Ready For Surgery

Emie with family

Me with my family


My Name is Emie, not Ernie, EMIE!
I am a 29 year old wife, mother, sister, daughter, Aunt, and Shi Tzu lover. I have a wonderful life! I have the best family, great friends, and the BEST husband! I have a serious addiction to all things shopping. I have also been in a relationship with UC for about 9 years, and I’m about to call it quits.

Colitis Symptoms:

Urgency, blood, mucus, gas, abdominal pain, bone/joint pain, tiredness, anger.

Emie’s Ready for UC Surgery Story:

My life with Ulcerative Colitis started when I was about 20 years old, after a few months of mucus and blood I finally saw a GI doctor and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Proctitis.  I had never been sick enough to go to the doctor before in my life and here I am having a colonoscopy at 20. My first GI doctor was horrible and basically told me I was crazy and needed to manage my stress better.   She prescribed me Canasa and referred me to a counselor, so I never went back to see her.  I just kept having my prescription refilled and dealt with the symptoms.

Until I was about 23 my symptoms were not too bad, I was able to keep things in check with Canasa until that eventually gave me Pancreatitis and put me in the Hospital.  I was sent to a new GI doctor, my current doc, that I totally trust and love and he started me on Asacol and Prednisone after he did a colonoscopy and saw the now I had UC.

I always feel great when I am on Prednisone, so I was able to have a normal life for a while. When I had Pancreatitis they took me off birth control because they didn’t know for sure if it was Canasa or BC that gave me Pancreatitis, I changed to a non oral BC, but let me tell you when you have UC the Nuvaring does NOT work!! At 24 I became pregnant, she wasn’t planned, but we were thrilled.

my family at a wedding a while ago

I tried Acupuncture and other natural things while pregnant, I didn’t take any medication while pregnant and was able to function ok, my daughter was born 3 weeks early at less than 6 lbs, but totally healthy. Since I had her my UC has taken control of my life. There were times when I would be changing her diaper and have to run to the bathroom and just leave her on the changing table and just pray she wouldn’t fall. I was so sick I got down to 109 lbs after I had her, that is sick, I am almost 5’8″, naturally thin, but that was too much.

I was in and out of the Hospital, having accidents at work, luckily I worked less than a mile from home so I could sneak home and back usually without anyone noticing, and the hospital is also about a mile from my house so that was convenient. Yay! Finally I called my doctor and let him know how sick I was and he started talking about surgery, Remicade, and Humira being my options which freaked me out.

So, I decided he didn’t know anything and I was going to go see a Naturopath. That lasted a couple of months, I drank some crazy stuff, had B12 injections, was given Zanax and a lot of positive inspirational words and expensive supplements but just kept getting sicker and sicker. I was probably going to the bathroom 25 times per day. We rearranged the office so I was literally two steps from the bathroom and I still couldn’t make it. I cleaned that bathroom alot.

out with the fam!

Finally after suffering through a couple mandatory after work trainings where I thought I was going to die, and not from boredom, from pain, I decided I couldn’t do it anymore and I quit my job. I went back to my GI doctor a few days later and he put me on prednisone again. I am the BEST wife when I am on prednisone, I wasn’t working but I would get up at normal time since I couldn’t sleep anyway and make my husband breakfast, start cleaning, take care of our daughter, do every scrap of laundry, vacuum, anything I could think of.

I felt like I could pick up my house and clean under it if I wanted to!

That stuff is great, but then you have all the rage and sleeplessness and everything else that goes along with it. By this time it is probably March 2010, I started on humira injections.  If you are thinking about doing Humira get it in the “pen” form, not the needle form. At my injection training, which I had to bring my daughter to because my Mom was sick and couldn’t watch her, I fainted, twice, and had to go in for observation. That was exciting. Luckily I have a friend that works at the clinic so my (hysterical) daughter went with her. Anyway Humira worked long enough for my husband and I to go Maui and celebrate him turning 30.

