disease) and its appearance in sufferers of Crohns and Colitis. See this website for en eye-opener:
    Also this YouTube video is pretty convincing by the leading researcher on this:

    You can get me on


  20. Thank you so much for your post and to hear that you are doing well. Living in Qld, I was so pleased to find your post as I am an advent fan of aloe vera inner gel and in particular, the juice. I have used it on and off during the years particularly during cancer treatment. I have found that the “lifestream biogenic” 97.7% aloe vera juice (although a little expensive) was very helpful to me during radiation therapy which I had twice. The radiotherapists were shocked that I did not burn through the process. I also have been travelling recently and going through a stressful time and it was thought that I might have contracted giardia or an intestinal parasite or bacteria and I am also being tested for ulcerative colitis. I had stomach bloating, gas and diarrhea for about a year. I was put on the usual antibiotics with horrific side effects. I had to stop taking them. In desperation I decided to turn to my trusted old aloe vera juice and see if that could calm my stomach down abit and within a week, the diarrhea stopped, my skin started to clear up, I felt alive again and less anxious. My daughter started taking it too as she had the same symptoms. She had also suffered from acne her whole life and she now says her skin has never been better. I really believe aloe vera inner gel has many health benefits, it certainly has helped you and my family as well.

  21. Nicola,
    great to hear a good review for Aloe. I have used that brand juice – it has good credentials and I agree is quite expensive – its a Kiwi company bottling Aussie Aloe. Please keep us updated if you are tested positive for Ulcerative Colitis. Happy to assist a fellow Queenslander if you need access to plants or any advice

  22. Hi Chris,

    your story just filled me with hope. I send you an e-mail with some questions and i hope you will give some advices


  23. Thank you for sharing your positive experience with us! I think it will be helpful. But some extra info from you would be necessary for me. I’m planning too, to make aloe Vera juice, so as to put under control my situation. How much aloe Vera gel did you use? How was it prepared? It was a fruit juicer, or blender that helped preparing it? How long after taking it you noticed “the good signs”? Did you noticed any side effects? I would be grateful if you devote a bit from your precious time to helping me!! Thank you in advance!!

  24. Not to be a pest, but I am VERY SKEPTIC about this. HOW CAN ONE INTAKE A WHOLE LITER OF LIQUID via back door?? insane to say the least. I tried this three times, got fed up and decided to post this comment. There is no way the body would even tolerate more than 50ml (roughly 2 ounces??)..but the article suggests a WHOLE LITER? Spoke with TWO doctors and they said the same thing. So, if anyone is kind enough, please explain what it was I did wrong?? Very mad right now as it seems I got this plant for no reason. DEAR AUTHOR, HOW DID YOU DO IT? Thanks.

    1. my comment is only a year after, but maybe someone will find it useful. I’m having similar difficulties retaining the enema, but there are a number of things to keep in mind (which for many may be common knowledge)
      1 – you have to empty your bowels before this enema.
      2 – if your colon is inflamed, which mine is, you’re probably not going to accept much of this mixture, I can do maybe 50 ml. But I accept I’m not trying too hard and giving up quickly.
      So I’m going to continue to do this, and increase the amount I can take in and retain. Looks like after I get the enema out of my system along with mucus and some poop, my intestines calm down almost completely. I was and still am a bit skeptic about Aloe in the enema because it’s just not natural lol.
      Oh, last thing, the main reason I believe we’re not able to hold aloe vera enema for too long is because Aloe Vera is by nature a laxative, even the gel has slight laxative properties in it ( I know the skin is the real laxative)
      Well I’ll let you guys know how I do in next few weeks. must be persistent!

