Remicade and the Flu Shot Part 2

We are getting full on into the flu season, and if anyone has walked around the medical offices or medical buildings lately, its no mystery that it’s not only November, but its the beginning of the Flu season.   We had a very interesting discussion in the comments of last months posting from Michelle about Getting Flu Shots While on Remicade.  What was interesting to me was how there are some most definite conflicting views from people who follow this website with regards to the question of: “Should I Get the Flu Shot while on Remicade?”

As though we don’t have enough to worry about already in dealing with ulcerative colitis as an ongoing disease, the seasonal flu is just another thing thrown on top.  But, I think that if we all make informed decisions, the flu season should NOT be something for any of us to really worry about.  Also, I hear the flu shot itself is a relatively painless experience.

I did some investigations over the past few weeks, and it turns out that there is quite a bit of literature and some even coming from the Center For Disease Control with regards to the seasonal flu influenza.  If you want to get some of their current info, you should for sure check that out.

Thank you to everyone who added in comments back in September on the previous post.  I highly encourage anyone who has previous experiences with Ulcerative Colitis or Remicade in general to add your experiences if you like to the comment section.  Also, if anyone has any new ideas, or news from your gastro doctors or primary care/general practitioners with regards to the  flu season, it would be great to hear from you too.

As for me, I am very scared of shots, and have been my whole life.  So, as stupid as it might be, I have never gotten a flu vaccine that I remember, except maybe when I was a little kid.   I also think its been about ten years since I had the flu and for now, I am going to keep my fingers crossed that I don’t get the flu again.  On another side note, I definitely remember having the debate with my doctors and with my parents and wife about should I/shouldn’t I get the flu shot while I was taking remicade infusions, and I decided not to get it two years ago.  My mindset was that my immune system had already been compromised and I didn’t want to put anything else into it at that time.

Thanks Everyone, you all are the best, and I hope nobody with UC gets the flu influenza this year.

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  1. Hi Adam,
    thanks again for the great website. I just got my flu shot on Friday and have been getting them every year and I have been on remicade since 2007 – and I don’t get the flu or have any other noticeable side effects from the vaccine. Last year I got both the seasonal flu shot and H1N1. Both my GI and my general practitioner recommended the vaccine. BTW, I am overdue to contribute a story to the blog – I have updates and will share soon.


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