By the end of August actually the day before I turned 27 I started Remicade. It didn’t do anything for me at the low dose, so I started 600 mg every 6 weeks and have been on that ever since. I have felt pretty good since then, except a few of my symptoms haven’t gone away. I have been able to go back to work although only part time, I work for a much smaller company and my boss has given me my very own bathroom and is very understanding and willing to work around my flares. I had a colonoscopy in January and it showed that the Remicade is helping but not 100%. I had a Sigmoidoscopy last Thursday because my symptoms have been getting worse and the enemas and suppositories just aren’t doing anything, and it is confirmed that over the last 9 months my UC has gotten worse. I have now been referred to the UWMC to have a consultation for surgery. I am finally ok with that.

on beach in Maui

my husband and I in Maui last year

I feel like I am going to lose a part of my body but in the end get my life back, I think that is a fair trade. I am so grateful for UC, that sounds crazy, but I love my life, I appreciate my life. I know that I wouldn’t be who I am without it. I know that no matter what the people in my life, especially my husband, love me unconditionally, they will change their plans to come hang out with me in my pajamas, they will go to doctor appointments with me, they will cry with me and they will lift my spirits when I need it. They won’t judge me when I crap my pants in the car even if I just used a restroom. They don’t get mad at me for cancelling plans if I’m sick, they just love me.  I want my daughter to see me not in the bathroom, I swear she must think that is my favorite room in the house.

My family and I went to Maui last December and I was able to enjoy myself, but of course the entire time I was anywhere I had to know where the bathroom was and how quickly I could get there. Maui is my peace place, the next time I go I want to be able to go all over the Island and not give a crap, hahaha, where the bathrooms are. I have tried everything, all the diets, I am allergic to eggs, wheat, and dairy so I don’t eat any bad stuff anyway. I have tried all the meds that I am willing to do, I have spent, easily, thousands on alternative treatments and supplements. I have drank things made from crustacean fish, tried the aloe stuff, tried any pill on the internet that claims to cure you, sprays, drops, you name if tried it or read the book. I’m ready to have my life back, I think this website is the greatest thing for us UC’ers. Adam you are the best!

I don’t think i would be so OK with surgery if it wasn’t for the hours I have spent reading other peoples stories, Blake, Isabel, Curtis, and Juliana for example thank you for sharing your stories everyone, you never know when you will or whose life you will change, but you have all helped me in my life and you don’t even know me, thank you. Thank you again Adam for this site, I have even referred my friends and family to it just so they better understand this disease and the surgery.

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

In one year I would like to be all done with surgery and healed up and planning my vacation to Maui. Id like to take my daughter camping for the first time and Id like to go to dinner and a movie and not have to worry about a bathroom. Id like to be free of all medications and free of UC.

Colitis Medications:

Canasa- worked good but caused Pancreatitis
Asacol-did nothing for me
Humira-worked well but not for very long
Remicade-has worked well but not 100%
Prednisone- Great but makes you crazy
Endocort (it is another steroid)-worked great with less side effects

written by Emie (not Ernie!)

and submitted in the colitis venting area


44 thoughts on “Ready For Surgery”

  1. Emie,

    You are amazing! and the same to all your fam!

    I hope you enjoy Maui more than anybody else in the coming years, and I’m sure you will. All the best to you moving forward.

    (and big additional hi-five to Isabel, Juliana, Curtis, and Blake and the other UC-surgery gang who’s shared stories here over the years, you folks helping tons of people out)

    1. That’s for sure Adam!

      These people HAVE made surgery alot less ‘scary’ for all of us, I think. I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be! If I ever decide to have surgery, I will feel alot better about it because of Blake, Isabel, Curtis, and all of the others who have so generously shared their experiences.

      Thanks everyone from the bottom of my heart:)

        1. Blake,
          Shouldn’t you be out practicing pullups?


          You are so cool!

          And same goes for all the UC’ers who have shared their post surgery experiences for everyone to benefit from!

        2. Well, Blake…if the shoe fits…pull ups…lol!!

          Seriously, tho, you’ve helped many people on this site ALOT. Please know that!


