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Privacy Policy

Read the entire privacy BEFORE you start using this website. 

The privacy policy might be long, but you must read it in it’s entirety.  Your privacy is extremely important, and one of the goals of (the “Website”) is to make sure that your privacy is a priority during your website experience here.  Your decision to use the Website should only happen if you accept ALL of the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.  The privacy policy is also part of the Terms of Use of the Website which you should read and be very familiar with as well.  Again, make sure to read all of the Privacy Policy before using the site.

1.  Security of Personal Information on the Website and stored in other Places

Making sure that your personal information stays secure is a BIG priority all the time.  Anything that can be done to make sure of the security of your personal information will be done within the normal means of the owner of the website.  Even though security is a priority, and personal privacy is near and dear to the owner’s of, the only way to remain 100% certain that you do not have any potential security breaches is to never use the Internet.  With that said, be sure to use this website at your own risk.

2.  Personal Information

Personal Information will only be sold, transferred, or shared with outside organizations or third parties when you as the user have granted permission, when it becomes necessary to fulfill a product order or request that you have purchased, or under the following circumstances which may arise during or after your use of the website:

  • The use of 3rd party services (credit card processors, email newsletter services, survey form services, and other services which enhance the user experience of the Website and it’s products and services)
  • Legal matters or law enforcement requests or requires the use of your personal information
  • Everybody’s personal information may be shared if there is ever at some time in the future a change of ownership of the website where an outside organization or party purchases or takes over the site

Within the pages of this website, there are many links to other websites.  These websites might be related to the topics and discussion on the website, or they may be completely unrelated.  These websites may or may not be managed by the Website. If you do decide to visit a website that is linked from the site, a potential request for your personal information may take place and that is something which is NOT controlled by website.  You are responsible for your actions on any website that you reach after using the website, your actions there are exactly that, YOUR ACTIONS.  It is the goal to provide useful and helpful links to other website content, but as much of the website content which is published on the website is not monitored, there are no guarantees that you will find linked websites useful.  Either way, your decision to use other websites that are linked is entirely your decision and please do so AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Besides where it is noted above, all precautions will be taken to not share your personal information with outside third parties or organizations.   Privacy is very important to  If any system failures with regards to private personal information do exist in the future, they will be acted upon immediately to the best of the ability of the owner of

3.  Information That May be Gathered When You use the website may collect the address of your computer(often referred to as an IP address) along with creating cookies.  The cookie process helps to speed up the site’s performance.  If you do not want to allow for cookies, that’s not a problem, you can set your internet browser to dis-allow the use of cookies.  If you are unfamiliar with the use of cookies, you should search out that term from your favorite search engine where there will be plenty of information on cookies.

The Website may make use of both paid and unpaid advertisements, some of which might also use cookies or other tracking programs.  This type of data gathering and collection is out of the control of and proprietary tools.

As a user of the Website, if you decide to sign up for the email newsletters that are offered, your name and email address along with any other information pieces of data that you submit, will be saved and stored within the email services used by the Website.  The reason why your name and email is stored is to allow the newsletter system to automatically send you future emails that are part of the respective newsletter that you opted to sign up for.  Your name is often used within the greeting of the personalized emails that are subsequently sent to you.  This helps to make the emails appear more personalized.

By joining the newsletter, you consent to being emailed on various occassions about news topics and stories that may or may not be related to ulcerative colitis. Additionally, from time to time iHaveUC will partner with different organizations as business partners. These business partners and the Website may work together with emailing information for partner’s business projects. When you receive these emails, it is entirely your decision to read and/or participate in whatever is discussed.

If at some point in time, you decide to purchase a product from the website, your purchase information will automatically be stored in a secure database which maybe used at a later time to identify you as a customer by the Website.  Your customer information will only be used to help you out as a customer of any products or services you have purchased.  Customer billing information is used for billing purposes and for product delivery only.  Without customer billing information, there would be no way to execute orders through the website.

The Website will not be held responsible for the security of private  and personal data and any other pieces of information that is submitted to the website and sent over the Internet.  LIkewise, the website assumes NO responsibility for any unauthorized access or use of your personal data and information either.  Enter your private personal information at your own risk.  This is the Internet, and CANNOT guarantee that any and all information is entirely safe due to the limitations that exist for online security.

4.  The Reasons Why Personal Information is Gathered by

Information is collected and gathered to help the other thousands of users make the most of this wonderful Website.   For example, a really great and very helpful reporting tool may be embedded in the webpage files such as Google Analytics (read Google’s privacy policy here ) which help the owner(s) of this website understand better the actions of the users.  By understanding the users actions better, it is often easier  to understand when adjustments to the look and feel of the website are necessary.  The analysis of this type of data often leads to helpful re-designs of the website for better future use by the users of the site.  The collection of names and emails helps the owners of the website immensely, mainly by quickly and efficiently allowing for messages to be sent back and forth.  ALSO, when users of the website write comments on webpages, the name that is entered easily allows for other users of the site to identify who is posting a comment.  For users of this website who write comments and include their email address, the website may also attach a picture next to the comment via the websites integration with the GRAVATAR interface(you can read more about GRAVATAR’s privacy policy here: ).

5.  Contacting Users of the Website for Help

Due to the growing nature of the website, there is always a chance that the owner of the site will need some help with something or have some Ulcerative Colitis related questions.  With that said, there is potential that you as a user might have the opportunity to help out in these regards.  If the owner of the website has your email address and/or name, you may receive an email or maybe even a phone call if possible.  As a user of the website, you are under no obligation to follow up or reply to any requests of this nature, but any response for these types of questions is always greatly appreciated.

6.  User Access to Personal Information

If you want to change your personal information that is stored at, please contact the Website.  There are absolutely NO guarantees that your request will be fulfilled, but every effort will be made to make changes that are reasonable.  Please realize that with so many users of the site, and with such limited resources in terms of technical support to maintain this website, a user information change request is often difficult to fulfill.

7.  Posting Information on the Website

As a user of the Website, you may decide to post stories, comments or other information to different web pages on  That is entirely your decision.  Since the website is open to the public 24 hours per day, every day of the year, there is always going to be a chance that some outside organization, or other user of the website will be able to view whatever information you have posted on the site. takes no responsibility for the actions of anybody with regards to the information that you have posted.  Let’s say for example, you post a story on the website, and your story is copy and pasted in other places on the Internet or elsewhere, takes no responsibility for your actions or the actions of others.  That is the risk you take when using this website.

8.  The Privacy of Young People and Children

You must be 14 years of age or older to use this website.  The website has no intention to gather or use personal information from people under the age of 14.  IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 14, YOU CANNOT — USE THIS WEBSITE and if you decide to use the website, you are in violation of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

9.  Changes to the Privacy Policy

There may be changes to the privacy policy at anytime with or without notice.  It is suggested that you regularly check to review the latest Privacy Policy of the Website.

10.  Privacy Problems and Resolutions of Any Issues

If any type of problem does arise with regards to your privacy, all issues will be subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the official Terms of Use of the Website.  With that said, all means to resolve any privacy related issues within reason will be taken by the owner of the Website.

11.  Contact

If you have any Privacy Policy Questions, please feel free contact us via email at the email address listed below:

Thank You For Reading the Privacy Policy

If you have any ideas on how to make this privacy policy better, feel free to let us know as well, we are always looking for ways to improve

If you are interested in learning more about Privacy Policies, feel free to visit the Federal Trade Bureau of Consumer Protection Business Center