Really Scared, Lots of Questions, New to Colitis!


Hello, my name is Jessica, I’m a teenager in highschool and I was just recently diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in May, 2012, but I have had these symptoms before stepping up and getting diagnosed for a long time…

teenager with colitis

My Symptoms:

frequent bowel movements, uncomfortable stomach feeling, cramping, and side effects from the medicine.

My Story:

Hi everyone,Although, I have had colitis symptoms for the past 5 years but they were mild and I kept them a secret from my parents thinking that it wasn’t too big of a deal. I regret not telling them sooner every single day. So, here’s my story of my awful experience so far, I have nobody I know with this disease and really have no one to vent to so here goes my first time trying to!Well, for the past 5 years I have had diarrhea with blood and cramping. BUT I didn’t tell anyone, I would just say “I don’t feel good” to stay home when I had bad cramping and had to go to the bathroom too often to go anywhere at the time. So anyways I wasn’t going to the bathroom THAT much before and teh cramping was not too bad… until April this year. Now for these 5 years the symptoms would come for a week or two and then go for a few weeks so it wasn’t too bad but when April came i had the same symptoms for a month. So I finally told my mom that “hey, I have had diarrhea for a couple weeks” So we went to the doctors, I didn’t mention the blood for another week. I don’t know why I didn’t think it was a big deal but I’m the type of person that is easily embarrassed and such. I don’t want to give off the impression that I’m a bad kid who doesn’t talk to their parents because I am definitely not. I get 90’s in school in every class, never done drugs, i don’t party, drink or anything “typically teenager” as some would say. My parents are still together so I’m not a kid struggling with a parental divorce, they hardly even fight actually. I do talk to them but I just didn’t tell them about this.I’m getting a bit distracted now, lets get back to april. We went back to the doctors immediately when i told her about the blood and he booked an upper GI for the following week to check it out. 2 days before the appointment I found myself on the way to the hospital. I was going to the bathroom a good 20 times a day at this point, all blood so I felt very weak, and I was quickly dehydrating. The reason I was going to the hospital was my stomach pain was so awful i couldn’t bare it anymore and because I was just losing anything i would drink I was dehydrating. My muscles actually went in shock and I could barley move my limbs, I was basically temporarily paralyzed. So we went to the hospital got a bunch of different x-rays and tests done including an Upper GI that they did at the hospital. I was in there for a week and found out on the fourth day that it was UC.

I have never heard of this disease before, so I didn’t know what to think of it at first. I guess this disease can run in families which actually has me seriously thinking about when I grow up and my future family, I don’t know if i could live with myself if my children also had to go through with this disease knowing that it could be because I had it too. This could be just my mind making me crazy because I recently have totally changed personalities. My mom actually wants me to get a life coach because I’ve been really depressed, maybe from teh pills, maybe from the stress of knowing “I have a disease” maybe it’s a combination of both, I don’t know.

But back to the hospital, I met my new doctor that specializes in this stuff. And finally was let go from the horrible hospital (i hate hospitals) after a weeks stay. So, they put me on predisone I take 45mg a day right now and have been taking 50 for over a month before this week when they FINALLY dropped it down by one.Its giving me awful side effects.. my cheeks are so swollen, its making me gain a lot of weight, and it is making me get sick a lot.

This is staring to get a bit long so ill skip to my questions!
I’m really scared and have a lot of questions but i get so frustrated because every time I ask my doctor or search the question on the internet I NEVER get an answer.My doctor is awful he just rushes me in and out and never answers my questions! All I get are “everyone’s different” or I get yeah this is good to eat from a few websites, and the complete opposite from others.. UGH. anyways here are some:

– im getting really nervous over stupid things, stressed out and panic a lot.. before all this i was such a calm person and nothing bothered me! Is this normal? Should i see someone for help with this or just wait it out?

– Is it OKAY to eat dairy?!
all I eat is dairy.. I LOVE cheese, milk and everything dairy.. is it alright to have this stuff still?