    2. Hey Adam!! Thanks so much for this site!! I was totally lost when I found this and I have just so much peace since I have found it!! I had read things on other sites in the support area, but things just seemed so blah that it was hard to connect, when I started getting in to this and saw how real everyone was and how the stories are so similar to mine it made me feel like I’m not alone. I hope you know how much you have helped peoples lives……You have helped put some comedy in to UC and take some of the “scary” away. if I wasnt such a weakling I would join you guys in the Pull up challenge but i can barely do the monkey bars at the park so I wouldnt be much of a challenge. I bet I could kick some serious butt if it was a race in heels though…..but you guys probably couldnt handle that…..hahahaha! Anyway….thanks, you rock….and everyone else who has shared their stories.

      1. Emie,

        You are too cool!

        Super glad the site has been helpful to you, that’s friggin great.

        I think you are onto something though, a “UC’er High Heal Walk/Run Tournament”
        extra points for not falling, fastest speed, highest heals gets extra points right, and maybe walking across coblestones… Gonna have to think about this a bit more, but you are definitely on to something. And you know, I’ve heard that Blake walks around in high heels, so he might be some good competition…:)
        Best of luck to you in the rest of 2012 and beyond!

      2. That race in heels sounds like a challenge to Adam and Blake. Lol. Emie, your story is incredible. My hubby had his first surgery September 12, 2012 and his second one almost two weeks ago. He’s dealing with the changehand e’s so much better off than he was before. My story is on here somewhere it’s the one in the wives section. Blake, Adam, Bev and the others have been a great support crew. We have yet to have our coming out party. My hubby got divorced from his uc and toilet and remarried to his family. The surgery will be one of the best decisions ever. If you have questions just post them on here and we can try to answer them for you. We are here to help you get to Maui.

        1. How fantastic for you and your husband…your whole family!! This is such fabulous uplifting news!!

          Now, you can all LIVE again!!

          Wonderful, Mrs Huds, just wonderful…


        2. That’s so awesome Mrs Huds! Really glad your husband is doing better and glad I could help out. Love to hear these positive outcomes!

        3. Thanks Mrs. Huds for the support!! You deserve a big thank you too for being a supportive spouse, you have no idea how much that means to the cronically ill. My infusion nurse has (confidentally of course) shared some stories with me about patients whose spouses can’t deal with their diagnosis and they leave them or make them feel bad for their illness, so spouses like you are very special. I’m sure it has been really hard to watch the person you love go through all the things you have seen your husband go through. I hate to see my husband or daughter with a cold or the flu and they see me sick everyday. I am so ready to “divorce” my UC too. I am so happy for you and your husband that he no longer has to be sick.

      3. Hi Emie! Did you have your surgery? I am 32 yrs old,married with 2 girls ages 2 and 5. I am having the 2 part jpouch surgery in 2 days. I am SO tired of the accidents and the pain and not being able to be the mommy and wife I want to be.i am curious to know how things are going for you, being a fellow mom and wife :) I wish u all the best and pray you are doing well. Please email me if you can…I would love to hear from someone who sounds like they have a similar family situation as me:) thanks to everyone on this site. Your stories are an inspiration and get me through my tough days!


        1. Hi Jen,

          I sent you an e-mail…..I hope Im not too late, but if you are in surgery now, you will be so happy you decided to do this!! Keep us posted!!


  2. Emie !

    I am sorry I am typing from my phone and is a bit difficult. I just wanted to tell you how honored I feel to serve as unspiration to anyone who reads my story, and now I know it has served it’s purpose. I know that making the decision to go forward with surgery is a big one. But always keep in mind that your daughter needs you. I wish you the best of luck! I hope everything goes smoothly for you. If you have any questions please feel free to email me @ . Tough times are ahead of you. But you will be amazed on how strong you will feel when it’s all over. Sending you positive vibes your way!
    ~ Isabel

    1. Hi Isabel! Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. I hope you are doing great and I will probably be e-mailing you with some questions. I know you hard a rough time after your surgury and I hope that since your take down surgury things have been much better. It is amazing how much strength we find we we dont think we have anything left. your story hit me hard when you said how UC had taken so much time away from your son and his chance for a sibling, but that you had your husband by your side the entire time. That is how I feel exactly. You are a very strong woman too, I think we all have to be strong to go through this, whether the end result is surgury or just feeling better from diet or supplements. The road to health is not smooth one, but it is nice to know we are not alone in this. Thank you for your support.