  25. Hey Jack,
    STOP SHOUTING!!! I am 165cms tall and got several 1 litre enemas into me. Sometimes I held them in for 10 minutes, other times for an hour or so. I have just assisted a 21 year old guy from this forum who is the same height as me – he is currently in remission. Amazingly he kept 1 litre in for 4 hours. His next enema was 1.75 litre for 50 mins then his next one was 1.75 litres for 8 hours!
    I would try 500mls and see how you go – it may reduce the urgency to let it all out. Also check your enema technique – position and speed of delivery is everything. I use the “Buttocks up” position to load the enema and get some assistance from my girlfriend. Check this website out:

    Now, I have refined this treatment to include a vital ingredient called Humic Acid among other things. This is very important. I am waiting for the forum moderator to allow me to add this to my initial story. Humic Acid kills the mycobacterium and the Aloe heals the colon. If you email me on I am happy to assist you with more details regarding the additional supplements. I have 3 other people I am assisting at the moment. I do this for free and it takes up my valuable time so if you pull your head in and email me I will assist you.
    By the way, stop talking to doctors – you wouldn’t be here if the doctors were fixing you!

  26. I appreciate your time and sharing your experinces with Aloe Vera, I was just diagnosed with Colitis, GI Doctor just prescribed me Lialda 2 capsules daily. He said it’s mild Colitis. I noticed that after the Colonoscopy i’m having diahrrea and at the very end a small amount of blood on top of stool. I refused to take meds. and started blending the inside gel of a whole leaf of Aloe Vera and same day I noticed a change in stomach gas and having to go visit the toylet to evacuate diahrrea with some blood, this is my second day taking it twice a day and I feel much better. in my desperate and anxious moments I somehow land with your comments on this website and got very emotional, I do want to do the enemas but i’m scared, since I have diahrrea and some bleeding. Please if you would be so kind to e-mail me at and explain exactly the blending and more or less the amounts of each to prepare the enemas I will do it. I’m a firm believer of plants that cures deceases, since this is how I was raised, but my mother passed away 15 years ago and I cannot remember a lot of remedies she used to raised eight of us.
    thank you in advance, MIrta Rico

  27. Dear. Christ,

    Since the past one year I have been suffering with a lower left abdominal pain ….doctors wanted to do a colonscopy …..I was hesitant as in the U.S it is just a money making racket and I just thought I did not really require it…..I went down to india and met with a specialist who on examination of my symtoms told me I had a chronic infection of the colon……he prescribed some medications …..I returned to the U.S and as soon as I stopped the medications the pain came back in days…..I read about aloe vera benefits but was skeptical as there were so many conflicting reports online from the medical fraternity but at the same time real life testimonies from ordinary people who benefitted….I thought I would give it a try ….I went off to the farmers market picked up a leaf of aloe vera….extracted a two inch piece of gel…..put some ginger,lime and coriander and water in a blender and drank the same within three days of having this my pain has subsided the rawness is gone and I am already feeling sooo much better……I am off medication ….and though a slight trace of discomfort remains I feel I am getting progressively better……just a simple remedy ,I wasted so much time effort and money on doctors….I am so encouraged to read your testimony…..truly aloe vera is a miracle cure …thankGod for providing us with plants which indeed heal and cure us from within….thankyou for sharing…..God Bless

  28. Chris,

    This is an amazing and inspiring story. I have a 17 year old daughter who was diagnosed with UC last year. She has done fairly well on Apriso, but is now 3 weeks into a flare. Persuading her to try the enema may not be easy, but I would at least like her to try drinking it. Do you think that is beneficial on its own? Or is there not enough left of it by the time it reaches the colon?

    I have a pretty big aloe plant and thought we would work with the real thing. Can you clarify a couple things about that process for me? I’m not clear what part of the plant is a laxative. Is that the inside of the leaf separate from the gooey stuff? For drinking and for enema, are you using just the gooey part? I wasn’t sure when you said “leaf” if that was the green part?

