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Get Your Kraut On UC’ers

So if you’re currently eating sauerkraut, or if you have been/are interested in ways to get some probiotics into your system, make sure your sauerkraut has not been pasteurized and/or heated up.  For example, when I make a meal and I want to add sauerkraut, I usually cook some in a pan with some water, so its warm, but then I also add some fresh/raw sauerkraut on top afterwards with some of that nice raw sauerkraut juice that’s filled with probiotics.  And if you want to get even a bit more crafty, no reason you can’t make this stuff on your own.  All you need is cabbage and salt and some containers to let it ferment.

Here is a raw sauerkraut I just found on

have a great day and rest of the week!

11 thoughts on “Get Your Kraut On UC’ers”

    1. Hey Sergey,

      Funny you should ask that question. At a Wednesday Farmer’s Market in Santa Cruz, CA ( a few weeks back) I asked the people from the company who make the kraut I had in the bag in the video that very question. The guy there told me it was more or less the same in terms of probiotic content, but he didn’t have any hard facts/data to show me on the topic. Funny enough, they also sold shots of the “kraut brine” which is what you’re referring to. I put one down for a dollar, tasted super salty but was nice. Best of luck Sergey with your kraut adventures!

  1. i love farmhouse culture! the caraway is such a great flavor. i also love bubbie’s. the juice is AWESOME. i never leave it.

  2. Graham from England

    Thanks to the good people of Poland coming to the UK, I have now managed to find saukeraut in shops here.

    I’m starting gently as with all probiotics apparently. The 1st go was a bit strange down there though could have been from something else. Hope to be making my own soon.

    Cheers Adam!

  3. Eve H

    I am in my second flare of the year, this time with only one month of remission in between. I had a tablespoon of sauerkraut juice this morning and this afternoon and my pain has disappeared and I had my first semi soft movement in 3 weeks. I’ve been looking for a cheaper way to get probiotics, especially since I can’t tolerate dairy at all, so this is a lifesaver for me!

  4. Hey there all,
    I am a bit weary about sauerkraut, as being histamine intolerant gotta avoid fermented foods, as they contain more histamines (which increases the inflammation in my body in general. Vinegar is also a no go for us histamine intolerants. Hmm, I have to try making it on my own… is that possible without vinegar?

    1. Hi Janet,

      THanks for posting to the website today. I’ve just beginning reading all the messages you posted. Much appreciated indeed.

      As for sauerkraut, all you need is cabbage and salt. No vinegar needed to make. And like anything, trying small doses to start anything is often a good idea. But for sure you can find plenty of online sites or videos talking about how to make, but definitely no vinegar needed.

      1. Hey Adam,
        LOL it was a lot I wrote, finally after all these years reading here and there.
        I had good news from the GI yesterday. Only the ‘tail end’ of the colon is infected. 3-4 weeks suppositories of Claversal 500. we still wait to see what the probes (samples) come back on what type of bacteria or virus. The stomach and rest of the darm looked fine. Woohoo!

        He was surprised I have managed the last 5 years without ANY meds. I will follow up with a immunologist to find out more about the histamine intolerance. Continuing forward to approach colitis medicine free :-)

        When I am courageous to try the sauerkraut I’ll see. for now, it is on my list of no gos for histamine intolerance. Anything fermented contains histamines, and if the body is unable to break those histamines down its taxing on the system and can lead to infections. which we want to avoid, hey! Cheers! Hope that you are well not only down there, but with the rare Christmas vibes this year! keep up your positive attitude! THANK YOU!


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