  3. Wow Emie! That was really cool to read your story and see my name mentioned in there! Almost brought me to tears but I’m super tough so I don’t cry. Haha! When I was reading your story I thought that you are the woman version of myself. There were so many similarities it was ridiculous. It sounds like you’ve been through the ringer with UC and I’m kind of releived your giving surgery a serious thought here. When you don’t have any options left (and it sounds like you’ve tried just about everything) reality kicks you in the butt and you’re stuck with this decision. I was pissed about it, I’m sure you are too, but when I think back to the decision and all the scary crap I was thinking was going to happen to me I laugh because all the surgery did was give me my life back. There was nothing evil about it. It was painful, sure, but you’re pretty tough to have endured UC for 9 years anyway. Something tells me your just about a perfect candidate for J Pouch surgery. You’re young, in good shape, I think it will be a cake walk for ya. I was so relieved after I got the first surgery because I immediately felt so much better from not having to live in the bathroom anymore. It was like being released from prison. There are definately obstacles to go through but it sounds like you have an amazing family/support system that is gonna be there to help you along the way. I’m really interested in hearing about it so keep us updated! I’m here to answer anything you have questions about surgery or J Pouches so don’t be afraid to ask. I know I had a crap ton of questions, I still do. Good luck with whatever you decide Emie (made sure I didn’t spell your name incorrectly)!

    1. Hi Blake! Your story was so inspiring to me, I have put the surgury off for so long, all because of fear, and I hope like you said you do now, I hope I laugh at that fear I have. After I saw you wheeling your son around on your IV pole, I thought, I cant wait for that to be me and my daughter. I think the vanity part of it has held me back for a long time too and after your picture asking if you could tell you had a pouch on in the pic, i thought no I cant and so that made it easier too. Still I am hoping to get the surgury all done and over with in the winter months so that people might not notice the pouch so much. I live in Washington state so I will proably be cold until July so I wont have to worry about not having a lot of layers on to hide things. I would enter your Pull up challenge but I can barely do a push up so it wouldnt be much competition.hahaha. So how are you doing now? How long were you out of work for? Was it weird to be at work with the pouch? I have my consultation on Dec. 6th and of course I will keep you all updated. Im ready to do this! thanks again for sharing your story!

      1. Hey Emie! I took atleast 4 weeks off work after each surgery. My final takedown surgery, I took 6 weeks off. Truely, I could’ve probably gone back to work after 2 weeks on each surgery, but if you have the time, take it. You’ll still be getting used to wearing an ostomy bag so you’ll probably want to be at home for that. It was a little scary at first to be at work with an ostomy bag. I was worried it would be noticeable. I wore an ostomy belt which concealed it very well. I was always scared people would hear the fart noises your stoma sometimes makes, but nobody ever did. Everyone I worked with knew my situation anyway, so I felt very comfortable with it.

        1. Hey Blake sorry its taken me so long to write back! Times have been crazy since the surgery. Every weeksome new problem comes up. Just recently i started having blood in the urine. The doctors said that’s a normal side effect of having a stent in my kidney but im freaked out about it. What kind of ostomy belt did you use? Did you have any problems with hernias? Im debating on whether or not i should start working out again. Im still 40 pounds underweight and pretty weak.