What foods do i avoid?
everywhere I look it lists basically everything you could possibly eat so its really been no help.. I would imagine spicy food right? And im not really sure about what else to avoid (Im still having symptoms btw, I go to the bathroom about 5 times a day only have blood sometimes and my stomach gets an uncomfortable feeling that comes and goes throughout the day. These may seem mild but remember im on 45mg of steroids everyday soo yeah.. )

Whats remission like? Can i eat anything i want again? (I have been avoid fast food and anything fried too ) am i ever going to only go to the bathroom once or twice a day again?

– Am i going to put on a lot of weight?

Is green tea good to drink? ( i hate the taste but if it’ll help ill drink it, I’ve heard it could be good for the inflammation, but bad for the diarrhea soo.. any help would be good )

is coffee okay?

– i know i asked about dairy, but specifically cream.. is ice cream or any cream okay because its much stronger than the regular 2 percent milk!

– how long does this first stage after being diagnosed usually last? I was diagnosed around may 6th, so its been over a month of taking the awful medicine, is there any timeline someone could give me or is it just gunna be a fun little waiting game..?

– If I figure out how to edit this later i’ll add more questions or fix up my story, I’ve been rushing this because I’ve got to get to bed because ive got to get up early for church tomorrow! So for now goodnight and thank you in advance for any information you can help me with :D

Where I’d Like to be in 1 Year:
IN REMISSION, hopefully back to school (i was put on home bound and haven’t been to school for the last 2 months!)I don’t want anything else except for this to just appear as if it were gone.. i know its chronic and won;t just go away but you know, i want to get back to my normal again!

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  1. Hi Jessica
    I’m sorry that you are going through this at such a young age. I’m 24 and can’t say that I’ve fully come to terms with where my life has gone. I’ve been diagnosed for over a year and and half but have yet to go into remission. My body didn’t respond to prednisone either and the side effects were worse than the symptoms so my doc took me off those. I guess the game really is trial and error in what will work for you and what works for others. I’ve had to take coffee out of my diet it just makes the cramping worse. I’ve put myself on a mostly liquid diet cause of lately just not responding well to solid food. Im also sorry you are not comfortable with your doctor. I would suggest maybe seeing if there was another Gi doc in your town and see how they approach you. I wasn’t happy with my first but now love the ones I see now.

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your current troubles… know that you are not alone!!! We all (for the most part) have down-played our symptoms and let them go for too long before seeking help. No worries!!!

    I’m extra sorry to hear about your most recent giant flare-up. It’s NOT fun!!! I just went through one myself, I’m trying to kick it, but it’s been lingering around…

    I do have some advice for you… for the stomach cramping (most likely caused by intestinal spasms)… I would recommend coconut water. I like the Vita Coco brand (also recommended by my Doc). It has helped SO much with the stomach cramps and the severe dehydration.

    As far as eating, what to avoid, what to eat, what not to eat… well, there are lots of different views on that. My Natropath Doc has me on an “anti-inflammatory” diet (gluten free). It’s also called the “Paleo Diet.” Your body is in an inflammed state, and it needs to heal and deflame. You can check out the website

    You should not eat: Corn (it is the absolute hardest food to digest). You should not eat grains (highly highly inflammatory).
    As far as your questions… it depends on where you live… do you live in the U.S.???
    My Doc has very strong feelings about dairy, green tea and coffee… they are all OK, but they must be ORGANIC.
    Non-organic tea and coffee are full of herbicides and pesticides, which are too rough on the GI tract, and non-organic dairy (in the U.S.) has antibiotics and added hormones. Antibiotics are terrible for UC, as you will learn.
    I believe that the restrictions in Canada and Europe on dairy would make eating dairy OK, since added hormones and antibiotics are not allowed.

    I have been following the anti-inflammatory diet since December. Yes, it is more expensive, but it’s worth it.

