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Recent Studies You Can Read About Ulcerative Colitis News/Treatments

Thanks for taking a moment to catch up with some recent news and scientific studies that have been released by the medical and scientific community concerning ulcerative colitis.

There is always a ton of research going on, and some of it I try to put a bit of a spotlight on for you take easily take advantage of reading up on.  There of course is much more than I will list here, and I encourage you to read the “How to use PubMed article -here” to learn how to research it on your own as well.

Here are some studies I found particularly interesting:

  1. Fecal Microbiota-based Therapeutics for Recurrent Clostridium difficile Infection, Ulcerative Colitis and Obesity.  This particular full-text study is not published yet, but the link above does go to the abstract which is pretty interesting.  You can email the scientist who were involved here to inquire further:
  2. Fast-track drug approval in inflammatory bowel diseasesThis study is one which takes a look at the different types of thinking behind the development of new medicinal products for people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease such as people with ulcerative colitis.  There are different processes in place in different parts of the world (for example in the United States compared to Europe or the “EU”) with regards to deciding on “how” and “how fast” to approve new medications that are under development.  Medications can take 10 years or more to become commercially available, and this sometimes can be “fast tracked” or sped up if certain governing bodies are in agreement that the potential benefits outweigh the risks to public health (mainly with regards to adverse events/ side effects/the safety of specific medications..)    Because there is so much going on right now with ulcerative colitis medications being developed, and a whole new world of medicines being produced called Biosimilars (think of them as generic versions of some biologics that are already produced and approved in many countries), I think this research might help to give people with UC a better idea of how all this medication based treatment marketing authorization status is developed and regulated.
  3. An indirect comparison of infliximab versus adalimumab or golimumab for active ulcerative colitis.This study is best summed up by the following taken directly from the study’s introduction:  The aim of the study was to compare adalimumab or golimumab with infliximab in patients with moderately-to-severely active ulcerative colitis (UC).
  4. Preventive Health Measures in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Maybe my favorite of all the studies.  Quite a few research based ideas on things that people can either do, or at least think about with regards to things to do for better health even with IBD.  Topics such as:
    1. Physical Activity
    2. Nutrition
    3. Screening for Anemia (Anemia is one of the most common extra-intestinal manifestations of IBD)
    4. Bone Health
    5. Calcium and Vitamin D talk…Eye Health…the list goes on and on…read it!
    6. Vacinnations…Sleep Disorder screening (don’t forget the 418 person Sleep Survey we took right here on iHaveUC in June 2013:))  link to that is here
    7. Antibiotics, Probiotics
    8. AND MORE….Once again, I really think you should take a moment and read this study


last Friday...ok..give me a break:) I had a long night with some co-workers on Thursday:))

last Friday…ok..give me a break:) I had a long night with some co-workers on Thursday:))

Alrightee, there you go.  Another round of some latest and greatest research that is circling out there in the medical community.  If you are going to see your GI doctor this week, please feel free to share this posting with him/her.  And if you have any questions about the above studies, most definitely print them out and ask your gastroenterologist doctors too.  There’s nothing like a good GI doctor who stays on top of his/her game by keeping up with the latest research.

Thank you again for reading, and have a great week!

(and may we all be through with this crazy election season soon eh…OK, cheers to everyone of you and I’m wishing you all a few NO TOILET PAPER NEEDED POOPS this week!!!!, I had one last week at work, and it was FABULOUS:)


19 thoughts on “Recent Studies You Can Read About Ulcerative Colitis News/Treatments”

  1. Adam,

    You’re the best! Thanks for the the info. and for the lightheartedness. I swear, never in my life would I have admitted that having a “regular” bm would bring about such joy, but it has and it does! Wishing you great weeks and many more tp free moments…


  2. Thanks so much Adam. You are the greatest!!! I have learned so much from the studies you have posted and from the wonderful newsletter you started. Keep up the good work!

  3. I was very interested in the “Preventive Health Measures in Inflammatory Bowel Disease” study. Particularly the smoking cessation section. I had others say that smoking had actually helped their UC. I had also been told that there was a study showing a very high percentage of people diagnosed with UC were ex-smokers. I myself am an ex-smoker and was not diagnosed until after I had stopped smoking for several years. I am going to show this study to my GI Doctor next week and see if he recommends starting smoking again :). I am currently on Entyvio infusions every 8 weeks and it seems to be working pretty well. If this fails I will try smoking before I have my colon removed.

    1. Hi Rick,
      Thanks for posting, and thank you as well for sharing this info with your doc. There are many studies published on UC on a regular basis, and it is actually pretty tuff for a busy doctor to stay up to date, so thank you again!

      Best regards, and glad to hear that Entyvio is working well for you,

  4. Hi Adam. And thank you so much. My wife has chromes disease. She is malnutrition for the last three months. We are going to see a chromes Dr Friday. We are trying to get my wife on. Entyvio infusions. Right now she eats good meals but the good stuff goes straight out her per or poop.

    Need help. Her medical Dr. Wants to put her on a feeding tube. I don’t feel that’s the right thing. We need to go to a Doctor that is willing to help.
    We also have a son in Jacksonville Florida. We live in Kokomo Indiana.
    Can you give any suggestions.
    Thank you Paul n Linda Hamilton

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