          1. Hey Justin. Man, blood in the piss, I haven’t come across that yet. Yikes! I didn’t have a stent in my kidney either so I can’t comment. I used a belt made by Nu-Hope. It was in my catalog for ostomy supplies. I would recommend one for sure. You have to follow the steps to make sure you get the right size and everything. I also just used the cheap little elastic belts that buckle onto the bag. Those were’nt that bad, but the Nu-Hope belts were way better. I always wore it to the gym. I never had problem with hernias while I had an ostomy bag. Now, after 3 surgeries and a J Pouch, pretty sure I got one or two. I sneezed a little while ago and felt a pain in my upper abdominals. I pushed it back in, it relieved the pain… pretty sure that’s a hernia. What is weird is that it was in an area that wasn’t touched by surgery. The body is weird man. I wear an elastic belt now when I go to the gym, haven’t had a problem with hernias while lifting yet. I would say if you’re feeling up to it, you should get back to the gym. I only waited 2 weeks after each surgery to start going back to the gym. Take it real easy at first. It made me feel better just getting out and doing something physical. Test the waters out, you may surprise yourself. I am not your doctor though so please don’t put any faith in what I say, but I think it helped my recovery, sped things up. You look like your young, in shape, I’m betting you would be fine as long as you stay away from squatting 400lbs or something crazy for a while. Let me know how things go. What surgery did you just have?

        2. Hey Blake! I appreciate the feedback man. Last night i ordered a belt. Did you have to wear your bag sideways with the belt? I got a hernia too from sneezing lol. My incision won’t heal either the doctors don’t know what to do about it. I just had emergency colectomy. Since my colon was so huge and swollen they had go make a big incision to remove it. If everything goes as planned i will have the jpouch creation surgery in January and the take down in march. Ive been lifting a little bit but im still weak as hell it sucks. But im able to lift a little more each time. Ive been drinking a lot of protien shakes. Up to 130 pounds. Hopefully i can gain more weight before the next surgery. Was it a lot different wirh the loop stoma?

          1. What up Justin? What kind of belt did you order? If you got the Nu-hope belt, you don’t need to wear the bag sideways. I had a belt that you had to wear the bag sideways and I hated it. Too much of an inconvenience to empty it. The Nu Hope belts, you just put it over your abdomen and stick your bag through it, very simple. I sometimes would wear an ace bandage over that also so my bag wouldn’t show through my shirt (but that was unnecessay). I remember reading your story now that you said you had the emergency removal. I remember it was pretty rough. My incision from the 2nd surgery took forever to heal as well. It got infected, had to re-open it, pack it with gauze twice a day. I think it took about 3 months to completely heal and it left my stomach looking pretty weird. You’re 2nd stoma will probably not be as nice as your stoma you have right now (I know it’s weird to think your stoma is nice now because it’s your f-ing intestine). Mine did not come out of my skin very much, if any. I had to get the convex bags to bring it out more. I was having a lot of problems with leakage until I switched bags. I never had a problem with leakage with my first stoma. But I was able to get better results once I switched to the convex bags and wearing the Nu-hope belt with the 2nd stoma. Other than that, you will probably need to empty it a bit more, you’re waste will be more runny, but that’s about it. You won’t have to live with it long because you’ll be getting your J Pouch soon after that. I had a pretty easy time gaining weight because I ate like a pig (wasn’t worried about shitting my pants anymore) and worked out almost everyday (a lot of times twice a day). Once the weight came back, the strength came back. I would drink 1 or 2 protein shakes on the days I worked out as well and that helped. My wife fed me well. What weight were you befoe all this mess? I went from about 195lbs to 165lbs after the first surgery (5lbs of that was my colon). I’m now hovering around 190-193lbs (I could afford to lose a few pounds but I don’t care). Shoot me your email if you have any other questions and I’d be happy to answer bro. Take care.

        3. Hey man how goes it? The belt i ordered is a phoenix ostomy belt. Its a sideways bag belt. I should have done more research before i ordered it. For now i just fold my bag in half and tuck the clip jnto my pants. Yeah im not looking forward to the loop stoma. I am eating like a pog nog putting on weight very fast. I was 175 before the hospital and when i was released i was 94 pounds. I couldn’t even walk i was so weak it sucked. I was in the hospital for almost 4 months. My incision was jacked up too. Had to pack it twice a day too. It mostly healed there is one part where stitches are sticking out thag keeps getting infected.i am gonna start hitting the weights pretty soon, hopefully the muscle memory will kick in. What is your email?