    As far as the anxiety and panic, it is OK. No worries… It’s NORMAL!!! My Doc put me on an amino-acid called GABA to help me deal with the anxiety/stress. It’s a big help. You can look it up/check it out. You can buy it over-the-counter at a Co-op or natural foods/supplements store.

    And also, I’m sorry to say, you’re not alone when you say that you’re not comfortable with your GI Doc. I don’t know what the deal is. Never be afraid to get a second opinion, and do your own research! I see that you’re well on your way, as you have already discovered this website. :)

    I would recommend that you and your parents look into a probiotic. You need to rebuild your intestinal flora and get the right kind of bacteria growing in your gut. I take (and so do lots of other people) a probiotic called “Primal Defense” and the brand is “Garden of Life”. Probiotics are safe and you can take them along with Western medicines. If you can, though, I would recommend that you have a consultation with a Natropath/Holistic Doc. In my experience, they are so much more willing to work on trying to heal your colon and body as a whole, as opposed to the GI Docs. We need the GI Docs, but we need some extra help, too. :)

    As far as your weight… you are gaining weight right now as a side-effect from the Prednisone, but after you’re off it, it’s been my experience that you are going to lose weight (especially if you switch to a gluten-free diet). I have lost a bit of weight (and I was a healthy weight before), so now I’m slightly underweight and my clothes are all a bit baggy. ;)

    My last piece of advice… when I was in the FLARE part of the FLAAAAAAAAAAARE (you know what I mean), the food that agreed with me the best was sweet potatoes (the white ones, not the orange ones). I ate organic sweet potatoes… and I was much better off. I had tried eating yogurt, mashed potatoes, and it all just went straight through me… I was severely severely dehydrated. I peeled the sweet potatoes, boiled them, and mashed them. It was wonderful to finally have something that stayed in me!!! I was on just organic sweet potatoes for a bit, then I added organic sauteed spinach and almond butter (by the spoonfull). Those foods are all extremely nutritious and low on the glycemic index (which is better for your GI tract right now).
    I know I said that was the last piece, but I keep thinking of things… You should eat some steamed cabbage… or if you have a juicer, you should have some cabbage juice. Cabbage releases sulfiric (sp?) acid and that helps heal the ulcers in your colon.

    As far as the timing, I do think it is different for everyone, but I was sick sick sick with the flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare for about 3 weeks (spent in the bathroom), and another 3 weeks after that (spent in bed), just from being so weak from the dehydration and anemia. I am dealing with just small amounts of bleeding right now… and I’m trying to kick it so I can go back to full remission! I am pretty much on a liquid diet right now… lots of veggie soup, no raw veggies, no fruit, nothing with sugar or natural sugar or fructose… I’m trying to give my colon time to heal.

    If you have any questions, please let me know!!! I am sending you a giant hug!!!!!!!!!!!! You are going to be OK!!! Hang in there!!!

  3. Hang in there. Find a specialist who deals with UC. There are other drugs besides Prednisone. Prednisone did not help my UC and the side effects can be troubling. I have been very successfully in remission by taking a Rx named Lialda. I also take a prescription probiotic called VSL#3. I follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) which many people with UC find helps keep them in remission. Look for the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall. It is really a very easy diet to follow once you know what to avoid. There are plenty of websites with info on SCD diet.

    You can have kids, enjoy life, and have a happy future….you just need to learn how to deal with this disease. One of the confusing issues is that what works for one person does not necessarily work for someone else. Read some of the articles on this site and you will hear different voices and different stories from fellow UC patients. You are not alone…this is a fairly common disease. You may even know someone else who has it but is reluctant to speak about it.

