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Probiotics for Colitis Survey


DUE TO THE OVERWHELMING INTEREST regarding probiotics as a helpful treatment for ulcerative colitis, we have just released the most recent Probiotics Survey Results for everyone to dive into.  On behalf of all the current and future readers of the site and the site’s newsletter, I can’t thank the 478 participants enough for taking some time out of your day last week to post your personal thoughts with regards to probiotic use and UC.  There are thousands of people who are on the fence with regards to probiotics.  Often people just don’t know if they have helped or hurt other UC’ers with their recovery and eventual remission.  So most definitely, this information will be invaluable to others.

My personal advice to anybody who has not yet made up your mind with regards to probiotics is very simple:

Read all the survey results and

see how you feel afterwards about probiotics.

Below are the answers from all the participants from the Probiotics and UC Survey. There is also a BIG GREEN button at the bottom of this post which takes you to the individual tips from UC’ers (be sure to read all of those too:)

The survey took place the 2nd week of October, 2014. I’ve included several photos below each of the questions from the 50 of the 478 participants who included photos.(Awesome photos once again UC’ers!!!)

Question #1:

Did you take probiotics before you were diagnosed with UC? (478 Responses)

84% – NO

14% – YES

2% – Not Sure

Question #2:

Did your doctor recommend for you to take probiotics?

59% – No

41% – Yes

Question #3:

Overall, Did/do Probiotics help with treating your UC symptoms?

40% – Yes they helped MORE than I expected

31% – Not Sure if they were positive or negative

20% – Yes they helped a little bit

6% – No they did not help me

3% – No they made me worse

Question #4:

What specific Probiotics(which brands) Did you/ do you use, and in what dose?

(There were over 50 different probiotics mentioned, I’ve included the top 10 probiotics based on the 191 responses from people who answered “Yes they helped more than I expected to Question #3.  Also, the iHaveUC affiliate links are provided for the most popular probiotics listed if you want to order yours thru Amazon.  When you do so after clicking the links below, the site receives a small portion of your order.)

    1. VSL #3 (Had the most votes) – to order from Amazon – click here
    2. Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion- order from
    3. Align – to order from Amazon – click here
    4. Garden of Life – to order from Amazon – click here
    5. Saccharomyces Boulardi – to order from Amazon – click here
    6. Florastar
    7. Culturelle
    8. Acidophilus w/Bifidus
    9. Inner Health Plus
    10. Primal Defense

Question #5:

How much money did/do you spend per month on probiotics?

40% – $0-$25 per month

37% – $25-$50 per month

13% – $50-$75 per month

6% – $75-$100 per month

4% – More than $100 per month

Question #6:

Do you plan on using probiotics forever?

56% – Yes

30% – Not Sure

14% – No

Question #7:

What advice would you offer to someone with UC who is considering using Probiotics to treat his/her disease?

For a full list of ALL the 371 answers that UC’ers added, read the attached PDF file which includes all the personalized probiotics tips by clicking on the green button below:

[button link=”” size=”xl” style=”download” color=”green”]Read the Probiotics Tips – Click Here[/button]


Adam iHaveUC guy

Adam Scheuer, founder of


I want to send a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the survey this month.  There were 477 participants from 32 different countries including:

United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia who made up over 90% of the total vote. Thanks again and I hope this information treats you all well.

Until next time, may your poops be hard and your toilet paper nice and soft,

-Adam Scheuer

12 thoughts on “Probiotics for Colitis Survey”

  1. And I would like to that you Adam, on behalf of all of us for getting this done.

    A lot of hard work from you, as usual…

    We appreciate it!!


  2. I Just started making my own yogurt and eating about half a cup a day with some bananas and honey, and I have seen amazing improvement. Better bowel movements, less diarrhea with none at all for the past 3 days. And minimum gas. I’m glad I finally decided to give it a try, even though I’ve never been a big yogurt fan, from now on I am a fan. And it has become my little rewarding dessert

  3. Way to go Adam..actually surprised by some of these numbers, but lots of newbie UC’ers would explain it.
    Be well and safe! :-)

  4. I would like to say first of all that I wish I could have had a site like this when I was diagnosed 40+ years ago. I felt like I was the only person in the world with this disease. I suffered from depression because even with medication, I was unable to work or even venture very far from home without knowing where a bathroom was. The medication back then was only mildly effective at controlling my symptoms, and periods of prednisone and cortisone enemas were necesserary to control flare ups.

    Then, a miracle came into my life called “Asacol”. I was a participant in a trial group when this drug first came into being. It changed my life!

    For those of you who have been recently diagnosed…..there is life after UC. I wondered the same thing those many years ago, and I am happy to tell you that I have enjoyed a full and blessed life. And, I’m not finished yet! I have travelled to many places, eaten foods I never thought would touch my lips again, got married, had a child, and just retired after 20 years with a job I loved! I continue to volunteer, participate in charity 5K runs, belong to a local health club, garden, and travel!

    Don’t give up in your efforts to control this
    awful disease. Don’t let UC control you. I am proof that with the proper medicine, regular colonoscopies ( I know, not fun), and being careful in your lifestyle choices (smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.), you can have a full, happy and rewarding life! I have been in remission for 30 years and at age 68, I feel better than I did in my 20’s! It is possible!

    Thank you Adam for this wonderful forum!

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