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Question for Women with UC who have Given Birth (Contractions vs. ulcerative colitis Cramps)

There is an interesting question, and it was clear instantly that it was popular to discuss.

I posed the question to the Facebook Public Group a few days ago.

The question:

How would you compare UC related cramping and abdominal pains to the pains associated with contractions felt during child birth?

Feel free to add any comments you may have below in the comments section.

And/or feel free to cruise to the facebook post which has a long discussion going on by clicking here.

On behalf of all future mothers and/or others who simply are trying to gain an understanding on what giving birth might be like, I really appreciate all the feedback and ideas you can offer.

5 thoughts on “Question for Women with UC who have Given Birth (Contractions vs. ulcerative colitis Cramps)”

  1. Many labor experiences are different just as those who deal with IBD… we have own own story and varied levels of intensity (& stories that will not bless a soon-to-be mom). For sure, I’d say that labor was more intense. I am in an UC flair now. The hopeless feeling of IBD does not compare to the glorious miracle of birth (especially when labor passes ) Birth far outweighs IBD as there is great gain and purpose. So I’d say to the dear woman asking for advice. Be weary of the fear that you may have already b/c of the pain you’ve had with IBD. Focus on the fact that God is allowing you to give birth to a precious human being! The selfless perspective will help so much as you face the pain in labor. For that reason, it is hard to compare them.

  2. I don’t think the pain I experienced in childbirth was anywhere near as bad as some of my uc cramps. However I had an epidural so I was fairly pain free. The cramps I experience with my UC are so bad sometimes they make me unable to stand up straight and I break out in a sweat and after a cramp, I feel exhausted sometimes. Similar to childbirth I guess. I would prefer childbirth over UC though. At least you get a bit of bed rest. With uc life just goes on as normal.

  3. Elaine J

    I too had terrible childbirth pains (back in 1993) and had an epidural. Being in a flare at the moment, and thinking about previous ones, I would say that for me, UC pains are nowhere near as painful as childbirth was… however comparing the two is a bit like comparing fish to fowl, because with childbirth pains you know you will have a wonderful result at the end of it all… with UC cramps, the only joyous prospect is the hope that it will end, soon.

  4. Everyone has different birthing experiences and UC experiences. In my case, I would say my UC pain was worse than labor pains. I have given birth to 4 beautiful boys. I did have an epidural with all four of them. However, with one of them I almost didn’t make it to the hospital in time to receive the epidural, so I was pretty far along in the labor process. Labor contractions are very painful. UC cramping is very painful. I feel like UC pains are worse because it’s something your body “shouldn’t” be doing. It feels hopeless and you know that the pain is because something is wrong on the inside. It’s just a terrible feeling in my case. It’s very painful mentally. Giving birth is also very painful, but your body is “supposed” to be having those pains. There is a miracle at the end of those pains. So in my experience, labor pains were much more tolerable than UC pains. UC pains always leave me feeling defeated. Birthing pains always left me feeling empowered that I was able to bring my sweet children into this world!

    1. Well said Morgan!!!
      Defeated is definitely the word when going through the cramps of UC. It is hard for anyone to really understand the pain that we go through. Living near a bathroom is just depressing. Having a child is pure joy!

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