  4. Jessica,
    Sorry to hear what you have gone through. You have been brave dealing with your symptoms for soooo long, I saw my brother deal with his for just under a year and I thought that was mad crazy. I still have’t found all the info I wanted to know about UC but slowly but surely I hope. I can only recommend keeping a Bowel Movement and Food diet alongside doing the meds… I recently been thinking the same questions as you have though, it is hard when recently diagnosed with a Disease and suddenly you want to know everything to slowly get to grips with all that panic and pain.
    I have a question to add to yours for everyone;
    #There is so much to take in whilst dealing with it all for the first time, What advise can you give on say – what would be the first 5 (or more if there is more) most important points to make sure we know/do/control when being diagnosed and still dealing with controlling the symptoms??
    UC FB

  5. Mary-Ann: Im so sorry to hear you STILL haven’t gone into remission after a year and a half!! I hope you go into remission really soon. As far as the GI doctor, the next one that is closest to me is a 2-3 hour drive so that’s why i have yet to see another one so far, if my doctor tries to put me on an immunosuppressant (which he has said is the next step) then we will ask him to recommend someone else because my parents and I really DON’T want me on those! I’ll tell you guys how that goes if thats what it comes to!
    Thanks for teh tips and support, feel better :)

    Polly: THANK YOU SO MUCH for your comment! It has a TON of helpful tips I will definetly try! (even if I didn’t want to read some of those things about the certain diets I know I have to change something! )
    For the dairy I live in Canada, lower Ontario if that makes any difference, but we do most of our grocery shopping in the States.. :( im not sure about the rules for adding hormones here either.. but we live pretty close to the states, I guess i’ll have to start checking if the items are imported from the US or not and shop here from now on if the rules are different as you say!
    That’s good about the weight loss after the prednisone! Actually today I got to drop down by one more pill (only 40mgs a day now ..woo! )
    As far as my flare.. im not sure if i can call it that anymore! It’s kind of like recently, i’ve been okay during the day, with minimal cramping and i only go to the bathroom between 8pm-10am about 3-6 times, and its not too bad anymore(its kinda getting solid! very exciting… haha) and i only have blood in the stools about 1-2 times out of those 3-6. I guess it’s still a flare but I think its the prednisone helping me through this and im really scared that when i ween off of it my sypmtoms will go back to the FLAAAARE that it was at (trust me not too long ago!) just a little more info on it if that changes anyones helpful tips for me!
    So I have been kinda watching what i’ve been eating… but not entirely, i hav’nt been eating fried foods, but i HAVE been eating bread…:s but since im not having such bad symtoms is it bad to continue eating bread or not because its been pretty under control of late..? Im very stubburn with my food so these diets are killing me!
    Also, I just saw my family doctor, not my GI doctor, just to check in and see what he has to say on the subject, he recommended organic foods, and said that i should be on a stright only organic diet.. ahh! My parents said that they will be buying me organic foods, but whatever they can’t buy organic I can have unless i start feeling very sick from it.. WHICH REMINDS ME i have another question! Since I am on the prednisone.. is it kind of hiding my symptoms even to foods, I mean i really havnt had a reaction to anything in particular thus far… am i going ot have to wait until after im completly off of them to see what bothers me or does it not matter that i am taking them? It may be a confusing question so ill try to word it differently again. Does the steriods make my reactions towards different foods hide or have i just not eaten a food that has made me feel really sick yet?
    Lastly Polly, Thank you so much for all the tips and being soo supportive, I too am sending you a giant hug and hope you can get off that liquid diet soon! Feel better (:

    ALSO im taking asacol, i forgot to mention that in my story, as well as prevacid every day! The only other pills i take besides those 3 are vitamins, mostly for iron because of my anemia, but also vitamin d3 and materna! Thanks everyone for reading and commenting and thanks to future commentors in advance this website has been really helpful to me already it’s incredible!

  6. j: I will look into probitoics now that it has already been recommended to me more than once thank you. And as for my future I guess I just can;t look that far ahead, im in a much better place today than the day i wrote my story so i guess things change quick! Goodluck with your health, I hope you stay in remission for as long as possible!

