Rage Against the UC!!


Hi, My name is David and was diagnosed with UC three months ago. Going to start Remicade Oct 6th.

Colitis Story:

Me like most ignored the symptoms for about three months till the wife finally made me go to the doctor. My iron levels were way low along with a lot of the others, due to the bleeding and not getting any nutrition from eating. My doctor sent me right away to a Gastroenterologist; he set me up with a colonoscopy. Oh so fun the night before!! He diagnosed me with Ulcerative Colitis. Started me on prednisolone and asacol, which worked for a lil bit, I gained like thirty pounds, I have short fuse and breaking out like I’m sixteen again!!

About two weeks ago I had a really bad flare up, bleeding a lot, weak and major cramps. Spent the weekend in the hospital hooked to an IV. They pumped me full of steroids for the weekend. Been feeling really good sense, only been craping 3-4 times a day. Been really watching what I eat and drink, No more monsters or soda, been staying away from sugar. Went back to my doc that week and he now wants me to start remicade, I get my first infusion Oct 6th kind of nerves about the treatment and the possible side effects, but my doc says the treatment could completely cure me sense my UC isn’t that severe. So I’m really hoping it dose.

colitis monsters comic

I’m not really looking forward to having to go get a treatment every eight weeks, all I can think about is my grandpa going to get dialysis and siting there for hours while it was being done. Not really wanting that kind of experience ya know. I have to say I have done a lot of reading on this disease and what people do to get it under control, I keep reading about smoking a few cigarettes a day helps. Now with that’s said when I was in the hospital for the weekend my GI docs partner was there on call and asked me if I smoked and he said, oh well it helps!!! But don’t start! I had to laugh a doctor told me that smoking helps!! Hahaha.

So I have actually been smoking three or so a day and it has helped, yea I’m as surprised as most are at this revelation. I’m a welder, so I figure a couple cigarettes really aren’t going to kill me any time soon hahahaha. I’ll keep everyone posted on my treatments and how they work for me, I know the more of let the world know how we treat ourselves maybe we can have a better understanding on how to cure this shit!!! Thank you again for listening to me maybe I said something that will help someone else get over this horrible sickness

My Colitis Medications So Far:

prednisolone and asacol, worked for a while but not quite the response my doctor wants.

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4 thoughts on “Rage Against the UC!!”

    1. lol monster energy drinks, i was drinking a couple a day, stoped drinking them and it helped quite a bit, mostly sugar, i found if i stay away from the sweets it helps, yea i was going to give the patch and gum a try, really dont like smoking to much, but a few a day when im having a bad day cant be hurting me anymore than whats going on with me now.

  1. Hi Guys,

    How about trying some fish oil and diet changes to help maintain after the infusion? I too have seen a lot of research on nicotine but it seems like that will just create more problems down the road. If you want some diet suggestions, let me know. For me, if I do not maintain diet, my drugs do not work.


  2. David,
    I’ve been on remicade for four years. remember, the only cure for this disease is removal of the colon. The best the remicade will do is put you into remission (symptom free)and I hope it does. yes, nicotine seems to help UC people.

    best wishes,

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