          1. The Phoenix belt was the first belt I ordered also. I hated that thing… but that’s not to say you won’t like it. I just didn’t like having my bag sideways, I don’t know how you empty your bag when it’s sideways, I picture you have to stand next to the toilet and play “Im a little TeaPot” to empty it. Haha! It also has all kind of damn button snaps you have to mess with. I’m so glad you had this surgery man. 94lbs is crazy! I can’t even wrap my head around that. That’s good that you’re back to 130lbs already. You’ll gain it all back, that’s the easy part. I sent Adam an email and asked him to forward you my email address so we can stop clogging up Emie’s post. Sorry Emie! Talk to you soon bud!

  4. Hi! I just want to say your story is just like me! I didn’t know they had this uc site. I was diagnosed with uc 6 yrs ago and I Just had my 3rd and final surgery for my j-pouch (takedown). I’m 2 weeks out and can already say Life is great! Totally worth everything I went through with ostomy. 3 days ago I had my first real poop with no pain no urgency, I have to admit it’s going way better than I imagined it would. Yesterday was the first real day I actually spent with my kids and felt like I was there and not so tired or in pain or worried my bag might get knocked off ( I have 3 boys ).
    If your going for your surgery just wanted to let you know it’s totally worth it.

    1. Hi Carmela, thank you so much for the inspiring words. I am so happy for you that you are finally done with UC!! I cant wait until it is all over and I can play with my daughter and not have to worry about things. Wow, 3 boys and going through this!! You are on tough woman too! I can barely handle it with one little girl. I just found this site in January and it has been so great to know that Im not alone, and the fact that there is nothing steril or stuffy about this site makes it that much better. Thank you for reassuring me that things will be ok. my consultation is Dec 6th and I cant wait!

    2. Hey Carmela,

      I’m curious as to what kind of foods you’re eating after your surgeries – are you now free to eat anything you want, or are there certain restrictions on what you can consume???

      Thanks in advance!

  5. Emie,
    1st thank you for sharing. My story mirrors yours, other than having a child
    While having UC. I have been on prednisone, over a year & half. I have appointment this Wednesday.
    Next is Remicade, I am new to this site, the thought of surgery scares me. My husband & I have separated, I’ve had to quit my job.
    You are so blessed to have a supportive network/family/friends. Which surgery are you thinking of getting? I admire /respect you, you seem to be a very strong person.
    God bless you & yours.

    1. Thank you Sherry, I wish you the best! Ask your Infusion nurse about the Remistart program to help you with the cost of Remicade. I quickly got into alot of debt with the Remicade even though I have pretty good insurance, it was still alot out of pocket. I hope that things start to look up for you, this disease can really drag you down and it can be hard for people to understand what you are going through. I am hoping to have the j-pouch surgury, I dont know much more about it than that, hopefully two step, but I wont know my options until I see the surgeon in December. Good luck with everything!

  6. Hi Emie. Thanks for sharing your story. You’re one tough gal, that’s for sure. I was diagnosed last December – it came out of nowhere after a trip to Denver. None of the meds worked, so by Feb, my colon became toxic and out it came! I’m waiting on my 3rd surgery of the 3 part jpouch program, scheduled for Nov 27th. It is AWESOME not to feel sick anymore. Surgery can be rough, but nothing compared to what you have already been through. Hang in there, and have fun camping with your daughter, you WILL do it!!!


    1. Thanks Lisa! Isnt it crazy how you just one day start to feel sick and then your life is changed forever? I’m sorry it all went so fast for you, you barely had time to comprehend what was going on with you. I’m glad you feel good again and I can’t wait to be better too! And yes, I wll be taking my daughter camping! Thank you for your support!