    UC Family Boy: Im sorry to hear about your brother, it is really hard when you have the symptoms for soo long! Thanks for the recommendation, I will try to get myself to try the SCD diet that has also been recommended for me on this website too, goodluck to you and your family (:

    1. Hi Jessica,
      My 15 year old daughter has UC. We tried Prednisone and all of the 5-ASA meds but the side-effects were worse and more dangerous than we thought worth it. The next step was 6-MP and if that didn’t work, then surgery to remove the portion of her colon. I did a lot of research into dietary control of the disease and use of probiotics. We do phone consultations with Dr. Michael Dantini at Sage Medical Labs in Florida and the personal chef there has helped me with the food component. We took this approach last September and my daughter has been doing really well. Only a couple of very minor flares that lasted only a day or two since we could quickly identify the food trigger. The basic idea is “To increase the level of healthy gut biopics and decrease the level of BAD unhealthy gut biopics and parasites. The is done by increasing the good bacteria with supplements and starving the bad bacteria” What she does is as follows:
      1. PROBIOTICS – LOTS OF THEM – we use VSL#3 because the research is really strong for management of UC. The basic idea is to increase the level of good biopic
      2. DIETARY CHANGES – she had to eliminate CORN, WHEAT, SOY, DAIRY, EGGS. Definitely NO processed foods!! This was hard at first, but we were able to find many choices and lots of new recipes. Now it is really easy and she has been able to introduce bread once per week and eggs once per week.
      3. ROTATION DIET – every food is eaten on rotation, every 4th day. For example, Day One may be Chicken, Rice, Cabbage, Carrots, Onion, Melons, Coconut Milk, Coconut Icecream, Then, Day Two is Pork, Brown Rice, Yogurt, Applesauce, Apples, Gluten Free Oat (we make granola), Grapes, Raisens, Cashews Day Three is Beef, Potatoes (russet), Pears,….Day Four Fish or Vegetiarian…
      4. VITAMIN D3 – helps to slow down the immune system and inflammatory cycle. When she is having a flare she also takes a Benedryl at bedtime to help dampen the Mast Cell degranulation (not a lot of data on this)

      I think that for each person the solution is different. I however, think that at your age, you should look into all of your options before starting a really heavy medication routine. If you want to talk more about what we have done for my daughter, I am happy to share our experiences. It is a long road and a scary one sometimes, but things do get better.

  7. I’m sorry you like dairy so much because it’s one big no no for UC…..anything with grains, like bread crackers cereal and dairy is not good for you. You want to stay away from anything that is lactose. Dry cheeses are ok chedder and stuff. Light coffee is ok once in a while and green tea is a big no no! Check out the “vicious cycle” book to get more info. Check out the site and you will find a legal/illegal list of what foods you can and can not have.

  8. Hey Jessica,

    I had UC since I was 12, and now I am 26. I don’t have it anymore because I now have a Jpouch! A year ago I had a terrible flare-up (diarrhea every 10 minutes until it turned to straight blood), c-diff, and then a perforated colon. They rushed me into emergency surgery and I ended up with a temp ileostomy. Life with a jpouch is wonderful! I’ve only had it for a month but life living without the disease and without a bag are wonderful. This is what I learned in the 14 years I had UC:

    I tried every diet in the book, it would clear up symptoms for a while and then things would go right back to the way they were before. I really don’t think it mattered what I ate looking in hindsight. Everyone’s body is different but I truly think I put myself in undo misery by restricting my diet so much. I actually think the “healthy” foods may aggravate it because they are hard to digest. (Just a guess, I’m not a doctor).

