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Recipes to the Rescue for the Carbo-Holics Now on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet!


I was diagnosed in September 2012. I got on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet in January and it has really helped me. I am not in remission yet, but feel much better.

Some more about me:

I am a full time (super demanding job) working mother of two boys under the age of 4.

Current Symptoms:

A bit of blood with stools, but for the most part they are super hard!

SCD Recipes to the Rescue

Recipes to the rescue for the carbo-holics now on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet! First, let me say that I have been reviewing the site this evening and I am so inspired by the many stories of surgeries, trials and medications. I applaud you all on your separate journeys and wish you the best. Selfishly, I hope, pray, cross my fingers and toes that I will not need surgery and can maintain a decent life on the SCD like Adam. But, I don’t live unrealistically and I also have really crappy luck, so if I need to go down that path, I look to your stories of success for hope. About me…I was diagnosed six months ago and have been trying to figure this whole thing out. My UC is what my doctor says is mild to moderate and has not consumed my entire colon. I am desperate to not live a life dependent on drugs if I don’t have to. (Which is odd coming from me, because I have popped a pill for every ache and pain and any other excuse since I was a teenager.) This disease however, has given me a new perspective on everything.

Anyway, a few months ago a woman posted a message on this site about the SCD diet and shared a couple recipes and her website. There were several of us, many busy moms, who asked her for more recipes that can help us with our hectic lives. Despite our attempts, she did not reply. Her post however did prompt me to search for cookbooks and low and behold there are an abundance of wonderful cookbooks out there for us on the SCD diet. I had no idea they existed, but thank goodness they do. And so I post this for those of you struggling with the diet, or finding it too restrictive to try, or for other busy moms who need a helping hand.

I just got done baking my two favorites: blueberry muffins and biscuits. As a self proclaimed carbo-holic, it is soooo hard for me to go without breads and cereals so these fill that void. Alas the muffins that are awesome and low fat —(SIDE BAR – yes I am one of the unfortunate that have gained tremendous weight and have the added bonus of a distended belly—nothing better than that when you are trying to lose baby weight —and the kicker is, it isn’t because of the meds—I work in healthcare and have found several docs who confirm the unexplained weight gain and distended stomach comes with UC!!!another reason to love this disease!) Anyway, as I was saying, the low fat muffins are found on page 53 of ‘Everyday grain-free gourmet’ by Jodi Bager and Jenny Lass. It is literally – 300 degree oven; 2 1/2 cups of almond flour; 1/2 tsp salt; 1/2 tsp baking soda; 1/4 cup honey ( i use a bit more); 1 TBLS vanilla; 3 eggs and 1 cup (i use a bit more) of berries of chopped fruit; mix well; put in muffin baking cups in muffin tins (makes about 15) and throw in the oven for about 30 mins. These are sooo good! I have to try and limit myself to just one or two and I have to hide them from the rest of the family or they are gone within 12 hours. I make them Sundays for breakfast and snacks for the week. The same book also has my other favorite on page 56 – hearty biscuits. I just made a tuna fish sandwich with them and tomorrow will have them with a wonderful barley vegetable stew ( minus the barley). The other book which is my go to is Lucy’s Specific Carbohydrate Diet Cookbook. For those of you struggling like I was on this diet, but want to give it a shot, use these books and the many more there are out there. I am happy to share other recipes that I have found and those that I have tried that aren’t very good so you don’t have to waste you precious almond flour trying. Good luck and happy baking and cooking to a healthier colon.


Was on Asacol but still had mucous and blood. Thought it led to the massive weight gain so switched down to the predecessor of Sulfasalazine. Sulfa sucks because I have to take 4 a day with lots of water and food, and because the weight management I was expecting didn’t happen, however, I do not have the mucous and the blood is much less. Only one day of headaches on day 2, but i think i took the pills too close together and didn’t drink enough water. The sulfur is bad on you if you don’t eat and don’t drink enough water.

written by Busy UC Mom

submitted in the colitis venting area

5 thoughts on “Recipes to the Rescue for the Carbo-Holics Now on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet!”

  1. Thank you for the recipes. I also cook SCD but I try to think out basic family recipes and SCD them. So for example lasagna I use egg plant instead of pasta I cut off it’s outer skin though. My daughter loves this and and you can vary it a bit by using different meats. My kids love meat ball and so I just omit pasta for Olivia. She has extra cheese :) my daughter also loves the toffee. I think it’s from the Pecan Bread site.amazing!!! If you can’t find it I can give it to you and they have a shortbread recipe which is fab ;)

    Cheers, Senga

  2. Hi, thanks for the recipes. I’ve done some cooking with almond flour, a plain cake, and it was delicious. I don’t follow the whole diet as well as I should, but fortunately, I’m not flaring. There are a lot of great natural supplements that help UC such as a good probiotic, aloe vera juice, l-glutamine, I take several after being on this site and learning about them and doing research on the internet. Like others and yourself, I’ve sufferend badly from the extended belly. I used to wear my t-shirts tucked in but not any more, of course I weigh more, too, so the scd way of eating will help you to lose weight also–a great added bonus! Who knew that eating baked goods from nut flours could be so good! Best of luck to you. Thanks, Senga, for the heads up on the Pecan Bread site. I’ve heard about it but have’nt checked it out yet. I’m going to do that now…

  3. Comfybelly is another good one and with variations for different diets and flours. I don’t really like almond flour and have been using cocnut flour. Can’t eat either of the so called breads! But that’s just me and I’m too finicky. Don’t forget Adam’s cookbook/recipes! :-)

  4. From one UC mom to another, I applaud you! This illness is tough enough to deal with as it is, but having young children who depend on you at the same time adds a whole other series of challenges to learn to cope with and work around. I’ve been on SCD for about a year now and it’s made a difference for me, but it really took me a while to get how the diet works. If what you’re doing is working for you now, stay with it. Especially for a working mom, I’m sure you need quick foods like muffins and breads. Having said that, be careful not to overdo it with the almond flour. If you start going backwards at all or your symptoms return, I’d recommend cutting them out for a bit or switching to coconut flour. I had to cut them out entirely for months, but it made a big difference. The almond flour is chuck full of protein but it’s still nuts and still taxing on your digestive system regardless–especially if you’re in a flare. With SCD, you start by basically starving all the bad bacteria, right? This is why the intro part of the diet is so important. Having said this, it’s not easy as a busy mom to be making soup from scratch all the time. The second part of the key to the diet is repopulating your gut with good bacteria, which you do with the 24-hour yogurt or probiotic pills or some form of probiotics. Start slow with this and then work up to higher doses. This should make a big difference. This again took me a while to figure out the best way, but it’s made a huge difference. Also, Bev on this site recommends L-Glutamine which I’ve also been taking and seen a great improvement with. Also, as for cookbooks, the paleo diet is very similar to SCD and it seems to be in it’s glory days at the moments with new cookbooks coming out all the time. Lots of paleo blogs too. Best of luck!

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