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Read: Breaking The Vicious Cycle


My son has recently diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at the age of 18 and had to defer his studies at Uni until Sept. I am a trained chef and for the past 4 weeks have been on a constant mission to learn about gluten & lactose free diets in more depth. During my research I have been able to up in place palatable alternatives with immediate effect which has assisted him along with his present Pentasa medication.

I do not suffer from UC but have many a time felt uncomfortable after food, why because I have since found out was eat the wrong food for me at the time. I have been amazed at the amount of different gastrointestinal problems that various people suffer from due to the wrong diet or stress that can be addressed quite easily in some cases. I have found a book which is amazing and it UC, Crohn’s diet have worked for many and I want to share this information.

My Son’s Colitis and How Diet Changes Have Helped

Questions and changes that have helped my son deal with his UC . I have also taken a different approach to what foods effect me. I hope this will help you. Some foods we take for granted can cause a lot of harm to non sufferers as well, beware.

Consider ALL Stress levels – look at stress management – yoga – breathing exercise – meditation – TM & make time to take time out somewhere quiet every day. Don’t let people push your buttons walk away. Consider where you purchase food from and what you buy are they preparing food that is gluten free on the same surface as other foods where it could be contaminated? Stay in control make your own.

For the time been do not drink anything with caffeine and booze and watch herb teas they can upset people. Peppermint seems okay, Hot water with lemon or honey first thing of a morning is good for anyone to help detox. Oils & fats ONLY Veg margarine or Extra Virgin Olive Oil in its purest form. Avoid smoked products and some yeasts.

Read every label.  Stay away from all grains for a while, Oats can have gluten added. To obtain the best care plan for UC & Crohn’s you must give it your FULL attention to your condition obtain success and that means reading all the science bits too. If you don’t how can you fully understand why and how things happen to you. I have obtained the best information from the Book: Breaking the Vicious Cycle by an American author Elaine Gottshall B.A.,M.Sc. Its brilliant and informative. The recipes work and are varied and tasty. Give it a go what do you have to lose, its helping my son its not happening over night but his UC changing for the better and he doesn’t look like Caspers twin anymore. God Bless you all and Good Luck.

written by S-C-D Mom

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4 thoughts on “Read: Breaking The Vicious Cycle”

  1. SCD Mom, your post gives the impression that gluten free plays an important role in SCD. SCD is NOT about gluten free foods!!!! Specifically, is about carbohydrates that are monosaccharides. Elaine Gottshall is very clear on this. If you are going to use the SCD label, PLEASE make this distinction very clear to your readers.
    It is wonderful that you care to share this journey with people, don’t give up the journey. We have been on SCD for a few months now and have seen great results with chronic constipation, skin rashes, bloating, weight issues, asthma, and our long term target is combating eczema. Sincerely wish all the best with your son’s recovery from UC. God bless you too.

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