    I think emotions are greatly tied to UC. If you are feeling anxious/depressed then go see a counselor. Maybe even get on an anti-anxiety or anti-depressent. No shame in that.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, I’d love to help you out because I have been in your boat! My email is and my blog is

  9. Hey Jessica…. I am so sorry to hear that you have been suffering with UC. It is a horrible disease and the symptoms can be so hard to bare. My son was diagnosed at 12 with UC. He is now almost 17 and we had achieved a 4 year remission. We follow the Spacific Carbohydrate diet from the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle. It is a delicious diet and he has done well with that. He has not gained alot of weight and can eat many delicious foods and stay completely healthy. He has also gone on 2 14 day hikes in the mountians of New Mexico carrying SCD foods in his backpack and stayed well also a 6 day sailing trip. He also loves to sail and rock climb. His story is similar to yours yet we have achieved remission by following this diet. If you would like more info and to see our story check out my blog . Also the moodiness and depression come along with a flare from our experience. I do believe some of it is due to the idea that you are dealing with a major illness at such a young age but also the mind and gut are created from the same cell so what ever is effecting your stomach will also effect your mind. So if your gut is out of whack you are liable to feel depressed. As far as foods to cut out we stay away from all grains, starches, and sweeteners accept natural honey and then most dairy including milk. We make our own yogurt a special way to heal the gut. Coffee and all things caffinated are out because they cause spasms in the gut. Which we are trying to aviod.
    Also the puffiness of the steriod will go away when you stop taking it. I pray that you find answers to all your questions and achieve remission soon.

  10. I’m so sorry you don’t have a good doctor. It makes all the difference. My daughter had a good pediatric GI doctor. She was diagnosed in high school, also. She now has a wonderful adult GI doctor. It took a few tries to find him, but we are so glad we did. He not only talked to her about how UC affected her body, but all aspects of her life- social, college, emotional, etc.. When she evenually needed surgery, after a year long flare, he found her the best surgeon. She is currently recovering from jpouch surgery and doing well. It’s not an easy recovery, but she is excited about a disease free life. I really hope you will find a GI doctor as compassionate as my daughter’s doctor.

  11. Jessica,
    My son is 13 and very active with ice hockey and he started having problems back in August 2011. We were extremely blessed to have gone to a Doctor here in the Atlanta area, Dr. Stephen Cohen, that is doing a study based on the book “Breaking The Vicious Cycle”. My son just completed the 12 week study without any medication and strictly diet under the doctors care. Matthew had blood work completed before starting the diet and his BUN was bad. After 12 weeks on the diet they redid his blood work and his BUN was in the normal range. *BUN measures the inflammation*
    Matthew feels good and look to be the strongest on the ice during hockey tryouts.
    I don’t know what all to mention to you, except, please consider looking into the diet method. If you or anybody has questions, I would be happy to try to answer them or find out where they can be answered. I know when I found out I would go to the gym and cry every morning. Now, we as a family have found out the the diet was hard and very scary at the beginning. But now it’s really easy to follow. Good Luck:)
    Below is the link to Elaine Gottschall web page.

    1. Im sorry about your son being so young and having UC, but im glad he is feeling better now. Thank you so much for your comment because I too play hockey competitvely and actually have yet to sign up for next year because I thought that with this disease now maybe im better off stopping. Im still unsure about if maybe I should at least not play next year and come back after that but now that I have been feeling a bit better and because your son continued, playing next year will be in my thoughts!
      I have been looking at all sorts of different diets and I’ll be trying them until I find one that works for me! It seems that the SCD and anti-inflammatory are the most popular on this site so I will start with those!
      Thank you and goodluck to your son dealing with this disease! And same to you and your family as well, it kills me to see my mom and dad always worried about me, they try to be normal but I know they are struggling with this too, some people don’t realize but it’s really hard on the families not just the person with the disease!
      best of luck :)

  12. Jessica~
    My husband has had UC for 3 years & it wasn’t until his latest flare that we finally buckled down & are doing the SCDiet (Breaking the Vicious Cycle). We began the diet while he was on prednisone, which I believe helped (not that you ever want to be on prednisone if you can help it) & so, 5 months later he is doing so much better (& off prednisone) than in the past 3 years. The diet is not easy at first but there are lots of resources out there to help you in the beginning & later. Since I too am on the diet I have lost weight & have little or no inflammation–I recover from physical activities like I did when I was young–tell your folks that & maybe you can all do the diet together. It’s not just for UC–it’s a very healthy diet that would benefit many. Best wishes to you!

