Questions about My Husband’s Ulcerative Colitis

Hi everyone, my husband was diagnosed with colitis last week after having a sigmoidoscopy.

His symptoms are:-diarrhea with a fair bit of blood, it actually looks like a raw minced beef has been poured down the toilet. He also has cramps and terrible wind constantly. He has bm up to 6 or 8 times per day. He has been like this for around 4 weeks. What he really wants to know is:

husbands colitis

1. Is colitis the same as ulcerative colitis?
2. What medications are likely to be given at this stage? he can’t take sulfa drugs due to having a condition called acute intermittent porphyria.
3. Should he try to get through work or stay home and rest?
4. How long after starting treatment will he see an improvement in symptoms?


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  1. 1. I’m not really quite sure about this to be honest, I assumed they were the same thing.. I know there are different types of colitis, not just Ulcerative Colitis.

    2. He’d probably be put on Asacolt and a high dose of Prednisone

    3. I suggest staying home and resting, stress is known to further exasterbate the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis.

    4. It’s been 1 month since I started treatment for Ulcerative Colitis and i’m pretty much symptom free thanks to the steroids, you see effects very fast! within the first week he’ll start feeling better.

    hope i’ve helped :)

  2. 1. Yes and no. Historically, some other things have also been called colitis – i.e. irritable bowel syndrome has sometimes been called mucous colitis. I think these other usages are falling away though, so it usually means ulcerative colitis.

    2. Hopefully the doc will be answering this for you right away. I can’t take sulfa drugs either, but this has never posed a problem for me. Many years ago they used to prescribe sulfas for UC, but they’ve got better stuff now. If your husband’s colitis is just near the rectum, they may just give him Asacol (mesalamine) and maybe some mesalamine suppositories at first before trying prednisone. In any case, he’s likely to stay on Asacol for maintenance, whereas prednisone and other stuff is usually short-term til the flare calms down.

    3. Best to ask the doc, but it probably depends on what he is feeling up to doing. I’ve had UC for 15 years and never had a doc suggest I should stay home if I felt up to working. But colitis flares do cause fatigue at their worst, so he may find he needs more rest than usual so may want to take some sick days. Also true that he should really try to avoid stress at this time. Often the stress of managing the condition is the worst stress. So if it’s less stressful for him to stay home than worry about how to do his commute, running to the can during meetings, etc… that might be a consideration.

    4. If they give him prednisone he’ll probably notice improvement within a day, but also probably some side effects. If he’s just treating with mesalamine, it goes a bit slower. But in any case hopefully he’ll have significant improvement within a week, assuming he’s also careful with diet, etc..

  3. Hi,
    From my experience a good whack of prednisone (like 40mg) should calm things down pretty quickly. I’ve heard this drug called “The Honeymoon Drug” (can’t stay on it for ever). So when things are stabilised the doctors will look for a more suitable (less side effects) drug for ongoing maintenance to help keep remission. I take 8 Pentasa tablets a day for this.

    I kept on working when I first got colitis an got very sick. Had I gone to doctors earlier and stopped flogging myself I would have been heaps better off. If I have a flare now I slow down; else I find the flare just goes on and on and I get weaker and sicker.

    The thing about colitis is that it takes a toll on your body – its not just having to poop all the time. You are losing nutrients and condition from your body and have trouble replenishing these nutrient reserves.

    Maybe consider trying a juice diet for a week (I use any and all combinations of fresh fruit and veges) to take some strain off the bowel. I never eat animals either.

    Good luck to yous with it,

    P.S. There is heaps of info here if you read through past postings…

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