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience and supporting the community this way. It’s very generous of you! :)


  29. Laura,

    sorry to hear when kids and young people get this disease. The plus side is that kids are generally more receptive to healing from supplements. Here is a great tutorial on how to fillet an Aloe Leaf:
    The inner clear gel is what you are after. The outer leaf is the protective green coating which you discard once peeled (although the wet underside is excellent for sunburn).
    In between the outer leaf and inner gel is a slightly yellow area called aloin which is the laxative. Just make sure when you fillet the leaf that you only use the inner clear bit- cut along the leaf a bit deeper with the knife to avoid the aloin. I also use a potato peeler to assist. I generally don’t worry about the aloin – it is so hard to see anyway unless you have a huge leaf.
    If your daughter eats the inner leaf gel on its own or blend it up with some fresh squeezed fruit/vegetable juice it will help her. Also you must take Humic Acid as well. This will assist in stopping her diahrrea . She should notice a cessation of symptoms with aloe and Humic Acid orally. To truly target this disease, unfortunately the enemas are the best means. If you search through all these posts you will find my email address. Please email me for some stricter instructions and recommended supplements to assist.



  30. Hi Chris, I was just wondering if you were able to keep the enema in, and for how long? I just cant seem to keep it in more the. 1 min and i have to run the bathroom.

  31. Hi, my husband was diagnosed with UC in April 2015, seems like nothing has stopped the bleeding. I really need to get him in a regime that will help stop the bleeding. We’re truly desperate. He doesn’t want to take the medication the GI doctor prescribed. I want to have him try the aloe vera. What exactly should I have him do? Should he stop eating solids for a few days? I’m So new to this and honestly a bit scared. Where do I get good kefir grains from? I really need help.

  32. Hi Chris,
    I am wondering how much humic acid i should be having? Is this taken orally or mixed together with the aloe enema?
    Very interested to get any stricter information if possible.
    My email is

    Really appreciate it, John.

  33. I was diagnosed with UC, IBD, and H. pylori at age 17. I lost about 25-30lbs due to excessive bleeding when going to the restroom. I loved my pediatric doctor but still was not fixing the root cause. I was put on Pentasa, mesalamine, sulfonamide, you name it. It was very embarrassing when I would be at school and run to the restroom. I was always afraid I wouldn’t make it. After talking to my girlfriend at the time she told me her dad would bleed when going number 2 and he was cured by consuming the inside of Aloe Vera plants. I kid you not, within 7 days I was cured and had no more blood. I regained some of my weight the first month and was good to go after that. 3 years later I’ve bled a little and it seemed to have come back slightly after eating certain foods. I’m current eating another Aloe Vera plant my new girlfriend brought. Looking to being cured again :)

    1. Hi Raul! How are u taking the aloe vera? I have been taking it all natural with carrot and apple
      Juice, i cut it into small squares, still waiting for better results. I would love to hear your recipe

  34. i went on straight 7 days fruit juice fast and also used ALOE VERA anema as decribed here in the article but it didnt give me any BENEFIT :( Feeling upset

  35. Hello Chris

    I live in Canada, my 17yrs old son has been diagnosed with severe UC, remicade nor vedolizumab have not worked on him. Since I will not find aloe plants here, is there a brand for gel or powder that you recommend?

    Thank you!

  36. Hello Sam,

    I read that you are in Canada. In Vancouver, I have been able to find real aloe Vera plants at Whole Foods. But it depends where you are. Vancouver is a big city.

    Thank you so much Chris for your story and for helping other people to get into remission. God bless you.
    I am planning to give the aloe Vera enema a try at some point. I was already eating the inner gel of the leaf but I am not doing it every single day. Too many supplements to take already. I am also juicing green cabbage because I have read it cam stop the bleeding. Unfortunately it hasn’t yet.

  37. Hello Chris! Can you please confirm what amount of aloe vera you used per liter of water (I purchased a large leaf at a local co-op and after filleting it have the equivalent of between a cup or two… Should I do more than that)? Also, is the one liter and one inner leaf all you used divvied up throughout all 4 of the enemas? Or was that ratio for each of the 4 enemas? Thanks so much again!

    1. Curious about dosage here as well. Aloe supplements and enema – what is the correct dosage? Also has anyone had success with turmeric?

  38. I think the raw milk kefir was what may have healed you more so than aloe. But that’s just my opinion. Good on you for healing yourself in going through this journey too and CANNOT wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel like u did. I want my life back.

  39. Hi Chris, are u off All medication now? Also, I’m trying to find the article on mycobacteria…. please could you help? Do u still drink kefir?

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