  13. Hi Jessica!
    I’m sorry to hear that you started so early. I’m 19 and was diagnosed when I was 17 so I do understand how hard it can be in high school and getting it so young. It doesn’t seem fair a lot of the times.

    Well to answer some of your questions, Dairy usually triggers flares but it depends on the individual of course. For me, I get lactose-free products by Green Valley organics. Usually sold in farmer markets like Whole Foods.

    Also, try to eliminate caffiene from your diet. Caffiene causes inflammation in the body. Coffee and green tea has it unfortunately :/ I go for herbal teas like peppermint (really helps and soothes). I also make my own ginger tea with a cinnamon stick. Both ginger and cinnamon are natural inflammation fighters.

    Probably the best thing I have ever done was eliminate artificial sweetners from my diet (white sugar, brown sugar, etc.). That causes inflammation as well, which is no bueno. Read labels on everything you buy because you will be surprised at what things have sugar in it. Already cooked meats even have it. YUCK.

    Look up the antiinflammatory diet by dr. andrew weil. It saved my life! Hope this helps. As for the “breaking the viscious cycle diet”, it landed me in the hospital so be careful. The antiinflammatory is better in my opinion.

    Another quick thing, make sure you chew your foods well and take probiotics like Primal Defense Ultra by Garden of Life. The key is to have good bacteria in the gut and make sure your foods are being fully digested. I take an enzyme pill with every meal. Helps me! Best of luck to you Jessica.


  14. hi Jessica

    I know what you talking about being a teenage & have UC but you are stronger that UC believe me as long as if you stay positive & make sure that every night before you go to bed you make a list of the food you ate during the day to avoid those food which can make the flare worse. on the Coffee side please try to stay away from the caffeine or stick with decaffeinated coffee myself i prefer RED Tea(rooi boos)in South africa.


  15. Thank you guys all soo much for the tips! Right now im in a pretty good place, im seeing my GI doctor on monday morning so i’ll see what he says about which diet to try. He has told me that i can eat whatever I want before but.. I guess ill ask him about the SCD or the antiinflammatory diets specifically and see what happends.

    As for probiotics, my parents just got me a bottle of i think its 50 billion.. so its REALLY concentrated and seemed like a really good one to choose. Unfortunaltey we called my GI doctor and for some reason he told me not to start those, I will ask him about them again on monday because I really think I need the good bacteria in my stomach especially because i’ve just recently been on antibiotics!

    1. Good job Jessica! Well, I don’t want to say you shouldn’t listen to your GI doctor, but sometimes you need to listen to your body and what you think is really right. Everyone is different. When I was in the hospital from a really bad flare, the doctor said that diet had nothing to do with it, and after a 3-day liquid diet, he gave me fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy! Let’s just say I didn’t feel too great after. When I got back home, i decided to go on the anti-inflammatory diet and have gotten better ever since. Few mild flares but they didn’t last very long. As for probiotics, I wonder what excuse your GI doc has for that. You NEED them. But anyways, I am so happy to hear that you are doing better! Hope it continues :)

      1. I really want to find a new GI doctor.. but the next closest one is 2-3 hours away so its been tough. Anyways you don’t need to answer if its a bit personal or anything but im curious about the fried chicken meal you had. When you say you didn’t feel so great afterwards do you mean you got cramping or uncomfortable stomach feelings? Or was it really bad and made you go back into another flare again? Im happy that you found a diet that works for you and feel better now :) hopefully i’ll do the same in my search!
        I will update on what he says to me on monday for teh probiotics and well anything else that I feel would be good to share on here! Hopefully he does say that I can take some, maybe it was because it was such a high concentration… i don’t really know he’s a guy that is short with people which I hate but hey what can i do right now!
        Thanks and continue to feel better!

