Questions About Jini Patel’s Treatment

What are your opinions about SCD and the Jini Patel Diet?

I’ve been on scd for over two months hardcore and making the yogurt and im sure its probably helping some but I don’t think its getting me out of this flair, I just barely have a few symptoms mostly just mucus every day, maybe a tad bit of blood once a week but the flair is still lingering and its to the very end of the colon. Anyways I’m about to order listen to your gut by Jini Patel. Anyone have an opinion on her book? It sounds very convincing. Only problem is that if i follow some of the stuff in her book it would kinda mess up my scd diet like some of the supps she suggests are scd illegal (the aloe Vera).

-Submitted by an Anonymous UC’er in the Colitis Venting Area

4 thoughts on “Questions About Jini Patel’s Treatment”

  1. There’s several different ways you can go.
    1. Give SCD more time.
    2. Tweak SCD (eliminate eggs, nuts, dairy, fruit and honey)
    3. Introduce additional supplements, like Vitamin D at 5,000 to 10,000 IU can do wonders.
    4. Try some of the rec’s in Jini’s book. She recommends Natren probiotics which I can attest do work very well for me, I have used both non-dairy and dairy powders. Prefer the dairy powders.
    5. Abandon SCD and try all of Jini’s protocols.

    Is the George’s Always Active Aloe Vera really illegal on SCD? I think some aloe vera’s are illegal but George’s might be legal.

    Have you seen any improvements in your condition since starting SCD? If so, then why abandon something that is working? I doesn’t always work fast and can take 3 months for some people.

  2. I just started Jini p. Thompsons diet and already my flare has calmed down. I was hardcore on scd but it stopped working, unfortunately. I was really sad. Although Jini isn’t 100% legal..we all have to find our own way and what works for each person. Maybe like Reid said, maybe should have given scd more time, who knows. Maybe b/c it was so restrictive…don’t know. I do feel a peace now that I didn’t have before. Blessings

  3. Yes you are correct I believe the scd has been helping thats why im scared to abandon it at this point. I have also had a unexplained sinus infection, is it possible to have die off symptoms this late in the diet? Im hoping that im one that just takes a while to adjust. The the only problem i see with the scd is im afraid that it may be keeping me down because im constantly worried about what im goin to eat when i leave the house and i wonder if this extra bit of stress keeps me from healing completely. My doctors suggestion was to take a vacation last time i seen him lol. Lets be honest, If you follow the scd 100 percent and you go out to eat you are gunna be stressin as soon as u enter the restaurant. I have stayed home numerous times instead of going out to eat with my friends in fear of eating a illegal. Oh and idk if i could restrict the scd much more, im already very skinny and have a hard time keeping weight on even before the scd. Im almost 6 foot and 134lbs. I need high carb fruits or i might blow away lol. Another reason jini Patels diet seems more convincing.

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