  7. Hi Emie,

    You seem so happy and at peace with having the surgery. Hopefully, it solves all of your problems and you get your life back like you so desperately want! I hear that…we all do.

    You are so right about this site, too. It is WONDERFUL anf thank goodness for ADAM!! Where would we all be without him? He probably doesn’t really ‘get’ how much he’s helped us all by having the kind heart to bringing us all together on here. I feel like we could all have such a good old ‘party’ if we all got together. It would be a huge freaking hug fest, I’m sure!!

    I am so sorry to hear that nothing natural helped. Probiotics helped me so much that I still can’t really believe it! I agree with you on not wanting to take any more meds!!

    That was a superb post! Thank you so much for letting us all get to know you. You are truly fabulous, girl! We are all here for you!


    1. Thank you for your support Bev. I agree, we would probably all have a great time if we all got together, but there may not be enough bathrooms anywhere for all us UC’ers. I actually take the same probiotics that you take, the critical one from Renew life. At first things were working for me but then I don’t know what happened, I guess that was just a band-aid too. i was also taking the bowel soother (i think thats what it was called) but that too stopped helping me. I am at peace with things now, but that just started a few weeks ago when I was home alone for the weekend and felt like crap so I mentioned the surgury to my husband and he was all over the idea of me feeling better so I think once I verbalized it that I wanted to do it it was easier to move forward, i spent that entire weekend on the couch with my laptop reading all the stories and I just kept reading Curtis’s story and Blakes story and I had my mom over and read them to her and just really started talking about it and now i’m just ready to do it! Im so glad that you are feeling good and I hope you continue to feel good! Im addicted to this site now!!

  8. Hun..
    I am so proud of you for writing this and sharing your story. It’s hard to understand everything you’ve went through.. and already knowing you are such a strong woman, after reading this, I can’t comprehend the amount of strength and perseverance you have.

    I am so glad to call you my friend.

    Here forever, for always, and not matter what,
    Alana xo.

    1. Oh Hun! you are so sweet to write that! Thank you for being such a great friend and support person for all of these years. Thank you for loving me and hugging me even when I have been in the hospital for five days straight and they didnt let me shower!! Thank you for supporting my family and my decision to have surgury. xoxo

  9. Go girl!! In a year you will be fantastic!! I am 5 months post colectomy and 4 weeks post ostomy reversal. I am a new woman!!!! Still adjusting to JPouch and some pain but I wouldn’t trade it in To go back! Having surgery was the best decision
    . Wish

    1. Hi Lisa! I am so happy for you to have your life back!! Thank you for the inspiring words!! It seems like now that I have made the decision to have surgery time is going by so slow!! I just cant wait to be on the healing side of things. so happy for you!

  10. Hi Emie! That was such a great post i love your attitude. I just had the first surgery about 4 months ago. It was so awesome waking up from the anesthesia and realizing you don’t have to run to the bathroom. All the symptoms were gone over night. The ostomy bag kinda sucks but you get used to it really quick. Its actually easier and more convenient then going to the bathroom out of your bum hahaha.

    1. Hi Justin, thank you for the inspiration!! I am so looking forward to surgery, especially whenever I read how good people feel when they wake up from surgery. Yeah, the only thing I’m not looking forward to is the ostomy bag, but in the end it will all be worth it. Thanks for the support!!

      1. Hey Emie, i think your gonna be so happy and relieved after you get the surgery and have no more uc! Having no colon definitely takes some getting used to. But now i can eat almost anything i want. The only thing i cant have are nuts and popcorn because they can clog your stoma. Im not gonna lie the ostomy sucks, at least it does for me. Its a pain in the ass to change it. But you get used to it really quickly. But its definitely worth it. You might want to check out some videos on YouTube by a guy named dennis. Just search ileostomy. He has a bu ch of good tips on how to make life easier with the bag. The biggest problem i have with it is sleeping. I was a stomach sleeper before but now i cant anymore because the bags in the way. Also after the surgery stock up on immodium, it will be your best friend lol. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully soon you will be uc free!

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