        1. Jessica,
          I am not a medical doctor, but please read the research about high levels of probiotics for management of UC. We have been to a lot of doctors and every single one of them told us that ProBiotics don’t help an Diet doesn’t matter. But, they are wrong. These things do matter.

        2. Well after the fried chicken, I started getting cramps and my flare started to creep its way back. The liquid diet was good enough that it gave my digestive system some rest, but you shouldn’t have something as crazy as fried chicken after! Anything fried is usually bad and i’ve heard that boneless skinless chicken breast is better. Thank you! Im so happy too. I was getting really depressed with how bad i was getting and my GI doc was going to refer me to a surgeon, but thank God its under control now. Yeah the whole “finding the right doctor” can be really hard. I’m still not 100% happy with mine, but sometimes you just have to deal with it. It’s so hard finding a good doctor nowadays. Yeah, that’s probably the reason why he told you to hold off on them. You’re usually supposed to start out with a small amount and slowly increase. But, let’s see what he says! Hope you continue to feel better too!! :)

          1. Hey Juliette thanks again for the reply! The cramping is understandable because well, fried chicken is pretty bad for anyone to have! I’ve really barley had fried foods since being diagnosed just to be safe but besides that I havn’t limited myself on a certain diet so far :$.

            As for my doctor, he said he does not want to put me on any probiotics because he said “when the boat is going, we don’t want to rock it.” Because I’ve been doing better and he said since it’s all working just don’t take any because im already on so many pills. So my parents said once I get off the steriods (which will be mid augustish if everything goes as planned) then I’ll start taking them! Just thought you might wanna know what he said !
            thanks again for all your help and comments (:

  16. P.S. My sister had just the one flare. Just once. She took the prednisone and 5 ASA and has been fine (normal) for years.

  17. Jessica! Yeah no problem :) Of course, fried foods such as that doesn’t usually sit too well with most people. It’s bad, but my point was that doctors are convinced that diet has nothing to do with it. That is totally wrong because colitis affects a part of the digestive system, which means that what you digest definitely has something to do with it. Well, if you ever decide a diet to try, i’d love to hear about it! :)
    Haha that’s funny. Well, probiotics are good for everyone. There is no harm in taking good bacteria, and as uc victims (yes, victims haha), we need them even more. Yes! Great! Let’s hope you can stay off those nasty steriods. They are awful :/ This is the longest i’ve been of them and I am so happy. Thanks to the diet which has helped :) I was on steriods for so long, they actually stopped working. Crazy. Well, that sounds great! It does get really overwhelming with so many pills to take. I’m so glad you’re doing well though! But, if flares start to come back and get worse, don’t let it get you down. It’s all a learnig process. No problem Jessica, my pleasure! :) Lemme know if you have any other questions. I’d love to help as much as I can :)

  18. Sorry to hear about your UC Jessica! I am a teen as well,17,going through UC as well. I was diagnosed with it in Nov of 2012 & it started in Oct but I thought it was just normal diherra @ the time and took pepto bismo and just thought
    it will go away. But then it got worse and I was in hospitals all Thanksgiving & winter long getting diagnosed
    and being treated. My last hospital visit was in Jan of this year. Was in there almost 4 weeks but they took real good care of me!!!! I’m sorry that your Dr isn’t being a Dr and doing there job right! Really sorry to hear that! I’m on predisone right now and not too many side effects have happened to me. Just the
    moon face & sometimes redness in my face. I’m also on Remicade infusions which are going pretty good! Glad that they are,or else I’d need surgery to remove my colon. I eat whatever in small portions. Snack on fruits and nuts throughout
    the day :) I still drink milk & dairy. My Dr did say to stay away from caffeine but I drink it very sparlingly.
    Other than that my UC is doing good. I hope yours gets better in time!

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