Recently Diagnosed 19 Year Old Male at University

william UK colitisIntroduction:

My name is William, I am 19 years old and live in England, currently studying sports management at Bournemouth University. Recently diagnosed around 3 weeks ago.

Some more about me:

From England, play tennis and regular gym goer. Like keeping fit and healthy, currently at university and refusing to let it affect my degree!!

Symptoms I’m Dealing With:

Bleeding, loose stool, neck pains, headaches, incontinence (embarrassing for anyone of any age) Stomach craps when I haven’t eaten, currently taking 6 asacol pills per day and paracetamol for the pain. Used Immodium once but that put me in bed the whole of the next day…. not the best of ideas.

Recently Diagnosed and at University

My name is William, I am 19 year olds and currently in my second year at Bournemouth University in England. I was diagnosed with UC just over 3 weeks ago now, and i had light symptoms for a month before that, so I got it diagnosed pretty quickly! I am definitely glad I did. I have to say for someone my age who is used to intense gym training regimes and has played tennis for 15 years at a highly competitive level, I hate the idea of having to be house bound. I was diagnosed with a bowel disorder called hirchsprungs disease when I was born which made the early years of my life tough. Now I have a double whammy of diseases!! But you can’t just give up, no one should just give up. Im in the early days of flare up and who knows how long ill be in it for, but i still play tennis, lightly and low intensity, but nevertheless, im still standing. Its really inspiring hearing how people are symptom free now and I hope to be there soon and get my life fully back on track!

This site was scary at times, seeing how long it can take to get into remission, especially for someone who has only recently diagnosed, but it is also fantastic, especially when I am low, because I know that I am not alone, and I know that there are people who are struggling even more than me, therefore I wish them all of the very best and keep going! We will all be living normal lives again soon!

I first got neck pains and severe headaches 2 days ago, does anyone else find that they have this? I’m not sure if I am just getting the flu because I have been feverish in bed the last couple of nights, maybe because my currently low immune system!


Currently on Asacol 6 tablets per day.

Was prescribed asacol foam enema but that made me extremely sick.

written by William

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  1. Hey William,

    It’s great that you’re still busting a positive attitude even though you’re going through so much at the moment. It’s gonna get better, and most certainly with your positive outlook, you’ll find a way to get back to a normal life that you and all the other UC’ers deserve.

    I wanted to chime in about the severe headaches. I myself was diagnosed over 4 years ago, and rarely had headaches before that.(I’m 34 years old now) Anyways, one time in my UC early days, I was prescribed sulfasalazine (another common UC medication). And, sure enough, within a day of starting that I came down with severe headaches that were awful. So, I called back my GI and explained and he simply told me to lower the dose in half, and like magic the headaches went away. I’m off those meds now, but that idea on calling your doctor and trying to investiage if the Asacol is maybe a part of your headaches might be valuable.

    As for the neck pains…it’s hard to say for sure. Maybe you slept funny on your neck…(I’ve sure done that alot) or maybe it is UC related. There’s a pretty interesting survey we conducted here a while back with MANY UC’ers about joint pains you might want to read up on. You might find some similar stories/experiences from others with regards to neck pains. Here’s the link to that:

    Best of luck to you William and thanks for sharing your story,


    1. Hi William,

      I’m from Southampton and I was diagnosed about 4 years ago when I was at Oxford Brookes University and I was 20.
      Just wanted to say hi as your situation sounds very similar to yours (although I wish I was as active as you are!)
      I know how tough it is to have this disease while trying to enjoy the regular uni life!
      It’s been a roller coaster but I’m finally feeling good now. You will get there… Like you said, you can’t give up.
      If you want to talk you can add me on Facebook or email me –
      Keep up that positive attitude and I hope you find remission soon!


  2. I’ve noticed that I get pretty bad pains if I haven’t eaten in a while that are more than the hunger pains I used to get. I never thought this was necessarily related to the UC until reading this post. Anyway, William I hope you start to feel better real soon.

  3. You’ll get into remission soon enough; don’t worry! I’m from the United States, and I was diagnosed my freshman year of high school. Now I’m a freshman at college. I was very active before my diagnosis, but had to slow down a lot afterwards. However, I still play a lot of basketball, I go hiking all the time and love being outdoors. This year I also started lifting at the gym, and I am running my first half marathon this summer. I am definitely in the best shape of my life! Without UC, I probably would have become lazier, and would not have been as ambitious. As long as you follow your meds, and keep trying out your diet to find the right foods for your body, you will definitely be able to perform at the same level again! It just takes some work, good luck!

  4. I was 22 when I was diagnosed. I’m now 38. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to take my health and my eating choices more seriously. It’s not always easy. But this site is very useful and helpful. You might want to also explore different sites that focus on gluten free menus which I have found helpful. Being in shape is going to help your body. Keep up the healing process. You’ll be ok!

  5. Hey William, I had a pretty bad flare when I was 20 and in University and I know all about the fun of incontinence! I had an accident literally every single day at school… not sure how bad it is for you or how you’re handling it, but just wanted to share what I did: bought myself some Depends (okay I made my mom buy them for me the first few time I’ll admit.. but you get used to it!), wore one everyday which really decreased my stress, and always packed a spare one, some wet wipes, and a plastic bag in my backpack! Even though it was still awful every time it happened, at least I was prepared and was able to sort it out wherever I was and get on with my day. You also sound like you have a great positive attitude, which is definitely needed as I just had to laugh at my situation sometimes.. I also found that sharing my issue with a few people really helped (parents, sister, best friend). That way if they were with me I could just roll my eyes and tell them what was up, and if I was having a particularly rough day I could call them and they could laugh (or cry!) through it with me!

    Anyways, hope that helps! You’re definitely not alone and things will get better!!

  6. hey william

    i agree that it totally sucks having UC while in school. it really could not come at a worse time!

    are your meds helping at all? if you don’t see improvement, you can always try other meds as well as supplements and diet change. i’m not sure how your other bowel disorder affects you and what sort of food limitations you have, if any. the SCD diet and the paleo diet have been helpful in relieving some of my symptoms. i also have noticed improvement since i started taking blackstrap molasses every night- 1 tbsp.

    1. Hi guys!

      Just to let you know, especially as adam has been looking into prednisolone, that ive just come off an 8 week course, and for me i was pretty much in remission by 2 weeks into the course! i’m now completely in remission and im eating normally (im a huge lover of spicy food and i can even eat that now) I’m living a normal life again and i’ll tell you what i have never appreciated life more. I totally understand that i have had it easy and i wish anyone still struggling the best of luck! I lost 2 1/2 stone over the month and a half i had the flare up of which gained back 1 stone having been back in the gym training everyday! Im now stronger than I’ve ever been and just competed in nationals for tennis and won the first match of the season comfortably! I’m still on the asacol everday but i’m quite happy if it keeps me the way i am! This disease has given me a totally new outlook on life! one which i can safely say im loving!! Thank you for all your kind words and support, if anyone needs someone to cheer them up or keep them positive then feel free to email me on (i coach tennis and dabble in personal training so im good with motivation ;)) I hope that everyone can get to the position i am in, because they sure as hell deserve it!!

    2. Joanna,

      the meds helped loads, my other bowel disorder is totally unrelated soo it doesn’t really have any affect on my UC. Although the doctor was quite sympathetic and turned round to me and said that I was just horrendously unlucky to have two bowel/ colon disorders!

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