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Remicade Around $10,000 Every Two Months, Is it Really That Expensive?

My son Pablo was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 3 years ago.

At the beginning I was worried

but I didn’t realize

it was something for life.

I live in El Salvador and here in my country this is a very weird and uncommon disease. Our gastroenterologist is trying hard to help but crisis are more often and more severe. Looking on the internet I found a clinic in Miami,Florida and we decide to flew to see a doctor specialist in UC. He prescribed lialda, and 6mp. I have no idea how i am going to get the medicine because here nobody knows it. I really need to know if it is possible to buy it online and if you need special prescription.

My life has completely changed because even if i am trying to make my son feel that everything is fine, i am all the time worried and thinking what ‘s next.

My son is supposed to start taking 6mp ( if we find it and if i can afford it) but after reading all the opinions and side effects I don’ t know anymore what’s right. Why is everybody asking for a way to stop taking it, and are there problems about having children ?

Please if somebody knows if there is a foundation or something to apply for financial aid to help my son I will really Appreciate your help.

Right now my son is in college in Monterrey Mexico, and he is on pentasa 4 grams , and salofalk enemas. He is doing fine most of the time, but having a strict diet and exercising his symptoms are every time worse.

What is the truth about Remicade?  Are the costs as high as they seem?



9 thoughts on “Remicade Around $10,000 Every Two Months, Is it Really That Expensive?”

  1. Monica,

    Please take some time and read through the other stories that other UC’ers have posted to the site over the past few years. There’s quite a few written by a range of people from a range of ages. I’m hoping that you get some helpful comments from some of the readers of the site too, but here’s the link in the meantime:

    best of luck to you and especially your son no matter how you decide to move forward,

  2. Hi Monica!

    Visit for help paying for the Remicade. I pay $50 for every treatment (every 8 weeks). Get in contact with them and they may have a program you may be eligible for.

    Also, I am on 6mp and although I have experienced hair loss and some nausea at first, it has helped me keep my colitis in remission along with the Remicade.

    Hope this helps!

    1. Thank you very much! Y really appreciate sharing your experience with me! These are great news and hope for my son!!! Blessings for you !!!

  3. I’ve taken 6MP for almost 2 years with little to no side effects… It costs me about $20 a month after insurance… The one side effect I had, nausea, went away after I figured out to take it after I eat… Other than that, I’ve had no issues with it…

    1. Hi MG,

      Just want to make sure everyone realizes that Entyvio (aka Vedolizumab) is only recently approved by the FDA for UC and although it would be super awesome if there were no side effects from it, there is already a few lists going around with some of the common side effects or potential side effects. here’s a quick snap quote from the FDA website itself: “The most common side effects in patients treated with Entyvio include headache, joint pain, nausea, and fever. ” more details from that here:

      Just want to make sure we’re all careful when we talk about meds and say “no side effects”. thx, -Adam

  4. So, have you already explored multiple diet modifications/natural supplements? You didn’t mention anything but “strict” diet, so don’t know what you’ve tried. I’m not on any of the meds. you mentioned, but the potential is there, with any medication, for side effects. You must do your research on each and every thing to do with this disease! I made the decision to try any and all natural treatments/diets/supplements before resorting to the class of drugs you’re talking about. I have taken Prednisone and Sulfasalazine short-term, but nothing yet that is immunosuppressive. So often, it seems, I read of people considering the immunosuppressive drugs (or even major surgery!), who are still eating/drinking whatever they want to, which is just not very wise with this disease. Hopefully, your son has already tried or is doing things like no gluten, no dairy, no processed/GMO/junk food full of pesticides/dyes/preservatives, no refined sugars, no soda pop, no alcohol, and whatever else the majority of people with UC typically find helpful. I also follow a natural treatment site on facebook where people offer tons of advice on probiotics and all kinds of supplements that some people are finding helpful. Things like moringa, slippery elm, turmeric, aloe, etc. Just like medications, you have to try each thing, one at a time, to see what helps or not. Research, research, research, and try, try, try things. I personally wouldn’t agree to the meds. you mentioned without first trying more natural treatments and diet modifications. Wishing your son the best!

  5. Monica – the Low Fodmap diet (with food diary), relatively easy to follow, along with psyllium seed powder, and an antifungal/antibacterial like propolis, olive leaf extract has worked for me.

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